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Friday Favourites #7

This week's Friday Favorites is very long because it was supposed to post on the 6th but I forgot to schedule it and then forgot to do it again on the 13th so finally I am getting to it this week.  Sometimes when I say last week or this week, it might not be the case hahaha

1.  My first Friday Favorite is that I found my missing Lululemon toque.  I bought this last fall and wore it religiously until I thought I lost it.  I last remembered wearing it to the last indoor bootcamp class at the end of April because it was a little chilly before class.  I had assumed I had left it in the room and it was turned into lost and found and that was the end of that.  I never did go check the lost and found because by the time I realized it was missing it was in august or something and I assumed it had been donated or whatever it is they do with that stuff.  No idea why I was looking for a toque in august but I was.  I don't use my gym bag for outdoor bootcamp since I wear my shoes there and my car is right there so it is just easy i guess, but on Monday (the 2nd) I grabbed it because it was cold and snowy out and I knew I would need a bunch of different options to keep warm enough or whatever during class and when I opened up my bag and there it was.  I was so excited that I found it and grateful that it snowed before they released new toques and  bought another one!!!

2.  I spotted this basket on pinterest ages ago and have been searching for months for something similar.  While metal baskets like this have been plentiful at winners, homesense and many other stores, nothing had the shape I was looking for.  I wanted the basket for blankets in my living room and settled for a basket that is perfectly nice but not what I wanted long term.  So I was super pumped about finding this at homesense last Friday while looking for a lamp for our living room - which i still have not found.  When I was paying for it the cashier said she had sold 3 of them yesterday and then mine and there was one left so clearly i am not the only one after this amazing basket. 

3.  I only have 2 pairs of long tights for running that I purchased at lululemon 2 or 3 years ago.  I love them very much and like wearing them but I desperately needed another pair or two so I wasn't wearing smelly sweaty pants more then once or forced to do laundry more regularly that I like.  I had gotten a pair of lululemon tights last year for christmas from greg but they weren't the right material so I returned them and left with something not tights because they didn't have what I wanted.  I still haven't found any tights that I love as much as the 2 pairs I already have - until early last week.  A girl in a lululemon chat group that I belong to and posted some tights she had found at Aritzia that were of the coco pique and old pique patterns that lululemon had sold once upon a time.  I decided to head to the mall and check them out for myself and I am sure glad I did.  I had intended to buy only the coco pique ones (right) but ended up loving both pairs so I bought both.  The great thing is that they were only $55 each so both pairs were the same cost or even less then one pair at Lululemon.  They are super soft, sweat wicking and ultralight warmth.  These are going to be great winter running pants and perfect for winter hikes and snow shoeing and easy to layer over top of.  I am so happy with these tights.  Even you don't run or do winter activity, you should add these to your winter wardrobe for the sake of comfiness that looks pretty. 

4.  Fall colors.  I love all the bright orange and reds and yellows and purples that are on display as you walk or drive your way around the city.  We don't have a lot of trees in our community that reflect this but I was driving through midnapore last week and it was stunning.  

5. Last week, we went through all of our old winter gear to see what no longer fit the girls and some items that Greg and I no longer wanted and then the girls brought them to school for their winter gear drive.  Every year we donate our old stuff to families in need.  I don't know that the girls know how lucky and privileged they are so I like to do these things with them and explain why we do it.  

6.  This kid is super obsessed with being the cool kid.  She thought her fancy shoes and purse made her a cool kid.  I just love this photo so much but I keep telling her that no matter what she wears or does, she can always be as cool as she wants.  Finley decided that cool kids tie their sweaters around their waist so now that is what she does haha. 

6.  Last weekend, Greg finally bought a "new" him to car after looking what felt like forever.  His last car died in early June and while we didn't need a second vehicle during the summer, with indoor soccer starting soon with 2 kids on 2 different teams, we had to get one soon!  It's a cute little ford focus hatchback but not the nicest of colors.  Greg loves and it is in great shape so that makes us all happy.  Hopefully this car lasts longer then his last one!

7. The first 400 registrants of the 2018 Calgary Marathon got to pick a buff, a beer stein or a hat.  I really wanted another buff so I registered as soon as I got the email that registration was open.  I had boughten myself a buff last winter and then in April, I won another buff from the Calgary Marathon during a Instagram contest that they ran.  Ironically enough, it was the same one I had bought myself a few months earlier.  It looks like we both have great taste.  I wanted a third one because the girls really like the buff's and so when I saw this promotion it was a no brainer to register early and grab the buff that way we all had one.  


This is how I have been feeling the last 10 days or so which is why I have only had 1 blogpost in more then 2 weeks.  

It isn't just blogging that has hit a rut, it is my life in a nutshell.  I need to make some changes I think and hope to soon set myself on the right track again.  Perhaps you will see a series of blog posts about how I beat this rut one rut at a time. 


We weren't planning on heading back to Saskatchewan for Thanksgiving this year but due to other conflicting, we decided to go home for a few days.  We ended up leaving Calgary later then we had planned because Greg forgot to close the garage door and when he left for work he noticed that both of his bikes were missing.  So after the girls and I got dressed and got everything ready and packed into the journey, we drove down every single road, back alley and checked out all the pathways and green spaces looking for his bikes.  His commuter bike requires special shoes to be worn when riding it because they clip into his pedals so I thought we might find that somewhere in a ditch or something but we had no luck.  We headed to pick up something at Lush before grabbing Greg from work, who was still annoyed with himself for leaving the garage door open the night before.  

We stopped for lunch in Airdrie and finally got on our way.  It was a long boring drive and the scenery looked like this the whole way.  It was so boring.  I was exhausted but only managed to sleep a little bit before and after Kindersley.  We stopped in Kindersley for supper and it wasn't very good.  

Finally, just before 9 we arrived at Greg's mom's house.  We were all happy to be out of the car but so tired that we didn't stay up visiting too late.  Greg's brother and fiance got into Saskatoon around 1am, so I guess 9pm wasn't too bad haha. 

A traditin with Greg's mom's family is breakfast every Saturday morning and every time we visit, we try to meet them there.  It's a great chance to visit with everyone since we are almost always limited on days and time to get everyone in.  After breakfast, we headed to Greg's Granny Jane's which is his dad's mom.  She has been sick for a few months but she is looking and moving so much better then when we visited in August which was really good to see.  We stayed for lunch before heading shortly after so she could get some rest. 

We headed back to Gail's house and we all hung out and relaxed while Gail and Penelope made dinner.  As you can tell, we are all thankful for iPads and junk food.  While I was not on my iPhone or iPad, I did indulge in some starbucks and potato chips while reading a book.  After a busy start to the day, it was great to chill for a few hours. 

On Sunday morning, we were up bright and early and packed up all of our stuff at Gail's and loaded it in the car while Brad made us all breakfast.  Nothing more thanksgiving then pumpkin pie with your scrambled eggs and sausage.  We all partook in this fantastic idea.  

It took just around an hour to get to my sister's house after a pit stop at my cousins house for a portable roaster and the grocery store for all the fixings for stuffing.  It was a cold, dreary drive and was insanely windy so we decided to scratch going to the Rostern Corn Maze since it was so yucky out.  When we got to my sister's place, Abby came running out and jumped in the back of our car and moved her way into the front driver's seat.  Finley absolutely loves Abby and by the looks of this photo, the love is mutual.  Thankfully we were able to get her out with the help of some treats. 

Neither my sister nor Dan had ever made a turkey or Thanksgiving dinner so Greg was put to task as soon as we arrived.  It was all good though because Greg likes to do stuff like this haha. 

Soon my cousin Chris and his family arrived.  All of the kids went to see the horses on the neighbouring property with Dan and the adults watched TV and chatted.  When the kids came back in, Ashton wanted to do the girls' hair and make up.  This is him doing Finley's hair.

This was Penelope after Ashton did her make up and nails

And this was her hair.  No joke, he is wayyyyy better then me when it comes to this stuff.  I think he needs to come out here for a week in the summer to teach me haha

It has been hard coming back to SK ever since my aunty passed away because everything has changed and is so different and I am just not comfortable with it all.  But it was good being home and around my family for the holiday weekend since I won't be home for Christmas this year.  It is always a good time because we seem to put the fun in dysfunctional. 

After a fantastic supper from Greg, we had homemade pumpkin pie (by me) and some birthday cake for Finley.  We celebrated her birthday along with my mom's and Kristen's who also have October birthdays.  

On Monday, we woke early and headed back to Calgary.  It's only an hour to get from my sister's to Saskatoon and then about 6 to Calgary plus stops but that extra hour feels like an eternity.  We stopped in Saskatoon at a starbucks for breakfast and then at A+W in Hanna for a late lunch.  We made it back to Calgary around 3pm and as tired as we all were, we weren't able to go home just yet. 

Penelope left her glasses at my sisters and we were too far out to turn around and grab them.  She picked out 3 pairs of glasses and because it was a good sale, she picked out 2 pair.  These were the ones she didn't get.  

Finally we got home and the kids got bathed while Greg went to grab some Sushi for supper.  They had an early bed time while I tried to do some unpacking and getting things ready for back to school on Tuesday.  

We definitely had a busy weekend and there were a lot of people that we missed that we wished we could have visited but hopefully next time we come out, we will have more time to see more people.  

I hope everybody had a safe and happy thanksgiving. 

What I Streamed In September

Here is what I streamed this month and there was definitely a documentary theme. 

I started September off with this documentary and it was terrible.  I maybe watched about 30 minutes of it and turned it off because they had me so scared that I was going to die of both cancer and diabetes in about 46 hours.  No joke.  It was so full of fear mongering and preached if you don't eat broccoli and lettuce for the rest of your life, you were doomed.  I enjoy eating eggs every morning and I enjoy eating my bacon occasionally or any other type of meat and that was never gonna change.  I was talking to a girlfriend about this documentary and I couldn't remember the name but as I spoke about it she knew exactly what I had watched.  She told me that her sister watched this documentary and gave up all animal products and now basically lives on tortilla chips.  It is not good for her but because she watched this she feels like it is because technically it doesn't come from an animal.  I don't like enough vegetables to be vegan anyways.  This is currently streaming on Netflix Canada but I don't recommend you watch it.  

This documentary was amazing.  I kinda knew races like this existed as I have a friend in bootcamp who's husband ran one in Seattle last year or the year before - basically 160km in like 24 hours or something but I didn't know much else about it until I saw this documentary on Netflix. I was happy to find something that wasn't trying to fear monger me into something.  This documentary was filmed during the 2012 Barkley.  The Barkley Marathon is an ultra marathon trail race held in Tennessee.  Runners can do the "fun run" of 60 miles (97km) or the full course which is 100 miles (160km).  Competitors only have 60 hours of finish it.  The course was designed by Gary Cantrell and was inspired by the 1977 escape of James Earl Ray who covered only 8 miles after running 55 hours in the woods.  Cantrell thought to himself that he could do at least 100 miles and thus the Barkley Marathon was born.  Interesting enough, Cantrell was never able to finish the race.  They have a limited amount of spots for registration and the cost is $1.60 and a license plate from where you are from.  They figure they could jack the registration cost and still sell it out but it wouldn't be the right kind of people and the vibe wouldn't be the same.  This race sells out almost instantaneously.  The course currently consists  of a 20 mile unmarked loop with no aid stations except water at 2 points along the route and the runner's parked car at the beginning of the loop.  Runners have to run this loop 5x - they do switch directions for some loops.  They also have to climb up to 60,000 feet of vertical climb.  It was first run in 1986 and as of this past year, 55% of the races had ended with no finishers.  There are 2 two time finishers of this race and one of them is featured on this documentary.    This documentary is seriously amazing and inspiring on so many levels.  As someone who is currently not able to run because of an achilles injury, it is mind-blowing to see what people run through.  I definitely could not do this.  It is not a long documentary and is currently streaming on Netflix Canada for your viewing pleasure and very much recommend watching it.  

Nikki Kimball is an ultra runner and is trying to run Vermont's Long Trail, 273 miles in 4 days.  She is a physiotherapist and would not tell her patients to do what she is doing.  I won't lie this was tough to watch this, to watch her run this distance in this time.  She was in so much pain and the pain was worse even at night or when they switched her kt tape and her skin was so raw.  What she endured to try to break both the women and men's record here was nothing short of amazing. I won't spoil what happens and if records are broken or not so you are gonna have to watch to find out. 

She isn't doing this to beat the men's record but because women need to take ownership of their dreams and wants to see society change and encourage women to achieve extremely difficult goals and wants her aggressiveness and stubbornness seen as good qualities and not as bad qualities.  She doesn't want to be seen as being competitive and a bitch but she is competitive and she is successful.  Nikki believes that too many girls are that fear will limit their actions.  She wants girls to explore their fears and to crush them.  She wants her long trail attempt to inspire a little girl to do better then nikki.  If she helps even one person realize that she is capable of so much more then her fears want her to know then this expedition has been an success.  

This documentary was so inspiring for me and hopefully one day my girls will watch it and be inspired by her.  She makes me want to work that much harder and get over this injury and put my all into my running goals.  Fear is definitely something that holds me back from potential running goals. I am so afraid of failure that I won't even try.  She has made me think that I can do anything as long as I compete and stay true to my training and goals.  Needless to say I loved this documentary and it is only an hour long so easy to watch.  It is currently streaming on Netflix Canada.  What are you waiting for??

I kinda left the documentaries behind when I discovered that The House Bunny was on Netflix.  

I haven't watched this movie in years and I forgot how much I still loved it.  My favorite line is still when she is out on a date with colin hanks and orders the ahi ahi but says only one ahi since she is not that hungry.  It kills me every single time - even all these years later.  It was the perfect movie to watch over the course of a few days while do my stretches and strengthening exercises haha.  It's too bad that Anna Faris isn't in more movies because she is so amazing.  She has a podcast called Unqualified that is one of my favourites.  If you are into that kinda thing, you should check her out.  This movie, however, is currently streaming on Netflix Canada. 

I watched this the day it came out because I was so excited about it! I love Jerry Seinfeld and would love to see him live if it wasn't for his outrageous pricing.  The special was filmed where it all began at the Comic Strip and he told all the jokes he did back then and it was kinda funny that they were all kinda relevant.  I really enjoyed this and it is only an hour long so easy to fit in to your day or evening.  It is currently streaming on Netflix Canada. 

I know I am late to the game on this one, but wow it was amazing.  Like so much better then I ever thought possible.  I tried to read the book but couldn't get into it but this movie was 2 full hours of awesomeness.  I spent a chilly Tuesday night watching this while Greg and the girls were at soccer practice and the time flew by.  I don't think this has been on netflix long, but it is on there and if you haven't watched it, you must stop what you are doing and go watch it.  Seriously, it was the best movie I have watched in a long, long time.  It is currently streaming on Netflix Canada.  

This was also uploaded to Netflix this month and I had wanted to watch it since it came last year at Christmas time.  My sister had recently watched it and said it was hilarious so I decided to spend a cold rainy morning in my basement stretching + strengthening my achilles for a half marathon I had watching it.  While I admit, there were some pretty funny parts but overall I think it was just ok.  It was definitely a nice to way to spend my time while doing countless calf raises and stretches but it wasn't as funny as I had thought or hoped it would be.  This is currently streaming on Netflix Canada and would recommend it if you are looking for something mindless to watch. 

I finally finished all available seasons on CraveTV in September.  Season 4 is currently airing on Comedy Central which we don't get in Canada and not sure if it is on the comedy channel we do get so I will wait until it is on Crave to watch it.  I didn't love the first season of this but have loved the last 2 seasons a lot more.  Hopefully it carries on to Season 4!!  The first 3 seasons are currently streaming on CraveTV.

Fall Soccer Season

This year, the girls participated in the Fall Cup with our soccer club for their first time.  I had no idea that fall cup even existed until recently but it is only open for U9 and up and the rule is that you can't enter new teams only teams that existed in the outdoor spring/summer league earlier that year.  If you follow our soccer journey, you might be wondering how Penelope ended up playing since she was on a U8 team.  Well, Finley's team only had 7 out of 14 players participating in fall cup so SWU recruited some U8 players to fill out the team and well, they ended up recruiting too many.  We had 17 players on our team which is a lot for soccer, but we only had a full team once so I guess it kinda all worked out. 

We started practicing on August 30th which was hot and smoky.  It was really gross actually.  By the end of the first and second practices, the smoke was like a thick fog all around us and the sun was this crazy orange and it was sweltering hot.  I didn't enjoy it but not one kid complained about it so that is good.  Thankfully, this forest fire haze broke within a week and it was good conditions the rest of the way. 

We had a bit of a problem with getting Penelope on a team.  Because both her and Finley were playing on the U9 team, they didn't realize that they were sisters and that there should have been 2 florizones on the team and so Penelope got cut.  It took a lot of persistence on my part to get her put on a team but finally one of the technical directors got back to me and got her on FInley's team.  He has been one of my favorites with SWU for many years.

A week into the Fall Cup season, SWU held a mandatory in-house tournament which was all SWU teams from U8 - U12 competing and maybe even more age groups, I don't know.  This team though was their spring/summer teams so the girls were on competing teams and as luck would have it, they played each other the first game.  To nobody's surprise, Finley's team destroyed Penelope's team easily but in the second game, Penelope's team beat one of the U10 C teams which was really good for them.  Finley's team also won their second game easily too.  

On one Saturday when Greg was out hiking, we headed to our game at 10am nearby in Millrise.  We got there and game time approached and there was no opposing team.  This was strange because we were playing a Foothills team and they are always diligent about arriving 30 minutes prior to warm up and stuff.  Our coach finally got a hold of someone at SWU who told us that our game had been rescheduled to 130pm due to the AGM that was held that morning at the same time.  Some how SWU and/or CMSA managed to let the other team know but not us that the time had been changed.  We were all a little frustrated but understood that mistakes happen.  So the girls and I went home and made the short drive back for the 130 game.  I even confirmed with the SWU field coordinator that we were playing at 130 at the same field.  130 comes and still no foothills team.  We waited a bit longer and still  nothing and nobody.  Not even a referee.  So frustrated, we all left and headed to the nearby mac's for slurpees where we found out that the game was actually at 330 so not only did they not tell us the game was changed, they then proceeded to tell us the wrong time for the game.  We didn't have enough players for a 330 game and many parents were annoyed that their entire saturday had been basically wasted so we ended up forfeiting the game which really sucks given we only have 5 or 6 games in the fall season.  

Because of the pool we were in, we had games on two consecutive Tuesdays in Tuscany and in Airdrie - which sucks for commuting given that we are located in the deep south.  On the one Tuesday, we left our house in Calgary where it was  hot and sunny and drove to Airdrie where it was cold and starting to rain.  Very few parents were prepared for this rapid change in weather and all the girls were sharing jackets and sweaters and even greg gave up his jacket so the girls could keep warm.  Finley had her SWU hoodie so she was good but Penelope had nothing.  I only had a hoody which I gave Penelope to wear on the bench and then a light fall jacket.  Thankfully Greg's dad came to the game and had brought umbrellas and extra jackets for us to keep warm.  The first time we played at this same field in Airdrie in June, the weather was even worse.  We as a team have collectively decided that we don't ever want to play here again!

Because we had 17 players on the team and only 7 had ever played 7 on 7 and on such a large field, it was definitely a learning season for the girls.  The 10 U8 players learned a lot about positioning and soon found their favourite positions to play.  And the other 7 girls who normally play the same positions each game in U9 got to play positions that they normally don't get to play.   All of this helped tremendously for their development which is really good.  

Our season ended last Wednesday and even though we went the whole season defeated, it was really great to watch these girls really develop both individually and as a team.  Had we a few more games, we easily could have won a game or two.  We did have some really close games which showed how far our girls have come.  This past weekend, the Fall Cup finals were held which were the top 2 teams in both pools in the U9 girls division and we were not one of those 4 teams so we did not participate in that.  And with the closing of one season, comes evaluations for the next.  As you read this on Tuesday, both girls have already participated in 2 evaluations.  This was Penelope's first time evaluating as we bumped her up to U9 a year early and I was really nervous about it but it seems to be going well.  We should find by the end of this week or sometime  next week where they end up.

September By The Numbers - Sweat Edition

September was a tough month no doubt about it. An Achilles injury I had been dealing with since mid July on vacation hit full force and with it came the end of running for the most part. But that does not mean I didn’t work hard. In fact, despite the low kilometres ran, I probably worked harder then all 8 previous months. Well that might be an exaggeration, but I did work really hard to overcome the pain and try to get my Achilles as healthy as I could so I could run my half marathon in Banff, the second last weekend of the month. 

So here goes my month in review. 
37.32 - the amount ran in km, which was my lowest total in a month since last September when I sprained my ankle. September’s are not good for me it appears haha 
6 - days ran in the month 
700km - my goal for km ran in 2017
789.61km - where I am at as of September 30

3 - number of appointments I had with Shari. Once per week up until my race. She did everything she could to make my Achilles better and without her I wouldn’t have been able to run my half as planned. 
1 - accupuncture appointment to see if that worked. It did, but not as much as I had hoped. 

1 - half marathon ran in Banff.
1 - Achilles’ tendon professionally taped
2:28:45 - time it took me to cross the finish line
3rd - fastest half marathon 
11 - total number of half marathons ran 

10 - times I rolled out my calves, quads + it bands 
19 - times I stretched my calves 
15 - times I did strength training to strengthen my calves, Achilles, other heel muscles + hips

5 - times I went to bootcamp. It’s been modified which means no jumping, no high impact exercises and no running. I do a lot of deadlifts and squats, so if nothing else, my bum is benefiting from my injury haha 
3 - classes missed because of discomfort in my Achilles. 

1 - time I rode my bike trainer that Greg set up in our basement since I am on a month long running hiatus. 

26 - days of September that I was active. This means some sort of bootcamp, stretching, strengthening, working out or running all in an attempt to get me strong enough to run. 

4 - days I did nothing. 
3 - were the last 3 days of September. After working so hard the first 27 days of this month I needed a break - both mentally and physically. 

How did you guys do in September? Any big goals in October?? 

Race Recap: The 38th + Final Melissa's Road Race

In April (I think), myself and a bunch of girlfriends registered for the Melissa's Road Race - Half Marathon.  Melissa's has been around for 38 years but they eliminated the half marathon in 2010 and brought it back this year.  Unfortunately, a few days before the race they announced that this would be the final year of the race (all distances) because it was becoming harder to get permits and businesses were not happy with the road closures (rumours).  It's really too bad that this was the final one because it was a really great race!!

We rented a condo at the Lodges at Canmore and it was fantastic and really reasonably priced.  I think we paid just over $600 for 6 of us for 2 nights and that included 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, pull out couch, dining room, fully furnished kitchen with all appliances, a deck and a barbecue.  Plus it had a swimming pool and 3 hot tubs.  It was fantastic.  Our first night, we had salad and pasta and it was delicious.  I made the Caesar Salad (Minus the chicken) that I take everywhere and Shauna made some really tasty spaghetti sauce.  I am super picky when it comes to most food but especially spaghetti sauce but this was so delicious! We also partook in a beverage or two considering the start time for the race was not until 1040am.  We were all super lame or making wise choices depending on how you look at it and we were all in bed around 1030pm. 

We had a pretty decent view and you could see a mountain between the trees and there were so many trees.  Compared to how the week coming into the race had been, the morning was pretty perfect.  Normally I run half marathons and all of my training runs are done on either an empty stomach or a banana.  Now, with a race starting at 1040 this wasn't going to be possible because there was no way I could go until the race was over without eating.  I would die.  I ended up eating 2 poached eggs around 730 and a sea salt caramel chip cookie just  before we headed to Banff.  I also had a bag of honey stingers in cherry blossom flavour in my running belt just in case.  And it was a good thing I did since I ate 3 of them before I even started haha. 

Shortly afte 9am, we loaded into Shauna's vehicle and made the drive to banff to find a place to park and make our way to the start line.  My favourite thing about this photo was Shannon in the front seat with a vest on and gloves.  I have no idea why I find this so funny.  

The weather couldn't have been more perfect for a race.  The sun was shining and the sky was as clear as could be (until the end) and it was relatively warm out.  We parked behind where the Maple Leaf hotel was/is (are the closed or renovating??) and made our way to Starbucks to use the washrooms before walking to the park.  While in there, I noticed that they had Banff mugs for the You Are  Here series and I was pumped.  I declared that this would be my reward for running my worst race ever but was quickly reminded by Shannon that it would never be as bad as San Francisco hahahahah.  

Finally we made our way to the park where the race was to begin.  I didn't like that the 5km started and then the 10km started and then the half marathon started.  I think it should be the other way but that is just me (and the people I ran with haha).  I started at the very back of the pack so that I wasn't in anybody's way because I truly had no idea what kind of race I was going to have.  Right after you cross the start line there was a huge crack in the middle of the pavement and of course my left food (the one with the bad achilles) got caught in it.  The pain was intense and I nearly cried but I pushed through it and it soon went away.  Thank goodness!!  

Since I wasn't sure how long my achilles would hold out, I decided my best course of action was to run as fast as I could at the beginning so that if I had to walk it at anytime I would be far enough ahead that I would still finish ahead of the 2:50 cut off time.  The first 10km I ran ahead of the 2:30 pace bunny and behind the 2:15 one and I felt pretty good.  I started to deteriorate between 10 + 17km and I thought I was going to die between 17- 21 with 20 to the finish line being the longest 1.1km of my ENTIRE life.  Seriously, I thought I was never going to see the green inflatable finish line and then when I finally did, I thought i was never going to get there.  My pace at km 20 was 7:59 haha thats how done i was.  The final km was a bit faster at 6:46.

I crossed the line at 2:28:45 and was so freaking pumped that I did I finished so well.  I honestly had no idea that I would do as good as I did and fully accepted that.  At times the pain was so bad it brought me to tears but it didn't seem to be consistent.  In the photo I posted on Instagram, I said that this was tied with my second fastest half marathon time at 2:29 but it turns out I was wrong about the time because it only had the gun time and not the chip time.  This race was my third fastest only missing Calgary Marathon 2017 time by 24 seconds which is crazy!!

I was so nervous about this race that I made myself not sleep on Thursday night and I thought I was going to vomit on Saturday morning before we left for the race.  Not only did I have to worry about my achilles tendon on my left leg that had been plaguing me since mid July, I was also worried because Seawheeze was such a horrible race for me because I was sick for most of it.  I was worried I had lost it even though I am still not sure what "it" even was or is.  I had only ran 16.22km in September thus far and only 66.04km since the Seawheeze on August 12th so that also had me concerned but Shari, my physiotherapist I had been going to weekly since Seawheeze, told me I would be fine because my base was so good coming into this month  and she was right.  Had I not been a pillar of consistency this year with my running, there was no way I would have done as well as I had.  I am now on running hiatus which sucks but necessary for my running future.  I will take the next month off and test it on my treadmill or at bootcamp from time to time to see where I am at.  What will I do to pass the time?

I am so grateful to have run this race with these amazing ladies.  I have been fortunate to run several runs with a  few of them and that makes me so happy.  We all ran great races with so much to prove to ourselves and we were successful at it.  I can't wait for our next race together!  And to think that this is all because I randomly answered a kijiji ad for a bootcamp class 6 years ago. 

After we finished the race, we picked up our race shirts and grabbed some fruit and the best donut EVER.  Seriously it was the best thing ever.  We had a drink coupon and somehow I ended up with a  beer that I didn't like.  We were so freaking cold at that point since the sun had disappeared and the wind picked up so we decided to head back to the car but not before detouring to starbucks so we could all grab our banff starbucks mugs and get a drink to warm up and well, because I deserved it haha.  Plus, aren't these cups the cutest?

Once we were driving, we decided to get McDonald's at Canmore before we headed back to our condo.  We were hungry and didn't want to go out so this was a good option.  Or so we thought.  Unfortunately my hamburger and fries did not taste that good.  Thankfully we had a suite full of food to make up for it haha. 

We quickly changed into our bathing suits and headed to the hot tub closest to us.  We spent nearly an hour in there before I finally had to get out since the heat was starting to get to me.  And being the responsible person that I am, I only drank gatorade around the hot tub hahaha. 

After I showered and put on comfy clothes for an evening of cider, food and movies and was happy that I was able to wear this shirt that I spoke about on Friday Favourites earlier this month!!

We spent the rest of the day/evening in our comfiest clothes eating spinach dip, cheese dip, multiple kinds of chips, and an asian party pack plus an occasional beverage.  We watched How To Be Single which is one of my favourite movies to watch when I can't decide on anything else.  Watch it if you haven't yet, you can find it on netflix.  It was such a great time but again we were in bed by 11pm since we were pretty tired from the day's events!

On Sunday morning, we vegged around and drank our morning drinks from our new starbucks mugs before packing up and heading back to Calgary and real life.  As you can see, between the 6 of us, we brought a lot of stuff with me bringing the most hahahahah.  This doesn't even include all the food we managed to eat hahahaha.  

It was a beautiful day to say goodbye to the mountains and enjoy the pretty fall colors along the way. It was a fantastic weekend on all levels and I look forward to another great weekend with these ladies in the future.  I promise to bring less stuff.....haha not gonna happen!!