Friday, 29 May 2009

Finley is 7 Months

Finley is 7 Months Old!

Yesterday, may baby girl turned 7 months old. It seems hard to believe that it has been 7 months since she was born. May was an exciting month for Finley with so many firsts occuring.

She tried a tonne of new foods this month with the favorite being kiwi. Pureed Kiwi is her new favorite fruit….mango is still a close second! She still hates chicken but will eat if I mix it in carrots or sweet potatoes. Diaper changes are much more interesting with her eating solid foods….nobody really told you that this would happen!

Finley went to her first wedding in Saskatoon on May Long Weekend. Congratulations to Lindsey & Stuart! What a beautiful wedding! She ended up wearing 3 outfits and we didn’t even get a picture in the first one because she got it dirty so fast. Finley was very well behaved and had a great time two stepping with Daddy and holding a glass of wine. Her grip was impressively tight on that wine glass – I think this may be a sign of things to come….haha

Finley also learned to semi – sit on her own. If she is propped up by a pillow and has something in front of her to hand on to….ok so it’s not really sitting but it’s a start! We think her stubby legs and long torso (thanks daddy!) are the reason for her inability to sit on her own.

Finley has learnt to roll from her back to her stomach really well – but unfortunately not from her stomach to her back and this caused ALOT of problems! She can roll from her stomach to her back but it takes alot more work and effort then Finley thinks is worth it but she can do it from time to time. But mostly, she will roll to her stomach, play with some toys and then freak out and I mean freak out. She has even started rolling on to her tummy during her afternoon naps, screams like she is being murdered until I come get her. I think it’s a scam but what can you do? So now, nap time occurs during walks in the morning & afternoon so that she can sleep in her stroller. Thank goodness she likes her stroller!

We had to clean out our bonus/tv room on Friday. She is on the go…no she’s not crawling or rolling around, she does it by kicking her feet and dragging her body. She can get all around the tv room now. We had to take a bunch of toys into the family room so there is more room for her in the tv room. I am glad we did this as there are now toys for her on the main floor when I am down there making meals and stuff like that. I had tried to keep that floor baby free, but it officially ended yesterday!

She is definitely a tough little girl. She smacks her head, scratches herself constantly while playing on the floor or trying to get around. Yesterday I noticed a cut on her scalp and bump on the back of her head. I asked Greg if that made me a bad parent and he said no, that Finley is just crazy. You really have to watch her play to see what I mean. She is crazy!!!!!

An update on bath time – she still hates it! I got rid of the blue bath tub and the euro style bath tub and just put her in the big tub with just the mesh rack for her to lay on since she can’t sit yet and she screamed louder then ever. In fact, all I have to do is undress Finley and lay her on the bath rug on the floor and she starts screaming because she knows what is happening. Yesterday I bought an inflatable bathtub from sears. I will try that and see how that goes. Will keep you posted on that!

Till next time…keep fit & have fun!

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary!

Today is my third wedding anniversary! Sometimes it seems like just yesterday and other times it feels so much longer then that – and I don’t mean that in a negative way! And I guess in a way it has been as we have been together for 8 years next month. That’s longer then most stay married….hahaha.

I have been incredibly blessed in the last three years – great vacations, a beautiful house, a nice car and of course my beautiful baby girl – but most of all, I have been lucky enough to have such a wonderful husband and father in my life. He has been my best friend and is so understanding of my quircky habits, mood swings, irritibility or my inability to decide what I want to eat. He doesn’t get too upset when I don’t make supper, when I “forget” to put gas in our car, or when I take the McLeans magazine and hide it so that I get to read it first. He doesn’t get too upset when I don’t let him take the newspaper to work in the morning, when I get him hooked on shows like American Idol & America’s Next Top Model…As you can see he puts up with alot (not that I don’t…haha). He takes care of me when I am sick and he took great care of Finley when she was released from the hospital and I had to stay in for another week. We have so much fun doing nothing, or going to the Zoo, hiking in Banff, travelling to Targets throughout Northwest USA, or having long conversations about nothing in particular. 

Happy Anniversary Greg! I love you! Thank you for the last 3 (8) years and I look forward to a hundred more years of happiness! Thanks also for the beautiful bracelelt…I love it!

 He is not short. I am standing on the top step, him on the bottom…people always think he’s short not that I am tall…go figure…haha

Monday, 11 May 2009

Mother's Day 2009

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there – especially those, who like me, are celebrating their first mother’s day! 

I first want to give a special shout out mother’s day greeting to my mom! Having a child myself makes me appreciate all that she did for my sister and I and continues to do for us still. She basically raised us all by herself & did a tremendous job of it. That in itself is amazing since I only have one baby and cannot wait for Greg to get home from work to take Finley so I can have a moment to myself! Mom you are the greatest mom in the world and if I am half as good as you, my children will be blessed!!!
My mother’s day was fabulous! I got to sleep in, breakfast in bed, a wonderful photo album full of all things Finley, a homemade card from Finley (with Daddy’s help) and a wonderful day in Banff. I have already looked through the album 10x since yesterday. Haha! Tonight we are having a mother’s day bbq since I was too sick last night to eat – am definitely looking forward to it! Hope you all were able to have a wonderful day – just like me

Here are some pictures of my wonderful day!