Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Finley is 8 Months!!

Finley is 8 Months Old!

Yesterday my baby turned 8 months old! I can’t believe it has already been 8 months! It seems like it has gone by way tooo fast! The 37 weeks I carried her for seemed to last forever – unlike the last 36! Funny how that is. Before I know it, I will be back at work….

June was an eventful month for Finley. We got her baptised at St. George’s Anglican Church in Prince Albert, SK on June 14th. This is the same church that my sister and I were baptised at as well as my mom and her 6 siblings. So it was really cool to have Finley baptised there as well. My sister Kristy & Greg’s brother Brad were Finley’s Godparents. It was so HOT in PA, I honestly thought we may melt. Word to the wise, don’t leave a mostly empty sippy cup of formula in a hot SUV for a couple days – it does not smell pleasant! Hehe…

While I went to Coldplay with Charley, Finley got to go to her first pre-season CFL game with her daddy & Frunkl Jack on June 17th. I made sure she had on her Roughrider gear even though the Stamps were playing the Lions. Greg said that she received alot of attention and people were surprised at her strong allegiance to the Riders already! Seriously, did you honestly think she was gonna be a Stamps fan? GO RIDERS GO!

Finley also began eating a few new foods, such as avocado, fish, chili, tofu & honeydew. She didn’t like the avocado, which was slightly disappointing as I want her to be much more cultured then me. Maybe she will change when she gets older. She loved the chili. She demolished her first bowl in no time! She also enjoyed her tofu and is still a little unsure of the fish, but she ate it anyways. One meal she didn’t enjoy was a combination of Chicken, Mushrooms, Broccoli & Cheese. Not that I can blame, it smelt and looked completley disgusting. Not sure which part of the meal she didn’t like…. I gave her a tiny piece of steak and a piece of ham which she enjoyed as well as some of the egg yolk from my hard boiled egg which she seemed to like. She is also eating alot of her fruit cut up into small pieces instead of it being pureed. The only problem is, she won’t feed herself. If I give it to her, she just throws it on the floor for Iggy. The only thing she feeds herself are her Farley Cookies and as of yesterday, her Mum-Mum’s. Everything else – on the floor.

Sippy cups are a whole other adventure. I am quite certain I own at least one each of every sippy cup available at Toys R Us and Wal-Mart combined! The only one’s she will drink out of are the Nuby’s soft spout Sippy Cups. The rest she uses as a teething toy. She’s a very picky little girl…not sure where she gets it from…haha

She is very active and is no longer content to playing under her Baby Einstein Baby Mat so down the stairs to the basement that toy went! She does not stay still for very long! She can’t crawl just yet, but she can scoot and roll like you would not believe! We have the baby gates up so is trapped – which is a very good thing. She still can’t sit up on her own – I think she will be crawling long before she will be able to sit!

She was a very destructive, rough little girl – she kicks her toys over, pulls them apart, lifts them up and hucks them around – nothing fazes her. Her strength is quite amazing and surprising. Who knew how strong they could be at such a young age? She is constantly bumping her head or face and legs and arms and has all kinds of bumps & bruises but rarely cries when she does them to herself – although she did cry when she cut her lip open a tiny, tiny, tiny bit but the tears didn’t last long!

Bath time is still a challenge, but one day (fingers crossed), this will change. I have now started bathing her every night in hopes that she will get used to it – but so far nothing!

Finley celebrated her first Father’s Day with her daddy and Grandpa Don this month as well. We gave Daddy a Saskatchewan Roughrider garden gnome. He was happy because now his garden was protected from the rabbits (he said this, not me!) Then, Grandma Jen, Grandpa Don & Uncle Brad came over for a BBQ. It was a fun evening had by all!

We also had a visit at the beginning of June from Aunty Kristy & Kristen. We did some shopping and went to the zoo. It was a nice visit and Finley certainly enjoyed all of the extra attention she got!

Here are some pictures taken yesterday on her 8 month birthday. Don’t forget to check out Picasa for even more pictures of her and our family!


Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Finley Gets Baptized

Finley Taggart’s Baptism

On Sunday, June 14th, Finley was baptised at St. George’s Anglican Church in Prince Albert, SK. She was baptised at the same church as both my sister and I as well as my mom and her siblings. There have also been several weddings from our family held there at well. It really meant alot to my mom to have Finley’s baptism held there. At first I was disappointed that we went the untraditional route in terms of a baptism dress for Finley but considering it was 30 degrees by 10am, I think it was a good idea we went for the sundress. It was so hot it was crazy!! The baptism went over really well and she didn’t even cry when Father McClintock poured the holy water over her. Her Godparents are Greg’s brother, Brad & my sister Kristy.

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Tuesday, 9 June 2009

BirthPlace Forest

BirthPlace Forest

On Sunday, Greg and I took Finley to the BP Birth Place Forest in Fish Creek Park. The BP BirthPlace Forest is a program that enables parents to honour their children while recognizing the growth of our urban forest and increasing concern for the environment. It was launched in December 2000 and it remains the first of its kind in Canada. It is the only free program of its kind and is the largest ‘green’ initiative in Calgary’s history. Each year approximatley 6000 trees are planted in honor of children born in Calgary. You are able to register your baby either online or through a form that you get when you leave the hospital that you mail to the city.  

A new BP BirthPlace Forest opened up on Sunday in Fish Creek Park. Finley’s tree is planted here which is great since it is so close to our house. Perhaps when we have family visit we can take them to the park and show them her Tree. We picked a tree close to a large pine tree so that we would remember which one is hers. I am excited to see how much it grows! It was a windy day and she did not really enjoy herself, but it was a cool experience and am very happy we were able to be part of such a great program!