Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Finley is 9 Months!

Finley is 9 Months Old!!

Finley is 9 Months Old! Well, technically tomorrow she will be, but we will be on the road to SK, so I thought I would post this today! It was a very exciting month for Finley, here are some hilites:
She was able to sit up all by herself – with no help from mommy or daddy! We still have to put pillows behind her because she gets a little too excited at times and gets distracted! We credit her sitting ability to her new musical toy that she absolutely loves!!
We went on her first, second & third camping trips this month. The first two were at Banff National Park and the last was in Drumheller where we met up with Grandma Gail. She had a lot of fun each time but especially loved being spoiled by Grandma Gail. Finley also got her very own sleeping bag from MEC. It is so adorable to see one so small! I can’t wait until we get our new tent! Of course, Greg had to pick a tent that is only available in the US so we have to wait 3 more weeks!
Finley now has 4 teeth and am pretty sure another one, or two, may be poppin out shortly. She is teething like crazy and will chew on anything that she can get her hands on!
She is so determined to crawl that I imagine that will be a highlight this time next month! She army crawls everywhere and is very fast at getting around our bonus room! She gets in the crawling position and kinda rocks a bit but hasn’t figured out how to make it work.
She loves chili, cheese and yogurt! If she hates anything, I just throw some cheddar cheese in it, melt it and she eats it. It’s deceptively delicious! I tried giving her a glass of milk recently and she did not like it and was not impressed with me! I will try again shortly! She still won’t feed herself finger food and still likes everything pureed for the most part – with exception to French Fries, Kiwi & Pears. She is so funny when she eats her fries – you really gotta see it. She had some new foods this month such as beef, salmon, cod, turkey, spinach and seems to like it all. We are moving on to some pasta dishes this week so we are looking forward to that! We also gave her some ice cream, which she absolutely loves. So far she has tried a soft twist cone from the zoo, maple walnut and mint chocolate chip. She seems to like them in this order as well!
She is getting much better at bath time. Still not where I’d like her to be, but definitely happy with how far we have come! I think her ability to sit on her own and be somewhat in control plays a role in this.
We finally filled up her pool last week. With Calgary’s summer finally here, Finley & I had a pool party. She really enjoyed it….for about 15 minutes but she got bored not cranky which I was very happy about!
She also had a few new babysitters this month during Stampede. When mommy and daddy went to Taylor Swift, Finley’s Great Uncle Doug & Great Aunty Leslie babysat her. Finley had a great time playing with them and even got stay up an hour later then usual! 2 days later, we headed down to Stampede again for Kenny Chesney. This time, we took Finley to Grandma Jen & Grandpa Don’s house to hang out for awhile. She also had a great time and was happy to spend some time with them before they headed out to Scotland & Prague for a month. She can’t wait to see them in August!
Aunty Kristy & Grandma Toot came down for Stampede. We had so much fun taking Finley to her first ever Stampede! She seemed to enjoy the cotton candy that Grandma Toot gave her. It was so cute getting Finley all dressed up in cowgirl gear. Her little cowgirl hat was absolutely adorable!! It was a great visit and Finley can’t wait to see them soon!
We also ventured to the park this month and she LOVED the swing! She was so happy and was laughing so much. We did it again in Drumheller with the same result. I am happy that there is another place we can go to keep her occupied…for a few minutes anyways!

Here are a few pics from today, and as always, pls check out for tonnes more pics of Finley!!

Monday, 13 July 2009

Lake Louise: Now + Then

What a difference a year makes! Here are two trips to Lake Louise made 53 weeks apart. The first, being the NOW picture, is Me now, holding Finley. The second, is the THEN photo, was me last year. 

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Stampede 2009

On Friday, Finley attended her first Stampede with her mommy, daddy & Aunty Kristy. She had a great time, as did we! I think next year will be a bit more fun since she will be older and more aware of the surroundings. She really wasn’t into any of the animals or other features of the fair.  

Here are a few photos of Finley in her cowgirl gear:
Finley looks like a bandit here….she did this herself….so cute! Even she was feeling the Stampede Spirit!
  She seemed to quite enjoy the getup.
  Definitely need to get her a pair of cowboy boots!
  Having a grand ol time down at the grounds!
  She definitely had too much fun…..
Can’t wait till next year!

Wednesday, 1 July 2009