Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Santa Claus 2009

The day we got this photo with Santa taken, Finley was probably the worst behaved she has ever been in her life. The only time that ENTIRE day that Finley was happy was here with Santa. Apparently unlike every other child in the world (including her Aunty Kristy), Finley seems to love Santa……

PS We had some beautiful sparkly white shoes for her to wear but I forgot them so I kept her leggings off so her red Converse shoes didn’t look TOO funny…hahah

Sunday, 13 December 2009

O Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

Two weeks ago we put up the Christmas tree on our main floor. We call it our “formal” tree as I am quite anal about what goes on it. I only allow red and silver balls and red beads on it. I bought some green ornaments but I didn’t think it went well so they are now hanging on our Christmas tree at work. When I was university, all my ornaments consisted of everybody’s leftovers and I vowed that one day I would have a very nice matching Christmas Tree and I think this marks Christmas #6 with my formal decorations!

Here are some photos of our Christmas tree on the main floor….

PS ALL presents under this Christmas tree are for Finley with exception of the bag with the ornaments on it – that’s mine. I went a little overboard with Finley this year because on top of these, I still have 3 more to wrap!!! You don’t have to tell me I am crazy – my husband does it enough for everybody….haha


Sunday, 6 December 2009

O Christmas Tree

A Bonus Christmas

Last Saturday, we started decorating our house for Christmas. Normally, I can have my entire house done in one day. This year, however, took me until today (about 8 days) to finish. Everything takes so much longer with a toddler.  

Here are some photos of us decorating our bonus room….
  As you can tell, we started decorating on Grey Cup weekend….
  Finley helping Daddy put up all the decorations he made as a child…
 7 days later, Finley helping my decorate with the rest of the ornaments…
  Pulling out the Calgary Flames decorations for Mama…
  Helping me with the garland while watching Shrek’s Christmas on TV…
  Playing with the garland…

 It’s a little weak but I had to keep this room as kid friendly as I could as this is where Finley spends most of her time. The more formal Christmas attire is in our family room/kitchen area…
 The finished product. This tree is the “fun” tree with Greg’s homemade Christmas ornaments, our Flames, NASCAR & Rider Christmas ornaments as well as those hallmark ornaments that my mom gets us every year!

Too Many Men On The Field


I remember when the Flames lost in game 7 to the Lightning in the Stanley Cup Final I was completely devastated. I am pretty sure I was born a Flames fan and have never wavered in my loyalty to them – ever – even when we didn’t make the playoffs for 7 years, I always believed. However, nothing compares to watching your team lose – LIVE – like right in front of your eyes. Literally, we were right behind the field goal in the end zone. Losing because of a silly penalty in uncomprehendable. It was tragic, devastating…well you get the picture….

Anyways, here is a photo of the most loyal, devoted Riders fan I know, who I think would’ve cried if he weren’t in public…
I don’t care who the “13th” man on the field was and I don’t care. I still am a proud, green-bleeding Rider fan and can’t wait til next season!!