Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Grey Cup 2010

The whole reason we were without Daddy all weekend was because he was in Edmonton for the 98th Grey Cup between the Saskatchewan Roughriders and the Montreal Alouettes.  Greg and I went last year when it was in Calgary between the same two teams.  It was great fun.
Anyhow, me and the girls headed over to my Aunty Leslie’s to watch the Grey Cup and for supper.  It was a delicious supper and the girls had so much fun.  Finley loved watching Uncle Doug put up the Christmas decorations outside and kept looking at them all night long.
Finley wearing Aunty Leslie’s shoes.  She had fun in the shoes!
Our dessert for the Grey Cup.  I wanted Vanilla and white icing cuz it looked cooler but Finley picked out the chocolate.
Penelope looking bored while watching a very boring Grey Cup
 FInley and Penelope with AUnty Leslie.
As you all know the Roughriders lost.  They really didn’t play well and they lost it without a stupid penalty so it wasn’t nearly as heartbreaking as last years to say the least. 
But y’all need not worry, we’ll be back next year in Vancouver


Thursday, 18 November 2010

Penelope 3 Months

Today is Penelope’s 3 month birthday.  So much has happened:
She was diagnosed with plagiocephaly so she needs to do a tonne of tummy time.  Here she is doing tummy time in her Rider shirt as it was her first Rider playoff time.  She is much better luck then Finley because the Riders beat the Lions.  The Lions beat the Riders for her first Rider play off game.
Penelope made the transition to her crib.  It was a nice transition and she seems to be loving her crib.  She wakes up and just smiles in her crib oohing until you come get her.  She is just like Finley was at her age!  She is averaging about 12 hours per night.  I know I am as lucky with her as I was with Finley.  I thank God everyday.
All of Penelope’s crib toys have to be on the left side which means her mobile is actually outside her crib.  She loves this mobile although it was cheap and Finley kinda destroyed it and I am not sure it’s gonna last much longer.  Penelope is pretty good about looking left and not waking up when I go check on her + have to move her head the other way.
 As you will see, Penelope has blood on her clothes. I had been to scared to cut her nails but she cut her head with one so I figured I better do it before it gets worse.  Well I did the first 3 fingers no problem but cut her on the 4th.  If you look closely you can see a band aid on her finger.  She didn’t cry at all + the blood didn’t even seem to bother her at all.  It looks much worse then what it was.  Needless to say, her other hand + 5th finger have not been cut.
She rarely gets to lay on her back because of her flat head but a few times a day I do let her because she so very much enjoys it.  Here is she wearing some beaded necklace that Finley put on her.  Not too sure if Finley was trying to strangle or just being nice.  It’s a fine line sometimes.
This photo was taken this morning on her 3 month birthday.  I actually had to wake her up so I could feed her and get her ready to go see Dr.Bernhardt.
The appointment with Dr B. went really well.  She is 24inches long and weighs in at 13 pounds, 10 ounces.  She has a stork bite on the back of her head but he told me not to be concerned with it.  I didn’t notice it before and to be honest, what is a stork bite?
Dr. Bernhardt wasn’t too concerned with her flat head.  He didn’t even notice it at first but then soon did.  He just said what everybody else was telling me: lots of tummy time and back time with head looking left.  He said we would re-evaluate it at her 6 month check up in February.
That’s Penn’s month in a nutshell.  I typically hate nicknames but am trying to see if I can do it for Penelope.  It’s a mouthful to say + type and want something shorter.  Greg is all about Penn but I kinda like Penny.  Perhaps she can decide one day.

Friday, 12 November 2010

Spruce Meadows Christmas Market

Yesterday, we all headed out to the Spruce Meadows International Christmas Market.  As shocking as this may sound, we have never been to Spruce Meadows before. Why would this be shocking you ask?  Well because we live like 5 minutes away from the place + during the summer we can hear it from our house.  Yes we are that close.  
If you have never been to Spurce Meadows, I definitely recommend it.  It is truly a beautiful place to visit.  It is quite the site to see!
Finley all set to do some Christmas shopping, some international eating + some reindeer watching.  I love how awesome she looks.  Although she does look a little arrogant in this photo but she is dressed quite stylishly…
She was quite excited by all the horse statues + decor that surround Spruce Meadows…
Some bears displaying some Christmas spirit
Watching some highland dancers in the main market.  They were really fun to watch.  
Finley petting the stuffed husky pup. 
She kept saying puppy, puppy but wouldn’t go near it.  The puppy weighed 41 pounds and was only 4 months old. 
I enjoyed the pink decorations on this tree
I really wanted to buy one of these.  They were just so cute.  To be honest, I am not sure why I didn’t.
Out of all 3 buildings and outdoor markets, this was by far the busiest.  Everybody loves their Saskatoon berries.  I quite enjoyed their Saskatoon Berry Oatmeal Crumble + their carrot cake.  Greg said that their Christmas cake had a crapload of rum in it.
Another nicely decorated Christmas tree
The pony rides hadn’t started yet and the lineup for the petting zoo was ridiculous considering the animals were few and far between
Finley’s new shades from the TELUS people
Heading down to Reindeer Alley
Pretty disappointed we couldn’t see Rudolph.  But I understand why we couldn’t disturb him – it is a big job to guide Santa’s sleigh with his nose so bright.  Oh, and we could see his glowing nose through the curtains…
I was hoping we could actually pet and see the Reindeer up close but someone there said you could do that at the Heritage Park Christmas, which we will be going to.
The otherside of Reindeer Alley – it was very nicely done!
Showing how International the most International place in Calgary actually is.  Maybe the most international in the world!!  And it’s pretty much in our backyard!
Greg + Finley checking out the horses despite the sign that said clearly you were not supposed to. 
It was a great day spent outdoors in the beautiful weather!  The sun was shining, the food was great, the booths were very christmasy and you couldn’t really ask for anything more.  My only complaint would be that they had the heat turned on full blast in all 3 indoor markets which really wasn’t necessary given the warm sunny day.  They really should’ve turned them off or at least turn them down.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Millarville Christmas Market

Christmas In Millarville

On Saturday morning we decided to head out to the Christmas Market at Millarville.  I had heard wonderful things regarding it but never had the opportunity to check it out for myself. The weather was absolutely beautiful – crisp, clear, sunny and full of festive cheer!  I wasn’t able to take many photos as the sun was so bright and I was carrying a suddenly very heavy 2 month old!  But here are the ones I got:
I think it is a bit sad when my 2 year old is far more stylin then the rest of her family.
Christmas music filled the air as a few young boys played Christmas carols on their fiddles!  It was so great to finally here the wonderful music of Christmas! There was also a guy playing christmas music with a pan flute.  I love pan flute christmas music!  Very disappointed that he had all of his albums for sale but Christmas!!
There was a massive outdoor section of vendors selling various free range meat, gluten free + regular baking, mini donuts, hot chocolate + Christmas decor.  We purchased some amazing little booties for Penelope.  There were also several indoor pavillions with a tonne of taste testing – all kinds of ethnic foods that Greg very much enjoyed.  We purchased some pepperoni sticks that I thought were quite spicy but Finley ate 3 out of the 5!  Silly kid LOVES spicy food – just like her daddy!
We had a great time but left before the hay rides, pony rides + a visit with Santa which we hope to do next year but it was getting busy and that is not always a good situation with Finley.  There was so much to do, see + eat that I really recommend that if you ever get the chance to go, you really should! 
Although I suggest not taking a stroller or wagon if you have you have young children because not all the pavillions were stroller friendly + it was just too crowded to navigate when you could – especially indoors!  We used our carried for Penelope + I am so glad we did.  And nothing irritated me more then parents carrying children + pushing empty strollers when it was so darn crowded in there!!!

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Party Time

This past Saturday, we held Finley’s 2nd birthday party at our house.  Compared to her 1st birthday party, this one was much smaller.  Basically just family.  
I made the cake from scratch and Greg did the icing.  The cupcakes were gluten free.
 Opening some of her many birthday presents. 
This kid is clearly spoiled. 
Finley + her cousin Tanner playing with her 50’s Diner that she got from us.  It was discontinued in Canada and the shipping from the US was well over a $100 but somehow I lucked out at Lil Snickers.  It is a second hand store here in Bridlewood.  I was so happy to have found it!  Finley LOVES It!!!!!
All in all, it was a nice relaxing little party!  Happy Birthday Finley!

Monday, 1 November 2010

Halloween 2010

Greg + I took the kids out trick or treating tonight and we had a pretty good time.  The weather was much better then last year – so MUCH warmer out!
Here are some photos of our little ghouls!
Penelope the flower
Finley the Monkey.  Notice the full cheek + licorice in hand.  We had to bribe her to get it on.  She would wear the bottoms but refused to put the top part on!
Although seeing all the trick or treaters helped with the process too and soon she forgot she was wearing the top part of the costume
Handing out candy to the trick or treaters before we headed out!
Penelope out and about!
Finley’s first house at our neighbour’s!
The first trick or treat of the season!
Daddy with his ghouls!
Penelope went about a few blocks and then headed home to hand out treats.  My hands were cold and Penelope didn’t want to be in the stroller.  Greg and Finley continued on and ended up with 2 pumpkins more of candy!  We’ve probably had over 50 kids and it’s barely 8pm! The kids started much earlier this year, which is kinda nice!
Finley is obsessed with suckers even though she can’t have any.  She wants to eat and eat and eat the candy and freaks when we say no.  I did let her have a box of smarties + some swedish berries for the first time EVER but she wants more. 
Hope everybody had + is having a Spooktakular Halloween!

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Party Time

Finley still has no idea what a birthday actually is.  When we wished her a happy birthday she was clueless.  But she certainly enjoyed all of the attention and the fact that Grandma Gail, Grandma Toot + Aunty Kristy were there to spoil her!
Finley + I went to CRAVE cupcake in Willow Park so she could pick out some mini cupcakes for her actual birthday dessert.  She was so excited to be there.  We had the Princess Cupcake in chocolate! 
For supper we had Spaghetti with meat sauce.  Spaghetti is one of her favorite meals.  She refuses to wear bibs anymore so we have to get her naked for these very messy meals.  Although she did slop less then Grandma Toot…..hahahaha
She was a little unsure of the sparkly candles at first….
But eventually she warmed up to them and it looks like she enjoyed them…
She looks so big in this photo – it makes me a little sad inside….
She was so excited for her cupcake.  Daddy kept teasing her before she actually was able to grab it out of her hand!
This year’s Crave cupcake experience was FAR LESS messier then last year, that is for sure!
I had wrapped this present a few days before her birthday and set them on the coffee table.  Greg had said that I should hide them because Finley would rip them open.  But she didn’t even acknowledge them and had to really convince and help her to even open the one above.
But as soon as she saw what it was, she was super excited!
Daddy showing Finley how to use her new hockey stick
Finley had a blast playing hockey and thankfully the puck never went near Penelope!
All in all, Finley had a great birthday spent with some of her favorite people.  We even went to Red Lobster for lunch where she got some garlic shrimp, cucumbers + cheese biscuits!  The servers surprised her with ice cream and some singing!  She loved all of the attention and especially the ice cream!!
Happy 2nd Birthday Finley!