Saturday, 22 May 2010

Hello From San Francisco

Hello From San Francisco!

Hope everybody is having a good long weekend! I heard that there is snow in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow in Calgary! So glad I am not there!

We’ve had a great time so far in the bay area! Yesterday was a LONG day and at the end of it, I was wanting to go home so badly but today is a new day and so far, so good!

We spent the first 2 days in Napa & Vacaville, which were hot and awesome! We also hit up Sacramento to see the Capital Building – unfortunately no glimpses of Maria or Arnold. How cool would that have been? I even got to see my first ever orange tree!

Yesterday we arrived in San Francisco which was MUCH colder then Vacaville! We went to the Golden Gate Bridge, had lunch in FIsherman’s Wharf, went to the SF MOMA (which btw, is not as cool as the one in NYC…but it had one good floor), played in a park, rode a cable car (so not as cool as it looks), and took the BART to Oakland for an A’s/Giants game. I kid you not, I seriously could’ve used my toque, mittens and scarf there. It was so cold, I thought I would never be warm again! I also got a concussion via Finley’s head during the 3rd inning. I have a headache that won’t go away and a fat lip. 

With exception of the BART, transit here sucks and is severely archaic. I made a promise to myself last night that I would NEVER diss the C-Train back home again….I am sure that will last about 2 days….hahaha

Anyways, off today to Alcatraz, the Farmers Market, Fisherman’s Wharf for supper and then Aquarium by the Bay. Hoping it’s a fun day without too many tempertantrums from Finley. She seems to be the queen of those at the moment. 

I have made some observations about my trip, which I will post once I get home as well as some cools pics….but until then….Have a safe long weekend everybody!

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

24 Weeks: Then + Now

Earlier on in pregnancy #2, I was traumatized because I was SO MUCH bigger with this baby then I was with Finley – and I thought I was huge as it was the first time round! Everybody told me that it would even out and of course I refused to believe them but thankfully, I have! As you will see below, the first photo is me with Finley and the second photo is me with baby #2 or as we call her QuiniferBrae (if you watch Glee, you will understand….NO this is not going to be her real name….). 
 Me with Finley at 24 weeks
 Me with QuiniferBrae* at 24 weeks 

This pregnancy is going much better then the first one. Only heartburn and the baby squishing my bladder and making me have to pee every 7 minutes are my complaints. With Finley, I had a 12 page list. I think it’s because QuiniferBrae* is carrying much lower so not as much strain on the rest of my body. Greg thinks it’s because it is the second time round and we know more what to expect. Maybe we are both right? Haha Another obstacle I have encountered recently is my ability to bend over – it’s almost impossible! I never noticed this with Finley but I think that’s because I never really had to – except to feed the cats and iggy. With Finley, I am always bending over picking her up or her toys or something. I am not sure how it’s gonna be as this pregnancy progresses! 

As for the nursery, the paint is done, the floors are done and we just need to go purchase new baseboards and have them painted and installed! Am happy that this is almost done but sad because when it is, it means Finley’s crib will become QuiniferBrae’s* crib and she will be in her “big girl” bed! 

I will do Now & Then photos at about 28 weeks to see if we are still even paced as far as belly goes….

*Names are not as they appear in this blog…..

Monday, 10 May 2010

Mother's Day 2010

Happy Mother’s Day!

Today I celebrated my second mother’s day with my wonderful husband and daughter. I also realized that I have been a mom for about 18 months, 10 days approximately and what a difference it has made in my life. A difference I really didn’t think would occur. Not sure why, but I didn’t think it would impact my life so soon, like it did. I also realized that I have only spent 2 mother’s days with my mom since I was in the 10th grade – which was like a LONG time ago. It’s not because I don’t love my mom, just that when you work in a restaurant like I did in high school and university, you don’t get to celebrate with your mom – but everybody else’s mom instead. Then I moved to Calgary and well here we are today. So I don’t think Mother’s day is as important to me in terms of what and how I think of my mom, but more the days we do get to see each other instead. Regardless, I realized after having Finley how blessed I was to have such an amazing mom in my life – I seriously don’t know how she did it all by herself with my sister and I but she did and I think we turned out alright! 
Here is a photo of the day I became a mom. I became a mom at 8:52am on October 29th, 2008. I vaguely remember the moment that a) Finley was born and b) this photo being taken. This was the first time I held Finley. I think I saw her after she was born in the surgery room but I don’t really remember. I remember Greg saying “Here’s Finley” and I tried to push her away. I remember waking up at 4am and being able to feed and change her and having no idea what I was doing. Thankfully there were some cool nurses that could help me out! I remember after I was admitted to the ICU, my mom & sister bought me a card and a framed photo of Finley to put in my room. I remember reading the card and crying because I felt guilty that I didn’t have all this love for Finley or being so happy that I was a mom not because Finley got to go home before me and I was still stuck in the dungeon Rockyview Hospital calls their ICU ward. I like to blame this on all the drugs, needles, iv’s, tubes, and medical treatment that I had gone through but I guess we will find out with QuiniferBrae*. I don’t remember the exact time that I felt like I was a mom, but I am thinking it was sometime soon after this photo was taken and we were both at home together! Regardless, this day forever changed my life – maybe not right that second, but changed it was!
This was the morning of my first mother’s day in 2009. Note the shirt I was wearing. No Finley did not buy it for me. I bought it at Old Navy back in 2006 because I was having my bridal shower the week before my wedding which happened to be on Mother’s Day. I still can’t believe how small she was back then…although I am sure I was thinking “I can’t believe you are already 6 months old” ….. By the time this photo had been taken, I definitely felt like a mom, like her mom. She was so dependant on me for everything and I loved it! She was such a good baby, she made everything seem so easy!
This is still Mother’s Day 2009 but at Johnston’s Canyon in Banff National Park. It’s one of my favorite hikes and it’s a nice brisk one that is great to start the hiking season off. It’s always our first of the year! I love the look on her face, she looks so totally spaced out…hahah. It was so easy “back in the day” to get Finley to stay still while you took a photo. Of course, that could be because she wasn’t very mobile either!  
Mother’s Day 2010! My second mother’s day! Finley refused to sit still with me while we took the photo. I know, shocking that she was the problem with the photo and NOT me! She was so full of energy and wanted to run around and be free! My mother’s day started off with breakfast in bed. I would like to say that Finley helped Greg out but truth is, we were up early and she slept in so she only woke up just as Greg gave me my meal. It was delicious and much appreciated! Look how BIG Finley is now though, it’s amazing how much they change in 12 months!
Here is my mother’s day present! The bumblebee pot is from Finley via Grandma Toot and the plant in it is from Finley and QuiniferBrae*. The plant is poisonous to cats and since we have 2 who like to climb, it will be on top of my shelving unit thingy in the kitchen where they will be safe from Quincy & Luci. We had planned on heading to Banff or Heritage Park for the day but the weather forecast showed rain this afternoon and it was snowing briefly this morning after breakfast. We decided to hang out at home so while Daddy finished putting floors in the new baby’s room, Finley and I learned about team work and super heroes from Yo Gabba Gabba, we danced to The Doodlebops and shopped till we dropped downstairs in the kitchen. Greg then took me out to lunch to Boston Pizza and we all had a delicious meal!  
Here is Finley jumping on the couch – something she is not allowed to do but does anyway. If you can’t read it, her shirt reads “Perfect Just Like Mommy”! No I did not buy it for her. Her Great Aunty Sandy also knows that I am perfect and bought it for her! Glad to know that my perfection is noticed by others!

After lunch, we came back home and Finley had a nice nap. Greg and I had planned on watching SNL from last night but we both fell asleep after the third skit and woke up when i was over. Finley woke up and we played some more while Daddy did more work in the baby’s room. Then Greg surprised me by taking us to the Cattle Baron for supper which is probably the best steak house in Calgary. It’s reasonably priced and the quality is phenomenal! I highly recommend it if you enjoy good steak and are ever in Calgary! 

All in all, today was a wonderful day spent with Greg and our best girl Finley. I can’t really put into words how she has changed my life but I am sure if you are a mom yourself, you understand what I mean. If you are not, one day hopefully you will. I sincerely hope that you all were able to spend some time with your kids and mom’s and if you couldn’t, at least made the effort to show them that you remember.

So with this, Greg, Finley, QuiniferBrae* and I are wishing Grandma Toot, Grandma Gail, Grandma Jen, Great Grandma Erna, Great Grandma Janet, and Great Grandma Annette a wonderful mother’s day and that we love and miss them lots!

*Name has been changed due to privacy until baby is born. Baby #2 will not be named QuiniferBrae