Monday, 28 June 2010

Where's Finley

Finley has taken a real liking to her big girl bed. She loves the freedom that it allows her and we love that she will sit and entertain herself in the morning with her books before waking us up. For the most part she sleeps really well in it and has even begun napping in it which is fabulous news.
However, that being said, we have found her in a few unusal places….
 This was taken last night. She emptied out her pajama drawer and crawled in with her teddy bear to sleep. You can also see that she brought her tooth brush with her. What you can’t see is the pink croc sandal that was on her other foot….She is just too cute sometimes!
 This was taken a few weeks ago. I apologize for the quality of the photo but it was taken in the dark with my blackberry which does not have that great of a camera. This was pretty cute as well. She did this again last week but with only one teddy bear.

I am not entirely sure that she is aware of what she is doing when she ends up in the closet or her dresser drawer. I often wonder if it is intentional or not. Greg sleep walks so it wouldn’t be surprising if she did the same. Part of me would like to install a “nanny-cam” so I can watch what she is doing!
Regardless of the random sleeping spots, I am very happy she is adjusting well to her new bed. I have friends who have not been as lucky as I have been with their child’s sleeping arrangements – ever – so I really have little to complain about.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Father's Day 2010

Today marked Finley’s 2nd Daddy’s Day with her daddy and her last as an only child. The day started out great as Finley slept in until 830am and then we got busy getting Daddy’s breakfast ready. Anybody who knows me knows that I am not what you would call a gourmet cook so we depended on Safeway to provide us with the majority of our breakfast!
 Finley wearing her special Father’s Day T-Shirt…gotta love the awful bed head!
The breakfast we provided for Daddy. This was Finley going crazy with fruit salad. She is definitely a fruity girl!
 Greg getting ready for breakfast
After breakfast, we went outside and daddy expanded our garden to plant our zucchini’s and Finley played golf in the backyard. But soon it was time to get ready for the Rider/Stamps game. It was looking like it was going to be a very nice afternoon!

 Sitting happily on her daddy’s lap watching the Riders run onto the field
 Our family hearts Andy Fantuz! Our next cat will be named in his honor
Finley giving her best gangsta look. I love this photo. She was still sitting on her daddy’s lap. That is Frunkl Jack in the hat beside her
And She’s out! A busy morning and the warm afternoon sun caused Finley to fall asleep shortly after the second quarter started. She slept right through until the second half. Love that she has the ability to sleep anywhere, anytime….just like her daddy!
Reading the roster sheet for the Riders and Stamps. A bunch of new faces for her to remember! Really hoping that Durant does not get hurt this season…we could be in serious trouble…
Finley drinking a refreshing glass of milk. It was incredibly hot outside with the sun over top of us for most of the game. I definitely thought it was hot enough to melt your popsicle…so happy that the regular season Rider game is at 7pm – it will be very appreciated considering I will be like 35 weeks or something! Sadly, the Riders lost this game and we seem to have alot of work to do before the season starts!
We capped off Father’s Day with dinner at a brand new restaurant that just opened like last week that is attached to the Chinook Mall beside the theater called CHOP. The staff were very friendly, the appetizers were so good and the meals were amazingly good! It’s a huge restaurant complete with an elevator but the way they have it sectioned, you feel like you are in a small intimate restaurant. The decor is pretty cool too and they have some pretty phenomenal light fixtures that I would LOVE to have in my house! Finley and I brought clothes to change into for the restaurant but apparently Greg did not! It was a great meal to cap off a great day!

Happy Father’s Day not only to Greg but also to Finley’s Grandpa Don, Great Grandpa’s John & Emil and my most favorite uncles who were/are like Dad’s to me: Uncle Brian, Uncle Doug and Uncle Lloyd! We love you guys!

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Big Girl Bed

Last night was Finley’s first night in her “big girl” bed. Greg had put it together earlier in the week but we wanted to wait until the weekend to put her in it – just in case it didn’t work out so well!
 Here is Finley sitting on her bed, getting a field for everything….
 Picking out a book to read before bed…
This was the mess that occurred from when we put her to bed until she finally fell asleep. She cried at first when we shut the door but it didn’t last too long. We could hear her playing and talking for awhile and we were convinced that she was just gonna end up falling asleep on the floor somewhere
But we were wrong, she eventually made her way to her bed, book in hand, and fell asleep.

She ended up sleeping pretty well in her bed. I heard her cry in the middle of the night for like 2 minutes and then she fell back asleep. This wasn’t unusual for her to do this as it sometimes happened while she was in her crib. She slept until about 730am and was happily playing with her teddy bears and books when Greg went in and got her. We were happy that she slept so well in her big girl bed but did wonder how nap time was gonna pan out…..
Needless to say, napping never actually happened this afternoon. Instead she absolutely destroyed what little was actually in her room
The white laundry basket had Finley’s dirty clothes in it. The upside down blue basket had all her clean clothes that I had folded and left in her room last night because I was too tired to put them away. They were now scattered all over her floor.
More destruction. I am just happy that we just replaced the flooring in her room so her dresser, shoes, some toys, hair stuff and other stuff that is normally in her room was still in the soon to be baby#2’s room. Also very happy that Greg remembered to close her closet doors and that she hasn’t figured out how to open them yet. I can’t imagine what her room would’ve looked like then! ***UPDATE*** Greg just told me she did figure out how to open her closet and that is where he found on of her massive teddy bears. Keep your fingers crossed she doesn’t start taking her clothes off her hangers – that will not be good!
This is the book shelf that contained 2 pink baskets and all her hard books – you know those books that cannot be ripped or destroyed easily. We kept those in the new baby’s room so that they escaped the wrath that can be Finley!
This is Finley laying in bed on her 2nd night in the bed. She handled this much better then last night and fell asleep rather quickly. She looks SO tiny in that bed. Hopefully nap time tomorrow will go much better!

We have done some changes and some renovations to her room. Everything is done with exception of moving back in her dresser, hanging her shelves and putting stuff out of reach. Once we finish all of that, I will post some photos of the transformation of her room. It’s gone from empty room to nursery to toddler room. It’s been interesting to say the least!

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Final Trimester

The Final Trimester

28 Weeks with Baby #2…This tank top is a bit big on me so isn’t as fitted as the one below from Finley…but pretty similar in size I think…
  28 Weeks With Finley
  29 Weeks With Finley
So yesterday marked the first day of what could be my final third trimester ever. We both thought that without a doubt, there would be a baby #3 but after a week with Finley in San Francisco, we are second guessing that decision. Nothing permanent will be done to avoid #3 but it is gonna take awhile before I agree to a third one!
That being said, only 12 more weeks or 82 more days until my due date!! Although most likely baby will be born before said due date because of my impending csection (more about that in another post after I meet with by Obstetrician on Jun 16), I am still using August 29th as my end of countdown goal.
My pregnancy for the most part was perfect compared to Finley and thought it was going along wonderfully until about 4 days ago. At first I thought I was feeling crappy because I slipped on Monday night and arched my back and pulled my groin and because I was awake at 4am Tues &Wed for work – but it turns out I was wrong. Don’t get me wrong, this pregnancy is still way better then my first pregnancy. I level of exhaustion has gone from pretty tired to extremely tired. In fact, Friday night I slept 13 hours, Saturday night I slept 10 hours and Sunday another 9 hours. I obviously needed it! Today as I sit at my desk and type this, I feel much more refreshed then I have in a very long time. Whether or not I will feel this good come 4pm today, who knows.
Heartburn has returned worse then usual. I thought for sure it might be the death of me. I got it from absolutely everything I ate and was getting concerned that the baby would be born with an addiction to Rolaids. It got so bad that on Wednesday night, I said gluten free and had a bowl of cream of mushroom soup because it was milk based that I knew it wouldn’t hurt me and then I had a milkshake and it was the first peaceful evening I had in a long time. It was the first time in weeks that I didn’t have to wake up in the middle of the night and take rolaids so that I could sleep. At some points, it was so bad that it made me vomit. So not good. I really feel for those who suffer from heartburn all of the time. I really wouldn’t wish it on anybody. It is that bad.
My lower back has officially starting aching all the time. Also my pelvic bone and belly ache all the time. My body is obviously not happy about carrying all of this extra weight. My snoogle is starting to cause me more grief then relief at night so I am now using pillows between my legs to help ease the tension in my back and this has helped a lot. I have been having daily hot baths as that seems to ease my back pain if only temporarily.
My final complaint with this pregnancy is that my maternity capri’s that I wore with Finley, no longer fit me. I couldn’t figure out why this was considering I am about the same size at the same time and the weight gain is quite similar. Then Friday on my way home from work, it dawned on me. When I hit my final trimester with Finley it was the end of August, so we were approaching the fall and cooler weather so I didn’t wear my capri’s that much – most just maternity pants and a skirt here and there. This made me feel better but the fact still remains that I am running out of clothes and have no desire to buy new ones. That being said, the crappy weather we’ve had for the last few weeks has helped a great deal as it has been more like pants weather then anything else! Also, most of shoes don’t fit anymore because my feet are much more swollen then the first time round. I am not sure I have any shoes that I actually enjoy wearing because they all cut off the circulation of my feet. My goal this evening is to go through all of my summer shoes and find a pair that will do me some good for the next 82 days!
Despite all of my complaints above, this pregnancy is still leaps and bounds better then my first one and it is going by so much faster!!! I hated every single thing about my first pregnancy, so this is a pleasant change. Greg thinks that everything was so new the first time
round so we are unsure of so much but I am just not too sure. I still hate pregnancy and would prefer to achieve the end result without having to do it but what can you do? I am very blessed that I am able to get pregnant so easily and not have to rely on medical interventions to do so and I don’t people to think that I am not……but that doesn’t mean I have to like it!

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Finley Update

Finley’s Latest Milestones

Finley has grown so much in recent weeks, it has been so exciting to watch! It’s been an interesting ride seeing her transform from a baby to a vibrant toddler!
She is talking SO much more! Not all of it is actual words – at least not to us anyways. The funny thing is that when she speaks to you in gibberish and you ask her to repeat because you don’t understand, she repeats the exact same gibberish so it obviously means something to her. Her favorite phrase of late is “Oh No” and I love how she is able to use it in the right context. When we were in San Francisco, we had come back from a long day of sight seeing and were going to relax in the hotel before going for supper. I had fallen asleep because I was just catching my cold and had a headache. I woke up about 30 minutes later and asked Greg where Finley was. I looked over our bed and she had sat herself down between our bed and one of our suitcases, laid her head on the side of the mattress and had fallen asleep. When we went to move her, she woke up and we noticed she had a empty apple sauce container in her hands that she had gotten from the diaper bag. She looked at the applesauce, held it out to Greg and said “oh no” in the cutest of voices. It was absolutely priceless.
She also has learned how to say “yes” although it’s not something we often here. She much prefers the word “no” instead. She said “car” the other night because she wanted to go outside and ride her pink coupe. Those are all the recent ones on top of all the others she has been saying for awhile.
I taught her how to give kisses and it is the most sweetest thing. Although, once you ask for a kiss, she’ll give you 30 but you love it just the same. It took her awhile to give daddy kisses but she finally gave him one Monday night. Hugs are pretty easy to get from her as well. Of course, both hugs and kisses have to be on her terms and she won’t do anything unless she wants too!
She has become increasingly independent of late which means no high chairs or strollers and only carts if she can stand in the cart part and not the kid seat. This is fine when Greg or somebody is with me but if it’s just me, the no stroller or cart part can be quite difficult. I am quite worried that I am going to become a hermit once baby #2 comes along! She lets it be known – very loud and clear – when she does not want to be confined. The good part about this, is that we won’t be eating out very often so we will be saving money and eating better! haha
She absolutely loves playing outside. Whether it’s swinging on her swing or going down the slide, driving her car (backwards of course, that’s all she knows how to do), playing with her water table, “helping” me mow the lawn with her bubble making lawn mower or kicking her ball around with her daddy – it all makes her happy! She kicks and screams when we bring her in because she would rather be outside. She also loves rides in her wagon which is surprising considering her hatred for confinement. This weekend, I think I will bring out her golf clubs and bowling sets if the weather co-operates. I think she will quite enjoy the new outdoor toys!
We started swimming lessons last week. Greg is doing them with her and he seems to be quite enjoying it – her not so much. She’s a strange kid when it comes to water. She sometimes loves her bath but mostly hates it, she loves playing with her water table and dumping water on herself, she loves the pool at the trico center but hates the pool at the canyon meadows aquatic center, which is where her lessons are. We saw some progress on Thursday but not much. Thank god, they are only 30 minutes long! Her classes are twice a week and go until June 17th. I didn’t go last night as I was too tired but Greg said she didn’t cry at all and even jumped off the side of the pool! So progress is definitely being made. Can’t wait to see tomorrow!