Sunday, 31 October 2010

Party Time

Finley still has no idea what a birthday actually is.  When we wished her a happy birthday she was clueless.  But she certainly enjoyed all of the attention and the fact that Grandma Gail, Grandma Toot + Aunty Kristy were there to spoil her!
Finley + I went to CRAVE cupcake in Willow Park so she could pick out some mini cupcakes for her actual birthday dessert.  She was so excited to be there.  We had the Princess Cupcake in chocolate! 
For supper we had Spaghetti with meat sauce.  Spaghetti is one of her favorite meals.  She refuses to wear bibs anymore so we have to get her naked for these very messy meals.  Although she did slop less then Grandma Toot…..hahahaha
She was a little unsure of the sparkly candles at first….
But eventually she warmed up to them and it looks like she enjoyed them…
She looks so big in this photo – it makes me a little sad inside….
She was so excited for her cupcake.  Daddy kept teasing her before she actually was able to grab it out of her hand!
This year’s Crave cupcake experience was FAR LESS messier then last year, that is for sure!
I had wrapped this present a few days before her birthday and set them on the coffee table.  Greg had said that I should hide them because Finley would rip them open.  But she didn’t even acknowledge them and had to really convince and help her to even open the one above.
But as soon as she saw what it was, she was super excited!
Daddy showing Finley how to use her new hockey stick
Finley had a blast playing hockey and thankfully the puck never went near Penelope!
All in all, Finley had a great birthday spent with some of her favorite people.  We even went to Red Lobster for lunch where she got some garlic shrimp, cucumbers + cheese biscuits!  The servers surprised her with ice cream and some singing!  She loved all of the attention and especially the ice cream!!
Happy 2nd Birthday Finley!

Friday, 29 October 2010


A friend once told me about something she had regarding each birthday her child celebrated.  She told me that every year on her birthday, she would go into their rooms + take a photo of them as they were waking up.  I thought that was a really cool way of doing something ‘memorable’ on their birthday…
So that being said…..
Today marks the 2nd birthday of my first baby girl.  It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating your 1st Birthday but here we are a year later!  
This was Finley this morning waking up on her 2nd birthday at around 730am.  She is now in a big girl bed + gets up on her own.  She wakes up anywhere from 7 – 9am.  She is also pretty happy in the morning regardless if we woke her up or she got up on her own!
This photo was taken on October 29th, 2009.  It was at approximately 630am as we had to get ready for work and daycare!  She used to hate waking up in the morning unless it was on her own.  You can tell she does not look impressed.
This was taken at around 8:52am on October 29th, 2008 at Rocky View Hospital.  If you click on the 1st birthday link, it will give you a bit more insight to this happy occasion. 

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Birthday Questionairre

In honor of Finley’s 2nd Birthday tomorrow, here are some facts you may or may not know about her:
  • She hates getting her hair washed.
  • She loves “wearing” deodorant + perfume
  • She hates hair ties, pony tails, barrets, headbands – anything that makes her look nice
  • She loves rubber boots
  • She hates socks
  • She loves sunglasses
  • She hates being wet or dirty
  • She loves bananas
  • She loves green beans
  • She loves Grandma Jen’s carrots
  • She loves Uncle Neil’s Big Bear
  • She loves to dance
  • She loves to jump
  • She loves music of all kinds
  • She loves to ‘sing’
  • She talks and talks and talks and talks and talks….
  • She loves the fire that shoots up at Flames game
  • She loves grilled cheese sandwiches
  • She loves peanut butter
  • She hates pancakes and potatoes
  • She loves her little sister
  • She loves giving her little sister kisses
  • She loves putting her stuffed animals in car seats, swings, strollers + bassinets
  • She loves monkeys and cats
  • She loves Abby Cadabby + Flying Fairy School
  • She loves her nose
  • She loves The Doodlebops + Yo Gabba Gabba
  • She loves routine
  • Her favorite color is pink
  • She loves to get CRAVE Vanilla Princess mini cupcakes for special occasions
  • She eats macaroni + spaghetti naked
  • She hates bibs
  • She likes to eat at the same spot at the kitchen table every day
  • She likes camping
  • She’s a rockstar traveller
  • She likes books but won’t sit still long enough to be read to
  • She loves the library
  • She hates to share
  • She loves attention + doesn’t care who it’s from
  • She loves Halloween + Christmas decorations
  • She loves watching fish swim
  • She loves going for walks at Fish Creek + South Glenmore Parks because she can run and run and run and run
  • She loves her afternoon naps
  • She loves helping daddy with baking and with tool work
  • She loves to carry bags of any kind – empty or not
  • She helps unload the dishwasher
  • She likes to feed the cats + dog
  • She loves to swing on the swing and would do so for hours if I let her
  • She has recently taken a love to coloring
This post could probably go on for another million facts but I think I will end it for now. As you can see, Finley is a special, loveable little girl who has truly given my life a whole new meaning.  You never truly believe a child could change your ENTIRE life until you actually have one.
I still can’t believe that Finley will be 2 tomorrow.  Where does the time go?  It only seems like yesterday that we were in the hospital and I saw her for the first time in her daddy’s arms.  
I love you Peanut!

Monday, 18 October 2010

Penelope is 2 Months!

Today marks’s the 2 month birthday of Miss Penelope Grier!  
 She enjoys tummy time only when she is sleeping and it usually is on you.  She was sleeping peacefully in her bassinet when I moved her to the couch to get a photo of the heart on her bum as it was much easier then doing it in her bassinet.  I love these pj’s.  I bought them at Once Upon A Child in Saskatoon when I was pregnant with Finley.  I am so happy that P fits into them now!
 She is a very happy baby!  The only time she cries is when she wakes up and wants to be fed and when she wants to be held.  She is content to lay on her play mat for a little while before demanding to be held.  She spends alot of time in her bouncy chair and being held – mostly out of fear that Finley may accidently kill her. 
 For the most part, she is sleeping through the night.  She goes to bed between 10 + 11 most nights and sleeps for anywhere from 6 – 8 hours which is just fabulous.  She is still anti-routine and eats every 3 – 6 hours during the day and 6 – 8 during the night.  She has a bladder the size of her pupil.  We already have her in the “big” liners for her cloth diapers because she pees through everything else.  I certainly hope she is not a small bladder person for life!
She is starting to make all kinds of cooing and laughing noises which is just pleasant to hear.  Finley also enjoys it when she makes noises.  Finley loves to feed Penelope and have caught her a few times grabbing the bottle off the counter and trying to feed her.  She also likes to test the formula on her arm like we do.   I don’t think she knows why we do this but she likes to regardless.  She also loves to give Penelope hugs + kisses.  One of these days I will get the kisses in a photograph but so far I have been unsuccessful.
Penelope has recently discovered a love for the TV.  She is drawn to it immediately after waking up and won’t move unless we move her.  Finley has never been a TV person and rarely will stay still for 15 minutes watching the TV and it is usually only for the Doodlebops, Yo Gabba Gabba + more recently Sesame Street.  I certainly hope that P’s love for TV does not continue as she gets older.
She is also trying very hard to roll over.  She can roll to her side but hasn’t yet figured out how to get to her tummy or to her back. It will be exciting when she starts rolling around – not sure what Finley will think of that!
She has moved from being semi-swaddled while sleeping to her gro-bag.  She loves her gro-bag as it keeps her warm + allows her hands to be free.  My only complaint is her freezing cold hands (much the same with Finley) + her refusal to wear the scratch mittens to keep them warm.  She still sleeps in her bassinet beside our bed unlike her sister who moved into her own room 4 days after her 2 month birthday.  Finley was a much more consistent sleeper throughout the night by now and I didn’t need to worry about waking another child in the house with her cries.  I am hoping to start the transition to her own room at the end of the month.
All in all, we are still slowly adjusting to a family of 4.  It definitely has its ups and downs but in the end it is definitely worth it.