Saturday, 19 February 2011

Maple Salmon

Maple Salmon
1/4 cup Maple Syrup
2 tbsp soy sauce
1 clove garlic, minced
1/4 tsp garlic salt
1/8 tsp ground black pepper
Salmon Fillets
1.  In a small bowl, mix everything but the salmon.
2.  Place salmon in shallow dish and pour the marinade over
3.  Cover and refrigerate for 30 minutes, switching sides halfway through
4.  Preheat oven to 400 degrees
5.  Place in oven, uncovered for 20 minutes or until Salmon flakes

Friday, 18 February 2011

Penelope's Half Birthday!

Poppy This morning on her 6 month birthday!
Dear Penelope,
Six months!  You are officially half a year old – where does all of the time go??  It definitely seems to be all going by so much faster this second time round!  It has been a wonderful 6 months and we are looking forward to it!
***You are such a great eater!!  We started you on solids last week as per Dr Bernhardt.  You love almost everything with exception to green beans, broccoli, peas + mashed potatoes.  Your eating preferences are very similar to what your big sister’s were at your age although feeding you is so much easier!  You love apples, peaches, pears, + mangos!  Your favourite vegetables are carrots + sweet potatoes.  I had forgotten how much time making baby food took up but I am happy to say that I have a deep freeze with pureed veggies, fruits + meats as well as various leftovers.  I am already eagerly awaiting her ability to feed herself.
***You are eating solids at breakfast, lunch and supper and having bottles right before nap time.  Usually 3 – 4 bottles a day.  You still cannot hold your own bottle which is surprising.  Finley held hers at about 4 months.  You did it once and we were so happy but you prefer for us to do it for you.  I tried giving you a sippy cup in place of your bottle and you were having no part in this either.  Maybe next week.
***You are sleeping through the night without any sudden wake ups. Bed time is between 730 + 8am and you basically sleep for another 12 hours – just like Finley did!  I think this is because we starting feeding you solids.  Milk just wasn’t doing it for you anymore.  You are also much happier during the day.  You always have a good afternoon nap and if we are home, you are starting to enjoy your morning nap.  The combination of increased naps and food has made for a very happy Penelope.
***You are still a thumbsucker.  I am hoping that this is because you have no teeth to bite on your fingers.  Your sister liked to suck her middle three fingers but gave it up as soon as she bit one.  She then tried to bite ours.  Please be nicer to us! It’s kinda nice because it puts her back to sleep or calms her down but I always envision those 4 year olds with soothers or thumbs in mouth and it freaks me out because that cannot be my kid.
***Still no teeth trying to pop through.  I check everyday and can never feel anything.  Your cheeks are usually red and you are drooling a lot and are constantly trying to chew on something which leads me to believe that it will happen soon!  For the most part you are a happy teething baby just like your big sister was. 
***You are still on the top button of your cloth diapers although I am pretty sure we will be moving on up to the middle button fairly soon.  You seem to have figured out the whole pee thing because your diapers are a normal amount of wetness unlike your earlier months.  No more soaking through diapers and clothes because  you hold your pee and do it all at once.  We are very happy about this.
***As far as clothing, you are wearing a few 3 – 6 month outfits from the Gap but the rest is pretty much 6 – 9 months.  A few outfits are 6 — 12 month or even 12 month but they are very small outfits that were barely worn by Finley because I didn’t realize how small they were.  At least now they are getting some wear!You still wear a 2 or 3 in most shoes although Finley usually takes them off of you.  Just like your big sister, you are also quite fond of kicking off your shoes. 
***You celebrated your first Valentine’s day!  To celebrate we did some crafts, went to a Valentine’s Day Party and you hung out with Grandpa Don + Grandma Jen while me and daddy went out for dinner and a movie.
***You are a roller.  You can roll from your back to your tummy and vice versa without any help from us.  You are starting to figure out that you can get around this way.  You are happy in either position.
***You went for your 6 month check up with Dr B last week.  It was early due to his vacation coming up.  He was so pleased to see how well you were doing and that the shape of your head was as round as it could be.  Glad to know our insistence of tummy time paid off and you still seem to love me!  You weighed in at 17 pounds 9 ounces which puts you in the 90th percentile.  You were 27 inches long which puts you in the 95th percentile.  Dr B said that you were taller then you were round so that was fantastic and what you always want to be.  You had no issues other than a diaper rash that he thought was from her teething so she got some medicated stuff that made it all go away.
***You love your Baby Einstein  Musical Mat and are always singing and laughing and kicking and pulling at all the toys.  You have discovered how loud you can scream or sing or make noise and take full advantage of it!  You are generally a very happy baby + only cry when you get hungry or poop.  Even when you are tired,  you remain happy which is a polar opposite of your big sister!
***You love your musical jumper and love to jump around.  You laugh when you are in it and always have a large smile.  Soon you will be big enough to spin yourself around!  You have figured out how most of it works thanks your big sister who showed you.  She still hates that toy but is happy that you like it.
***You have started to laugh a lot which is just fabulous.  Your sister does a very good job of making you laugh and you seem to go into hysterics when you do Baby Yoga.  I still am not sure what you find so funny about it.  You are ticklish already and your sister gets a kick out of tickling you until we have to tell her to stop.  She just loves you so very much.
***You LOVE to watch your sister.  You are constantly staring at her and seeing what she is doing.  She makes you laugh all the time and smile through the tears.  She is always able to put you in a  happy mood.  She loves to help feed you and change you and put you to bed.  She sometimes gets annoyed when I have to use your carseat or swing or bed for you and she is forced to move one of her babies or animals.
***You enjoy your toys as long as someone is there to give them to you and hold on to them with you.  You don’t actively reach for them and prefer to be entertained rather than entertain yourself.  The last few days you have been playing with your big yellow giraffe that you got from you Aunt + Uncle for Christmas and seem to be impressed with all that it can do.  You are slowly gaining an interest with Sophie.  She’s not a hanger on of anything which makes it a bit difficult for her to do anything on her own.
***You love to stand.  Daddy always has you standing – whether it is holding on to his hands or the couch and you LOVE IT.  Your big sister hated using her legs and I don;t think she really did until she was about 9 months old and started to crawl.
***You love the colors and sounds of the TV and are constantly moving your legs to whatever happens to be on.  Music is your favourite and you can definitely tell
    ***You were supposed to go for your 6 month vaccinations this morning but we had to reschedule them until February 28th due to a nasty cold that has inhabited our house.  This has made for a tough week but you and your sister are troopers.

    Sunday, 13 February 2011

    Valentine's Day Party

    Last Tuesday was our South Calgary Mom’s + Tot’s playgroups Valentine’s party at Caffe Creme.  It was a 2 minute drive from our house which is always nice!
    Finley checking out all of the toys that were there for her to play with.  She had tonnes of fun with them.
    Penelope hanging out while Finley + I did crafts.  She was a very well behaved baby!
    Finley, with a heart painted on her face, doing her craft.  She also did one for Penelope.
    Finley making sure that her kitty had a seat to do crafts as well.
    There was a tent set up by Discovery House and Finley loved it.  She has a similar one with a crawl through tunnel attached to it at home.
    Playing with the kids.  Finley had a great time playing with all the kids and toys.  She was very well behaved and only cried when it was time to leave.  We had to leave a bit early because Penelope had a early 6month check up since Dr. Bernhardt was going on vacation for a month.
    We are looking forward to the monthly playdate in a few weeks!!