Monday, 18 July 2011

Penelope 11 Months

Dear Penelope,
Today you are 11 months old.  Well technically,  you are still 10 months as I write this as yet again we will be out of town on your monthly birthday.  This time we will be camping though out the United States.  We are all looking forward to it.
It has been an exciting month for you as you are doing so many new things!
You still love your Baby Einstein Jumper but this is soon becoming your favourite toy.  You love to sit at it or lay in front of it and bounce to the music.  You love pressing all of the buttons and turning the music book pages to hear it play.  You love shaking rattles and all other toys that make noise – the louder the better.  You love to scream loudly both when happy or sad.  I think this is so you can be heard over Finley which can be impossible some days!!
You are still sleeping thru the night.  Bedtime still at 8pm and you are sleeping in later until around 730 or 8.  You are napping 2x a day – once in the morning, once in the afternoon.  You don’t really need your morning nap anymore but unfortunately mommy still needs it!!
You are drinking 3 bottles a day and refuse to drink any water.  Just like your sister was at your age!  2 of your sippy cups are of formula and the other is milk.  Unlike your big sister, you have no problems digesting the milk.
Grandma Gail visited us this month and we all went to Heritage Park.  You slept through most of it but you did manage to wake up for the train ride and enjoyed it quite a bit.
You love to eat and your favourites right now are raspberries, grilled cheese + peanut butter sandwiches.  Although you loved all fruit pureed, you are unsure of it in it’s natural state.  You are pretty good at eating things like pasta, sandwiches, cut up meat + veggies by yourself.  I still feed you cereal, soup and anything that gets messy so I don’t have to clean up anymore than I have to and trust me you make quite the mess on your own!  The only food you are not keen on eating anymore is vegetable soup.  You loved it for ages and now you refuse to touch it.  Finley was exactly the same way and to this day she won’t eat it. 
You are still just army crawling around although you have done some crawling before collapsing back into the army crawl.  For some reason you think this is the easier way of getting around. 
You love bathtime which you have with your big sister.  You enjoy getting your hair washed which I try to show Finley because she still doesn’t like washing her hair.  She loves to help soap you up and dump water on your head.  You just sit and laugh while she does this.  You love playing with all of the rubber duckies and sesame street bath toys.
You celebrated your first Canada Day and saw your first set of fire works.  Actually you slept through the fireworks but they were some of the nicest we have seen in many years.  We spent the Canada Day weekend in Jasper camping with Jimmy, Nancy, Madi + Tanner.  You had so much fun playing with everybody and loved all of the extra attention you got!!
You finally got another tooth!  Tooth number 3 came in earlier in this month.  It looks like an eye tooth not the normal front teeth that usually come in after the bottom 2.  Nobody is able to see it unless I prop your mouth open.  The front centre of your upper mouth is very red which makes me think that you may have more coming but I can’t feel anything yet!
You also got to meet your Great Uncle Ken and Great Aunty Marleen for the first time.  They moved to Chicago in 2009 and weren’t home for Christmas this past year.  They were so happy to finally meet you!!  We are thinking about heading there for our annual vacation next year.   
You are able to move to sitting position all on your own from laying on your back or stomach.  You love having the freedom to do this.  When we had a play date with your buddies O + H, you pulled yourself up to your knees but haven’t done so since.  You try to do this but have not had any success as of yet.  Soon it will be a matter of time before you are on your feet all by yourself.
Your new favourite thing at the moment is to point at you, at various people and things.  It started when we were in Jasper and you pointed at Jimmy now you never stop doing it!!
You + your sister sit and giggle for lots of minutes at a time.  We have no idea what you are laughing about but you seem to enjoy yourselves.  It happens anywhere + is most enjoyable while traveling long distances in the car.  She is most definitely your bff.
You still suck your thumb much to my dismay.  Although I must say that it is getting rare that you do so. Mainly when you go into your crib or when you are upset about something.
Your sister always tries to help you not cry.  She hugs you, pats you on the back and asks what is wrong and tells you that you will be ok.  The ironic part is the 99.8% of the time she is that usually she is reason you are crying.
You love to stand all on your own.  You love to hold on to the play kitchen, to our hands, to my necklace when I am trying to get you dressed.  You fall sometimes but that doesn’t seem to deter you at all.  People think I am crazy but I really can’t wait for her to start walking.  I am hoping that it will make my life easier but most likely the opposite will happen!
You also were part of what I think is the best thing about being a Calgarian – STAMPEDE.  The entire city celebrates Stampede by painting windows, western decor and wearing western clothing.  You didn’t seem to keen to wear your hat at all and the western clothes that your sister wore to her first stampede were too small for you now.  But you still looked pretty cute!
At your first Stampede breakfast.  You loved eating pancakes all week!!  You kept your hat on momentarily before ripping if off and throwing it onto the ground.  At least you kept the bandana on!
Daddy took the afternoon off work (another great part of Stampede, most companies get a day or half day off to Stampede, I doubt that happens anywhere else!!) and we all went down to Stampede grounds. You wore your hat for a bit and slept through most of it.  Daddy snuck you some mini donuts when he thought I wasn’t looking.  You very much enjoyed them!!
On one of the most beautiful days in June, we headed to Lake Sikome for a play date with D and her girls.  You loved everything about the lake – the water, the sand, the food, the sun.  I just wish you would wear your hat and sunglasses but you refuse.  Your sister was the same at your age and now she loves both, I only hope that you are similar to that!
We went to Saskatoon for Kristen’s bridal shower + bachelor party.  It was the first bridal shower that you have gone to and you had so much fun!  You loved playing with Sydney + Shania, you met a new friend in Lily and you got so much attention from the other bridesmaids, in fact, Courtney wanted to take you home!!  You are looking forward to Kristen’s wedding in September!
You still love to shake your head no but that doesn’t mean no to you, it just means shaking your head.  You love doing it and do it all of the time.  It’s pretty cute to watch.
Also taking place this month, today in fact, will be your first trip to the United States and even more importantly, your first trip to Target!!!!!!  We love target!!! 
It’s been a wonderful month of milestones + development on your part.  I still am having difficulty believing that in just one more month you will be a year old.  Thank you for giving us 11 months of more happiness then we could ever possibly imagine.  We love you.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Stampede 2011

 Arriving to Stampede!!  Penelope took her first ever ride on the c-train and made an appearance at her first ever Stampede.  This is Finley’s 3rd Stampede.  She loves the animals, the food, the balloons but the rides not so much.
Mini Donuts are Greg’s Stampede staple.  It’s the first thing he does when he gets there. Mine is a corn dog.  I had one.  It was delicious.  Finley got a new light up cowboy hat and Penelope got her old one.
Jamie Sale + David Pelletier at their Ice Show.  It was pretty cool.  Finley loved it very much!  Can’t wait to take her to Stars on Ice!
Riding the Bumblebee.  Finley was indifferent to the whole experience.  It was a boring ride but it might be a good thing that it was because Greg said Finley looked terrified the entire time.
While Penelope slept, Finley soaked in the animals. She was in serious Stampede heaven with all the cuddly animals for her to see and touch.
The first nations area.  We got homemade bannock + watched them smoke the meat.  Then we got to see some pow wow dancing.  I love pow wows!!
This was Finley shortly after 5pm.  She wasn’t closing her eyes. She was sleeping.  yes you read that right, sleeping.  She was so tired that she slept while she walked.  She looked like she had sipped too many stampede beverages because she was kinda staggering and such.  It was so cute.  Greg took the girls home shortly after this so Jenn + I could head to the NKOTBSB concert.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Stampede Breakfasts 2011

This morning we met up with D + M and their little girls.  It was really muggy out but seemed warm.  Unfortunately it started to sprinkle while we ate but it didn’t last long.  Little did we know what was about to happen.
The food was pretty good, we actually had the same eggs that Bonanza serves on Sundays back home.  It was like a trip down memory lane.  Finley didn’t eat much but Penelope sure did.  I bought Finley a new hat because she didn’t like the one we got her yesterday.  I figured since this one lit up and had a string she would wear it.  I was wrong.  She was obsessed last year with her hat but refuses to wear one this year.  What’s up with that?  Finley enjoyed all the balloons and loved the lady who was out there singing.
After breakfast, we headed down to the petting zoo.  The line up for pancakes was crazy long so we were happy we got there when we did because we didn’t have to wait at all.  The girls went in the zoo with D while I watched the strollers + Pipi.  Finley had a blast with the animals.  Can’t wait for the Stampede later today – she’ll go crazy.  
Just as we finished up with the petting zoo it started to rain and by rain I mean like torrential downpour.  By the time I reached the Traverse, we were all soaked from head to toe.  It was a long ride home in wet clothes!!!! 
 And have you ever tried taking off soaking wet skinny jeans?  Not a pleasant experience at all.  The stroller and my shoes had puddles!  PUDDLES!!!  It was insane!!  Hopefully it clears up before we hit the grounds this afternoon!!!  The sun looks like its trying to come out as I type this.  Debating whether to wear a skirt or jeans to the grounds.  I wonder how the mosquitos are???  A skirt would get less wet then pants and I would be dry faster but then I might be colder…decisions, decisions……
All in all, it was a great time at breakfast and we can’t wait to do it all over again in the morning with D and her girls!!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Kristen's Bachelorette Party

After the bridal shower, we all met up at “The Upstairs” which is just off of 8th + Broadway in Saskatoon.  It was so ridiculously good that I really can’t wait to go back next time I am in Saskatoon
Sorry for the blurry photo but it was the best I could do since there was steam steaming up from the pot. It was a 4 course meal and you can choose the feature that you want.  You can do it by person or by pair and it is cheaper to do it in pairs so thats what we all did.  Courtney and I shared the feature of the night and it entailed the following: 
Course 1: 2 kinds of salad or 2 kinds of soup.  We both opted for the Greek Salad although she went with Feta and I went with Tofu.
Course 2: There were 4 different kinds of cheese fondue to choose from.  Courtney chose Cheddar and Bacon Fondue.  I don’t each cheese but apparently that was the one that all tables ordered.
Course 3: Something like 6 or 7 different meats: we got garlic sausage, lemon pork tenderloin, chicken, beef tenderloin, bacon wrapped scallops + shrimp.  They had other meats available depending on what feature you ordered.
Coarse 4: Chocolate.  There were about 7 different ones I think you could choose.  Our table had Smores and the other tables had Turtles, Peanut Butter Cup and Ying + Yang which was a mixture of dark + white chocolate.  Ours was definitely my favourite.
The Bride To Be modelling her lovely new hat
Kristen’s mom pretending to get a facial while waiting for the food.  She is pretty funny.  
Our chocolate smote before being stirred up.  It makes my mouth water just looking at it.
Kristen’s soon to be mother in law Purple Peggy
All the lovely ladies who attended the wonderful meal at The Upstairs.  I doubt this blog post gives this place the justice it deserves but it really is a fantastic place.  I was so full that I had trouble finishing what we got.  It is a bit pricey but I think that everybody needs to try this place at least once in their life.  I really can’t wait to go back with Greg next time we have a chance to!

After supper, we headed over to Kendra’s place to continue to the Bachelor Party.  We kicked it off with the Underwear game.  All the guests brought underwear for Kristen and she had to guess who it came from.  She had to shot of homemade margarita each time she got it wrong and if she got it right the person who brought it had to do the shot.  She got 3 right.  It was a lot of fun and she got a bunch of cute new underwear too
After the underwear game, we were split into 3 teams and we headed out on a scavenger hunt.  Some photos are not pg13 so they will not be shown on the blog or Facebook – I just can’t do it but I did manage to find some good ones to show.  It was great fun and everybody who participated in it had a BLAST.  Kendra really did a good job organizing this.  The photos that I have below are just from my group I don’t have the others.
After we returned home, we went through all of the photos and some of the photos were insanely funny. I am so glad Kristen wanted a scavenger hunt because it rocked!
For the rest of the night we drank alcohol (ok, not me but I did taste some and some of it burned my throat), ate popcorn and told stories.  
I know that us bridesmaids had a great time organizing all the events and we hope that all those in attendance and especially Kristen had as great a time as we did!!  
All of us are looking forward to the wedding in September!!!

Kristin's Bridal Shower

On Saturday afternoon we gathered at Kristen’s mom’s place for Kristen’s bridal shower.  It was a great success and I had so much fun meeting everybody!
Before the party started, we all hung around and watched the kids + dogs play.  Finley loved the dogs and was very sad when Shania + Sydney had to go inside after Shania ate a lemon square.  She missed them!
We sent Kristen away while we set up everything for the shower.  The flowers were beautiful and after the shower was over, we drew names and gave them away to the guests.  The food was delicious and the cake was so very yummy!!  We had a tank top made for Kristen and she had to wear a lei and Bobby’s mom’s veil.
At around 1pm, we started the shower off by making Kristen change into her tank and put on the veil + lei then we ate the food since most of us hadn’t had lunch.  The croissant sandwiches were so good and all the dips were delicious or so I heard since I don’t eat cheese or creamy stuff!
Kristen showing off her shirt and delicious cake.  
The first game we played was the Toilet Paper game.  All the other showers I have been to were wedding dress creations but we did veil’s for this one and it was a tonne of fun!
This was Group One
This was Group Two
This was Group Three
This was Group 4
Group 5
All the brides in the top photo and the winner in the bottom which was Grandma Dot
The second game was one that Dayna organized which was asking Bobby (Kristen’s fiance) questions and seeing how many she got right.  We played this at my shower too and I am pretty sure Bobby did the same as Greg and answered kinda randomly to trick us.  At least that is my take on it.  For every question she got wrong she had to add a piece of Hubba Bubba to her mouth.  Her mouth was pretty full by the end.
Last but not least was present time!  Kristen certainly hit the jackpot to say the least.  The only photos i took of her opening presents were the ones that we got her.  Finley + Pipi got her some silicone bakeware while I got her a lingerie set from Victoria’s Secret that matched her wedding colour’s perfectly.  She got a few items that I put one my must have list.  Finley also enjoyed helping Kristen open the presents.
After the presents were opened, games were played and food had been eaten, there was lots of visiting being done – especially with the kids.  Finley loved playing with Lily and soccer with Jack + Spencer.  Both kids also enjoyed the attention from all of the adults there!
All in all it was a fantastic success and I would like to thank all of the other bridesmaids  for all of their help in making it the success that it was.  Can’t wait until her wedding!