Thursday, 8 September 2011

My Best Friend's Wedding

This past weekend, we headed back to the buzzing metropolitan of Shellbrook for my best friend’s wedding.  If you’ve been to Shellbrook you are clearly aware that I was kidding.  If you haven’t been, there are more people in my neighborhood then in the town in Shellbrook.  Regardless, it was a fantastic weekend!!  We were so happy to be part of Bobby + Kristen’s special day!  Here are some of my favorite photos, to see more head on over to facebook….
Penelope waiting with my mom and Greg for the wedding to start.  It was held outdoors at the Honeywood Lily Nursery.
Walking down the aisle.  Hit an unexpected hole and the guests laughed.  Thankfully by me hitting this, others were warned so they didn’t make the same mistake.  Also proof that I do smile.  Look at the tanlines – they were awful!!  Thankfully the entire wedding party suffered from the same thing.
  Junior Groomsman Zach and Flower Girl Finley – so cute!
ANother one….love it!

Kristen with her daddy – who got my vote for best dressed man at the wedding (sorry wedding party guys)
Finally getting it done!!!!!
 Finley’s dates for the wedding.  She’s a busy girl!
The bride!
Finley and her pal Charlie
Penelope looking oh so cute in her new party dress.  Hoping it fits at Christmas and Easter.  It was big and I just LOVE it.
My favorite shot of the whole day.  Both Greg and I have both said that our favorite part of our wedding was the first dance.  It is literally the only time the entire day that you are actually alone with one another – even if others are watching.  Nobody to interrupt you or hug you or whatever else goes on at a wedding.  Perhaps that is why this is my favorite.  Plus Kristen’s smile and laughter is priceless in it. 
A fantastic shot to end the night.  I told Zach that Kristy hated dead animals like this so he went and threw it in her face.  It was funny.  Murray was quite the highlight at the party.  Murray is the name of the deer. 
So yes it was a fantastic event.  More than fantastic.  I cannot express how happy for both Bobby + Kristen.  Everything went perfectly and was beautiful in every way.  We are all so happy that we were able to be part of this and cannot wait to see their journey continue. 
All the best Bobby + Kristen!!  We love you very much!!