Monday, 31 October 2011

Halloween 2011


Here are some photos of the kids trick or treating!
Waiting to go out.  Finley’s reaction is due to the singing ghost who sings ghost busters.  Sometimes it scares her, sometimes it doesn’t.
Checking out the candy we would be giving out to the trick or treaters.
Getting very impatient…
One quick last photo before we went out
First stop was our neighbor’s house.  Finley was so excited!
Checking out the candy 
Buzz Lightyear lived here.
Although this is the 3 Halloween that Finley has gone house to house trick or treating, this is the first time she actually knew what was going on.
This was Penelope’s second year going door to door and she was not impressed.  She hated being held and was cold because she refused to keep her mitts on.  We headed home soon after this while Greg and Finley kept on going.
Penelope waiting for trick or treaters to come.  She even had candy in her hand to give.
Going through the candy
This was the least amount of kids we have ever gotten.  Kids started around 6 and we never had another kid after 740pm.  I remember going until 9pm on Halloween.  Times have changed for sure.  Also considering all I heard about play doh being the hot commodity this halloween, we only got 1 container of it!
 Finley and Greg came home around 730 and Finley basically dropped her candy at the door, took her costume off and asked for a banana.  She was sound asleep soon after.  
This morning, I gave her a treat which was some fruit snacks and she said trick or treat mommy.  thank you.  Such a sweet heart!!

Hope y’all had a Spooktakular Halloween!

Sunday, 30 October 2011


Since we had her birthday party a few weeks ago, today was actually a pretty quiet day for us.  She played with her sister most of the morning and we tried to teach her how to show her age with her fingers.  We struggled a little but she gets the idea and she knows she is 3 which is fantastic
Since it is the weekend which means a kitchen under construction we went to McDonalds for lunch.  Finley ate part of Greg’s hamburger, a few nuggets, french fries and some milk.  She enjoyed playing with the choo choo train and telling us about the purple, green and yellow triangles.  Everywhere is a learning opportunity! :)
Sesame Street cupcakes courtesy of Safeway.  The face’s are all rings which Finley absolutely loves.  
Finley smelling the cupcakes while waiting for daddy to get off of the phone with Grandpa Don. 
I love how lovingly Finley is looking at the cupcakes.  She wanted one so bad.
Wearing her Birthday Girl Badge.  She felt very proud with it on!
She opens presents before cupcakes which is ok with her because at least it is something.  We gave her most of her presents at her party but these are a few from us that we saved for her actual birthday.
A Princess Barbie!!
A bracelet making kit seeing how she loves wearing her bling
A necklace making kit!  We will be very busy!!
A present from Grandma Toot 
A Barbie Pool!!  She was quite enamoured by the Barbie Car that was shown on the box so I think Santa may bring that to her!  She was happy with the pool.
Finally getting her cupcake.  She chose to eat Big Bird.
Putting the ring on her finger…
Eating the icing
Eating more cupcake
She basically ate just the icing.  
Penelope got Abby Cadabby cupcake
She would’ve eaten the whole thing had I let her!
Playing with her barbies
More Barbies!
Doing one of her favourite puzzles with daddy
More playing with barbies
She just finished getting her  Halloween costume on for her bff’s Halloween Birthday Party when she decided our floor needed to be swept in the bonus room!
We then left for Cailey’s party.  Cailey is one of Finley’s bff’s and was born the day after Finley at the same hospital so I bet they were friends before we even knew it!!  We had a great time at the party and will post photos soon.  
She was so worn out that Finely was in bed shortly after 7pm tonight!  She had the most fantastic of days!
Still can’t believe my baby girl is 3 years old.  Oh how time flies.
Happy Birthday Finley.  We love you so much!!!  xoxoxoxox

Saturday, 29 October 2011


In honour of Finley’s THIRD birthday,  here are some things you may not know:
*has never had her hair cut
*goes to bed at 8pm
*loves the songs rolling in the deep and tgif.  She changes her voice to “sound” like Adele and Katy Perry.  It makes me laugh every single time.
*never been in a vehicle driven by anyone other than me or Greg
*loves milk
*Can say nearly 200 words.  Getting better at putting sentences together.  Still waiting to be evaluated by a slp.
*loves tiaras, wands, rings, necklaces, wings, bracelets and tutu’s
*loves tape measures, screw drivers and hammers
*hates having her hair washed
*won’t sit in a stroller
*loves to play with her friends
*can say her abc’s and count to 20
*knows a square, circle, heart, diamond shapes
*knows the colours pink, blue, green, orange, red and purple but struggles with brown, black and grey
*has never stayed away from me overnight except when I was in the hospital when Penelope was born.
*Loves all things Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Sesame Street, Toy Story and Strawberry Shortcake
*prefers to carry her own basket in the stores – especially the ones that have wheels and can be pulled around
*likes to “help” push the cart or stroller
*insists on carrying bags when shopping in a mall – even if they are heavy, in which case she’ll carry for 3 steps and say no mommy u take it
*loves playing with her stuffed animals and dolls and can be seen carrying them in her baby carrier, stroller or cart.
*she “shops” around the house, putting random objects in her shopping cart
*she loves hiking in the mountains and can hike about 5k before needing to be carried in the backpack
*loves to help daddy set up the tent and look for animals in the wild
*have to carry a potty while hiking because she won’t pee in the bushes. I swear people think we are crazy!
*loves listening and singing to Taylor Swift, PitBull, Simple Plan, Taio Cruise, JLo, Adele, Lady Antebellum and Lady Gaga
*Loves to wear shoes
*loves headbands and pony tails
*knows the following animals and their sounds: cows, horses, monkeys, wolves, coyotes, bears, buffalo, moose, dog, cat, duck, bird, mouse, tiger, lion, sheep + pig
*knows elephants and giraffes but not their sounds
*loves to read books
*loves to vacuum and sweep when i do it with her little own toys
*loves quincy and luci and most dogs
*loves sidewalk chalk
*hates finger paint
*loves painting with a brush
*loves stickers and crayons
*loves to sit and make art at her art desk and at her easel
*loves to play with her kitchen and all things associated with it.  I get all kinds of fun treats made for me!
*loves playing outside on her jungle gym,  her playhouse, her tricycle, her coupe, her basketball net and bowling.  She LOVES swings and slides
*likes to help pull dandelions
*loves the zoo and the library
*loves playing with little people
*hates potatoes
*loves pancakes, french toast, pizza, green beans, carrots, bananas, strawberries, peanut butter, chicken catalina, pears, cheese and grilled cheese
*loves to eat muffins and oatmeal for breakfast
*loves to help bake
*she is daytime potty trained and only wears pullups at night
*loves her cousins
*has never had ketchup
*loves pickles on her burger
*loves to play the piano
*has to sleep with her beloved pink blanket and her posse which contains kitty, kitty cat, flower girl bear, monkey, elmo, minnie, another monkey, abby cadabby, jessie and strawberry shortcake.  These friends also travel with us near and far
*She loves doing her dinosaur puzzle and her buffalo with her daddy
*loves to do puzzles and games
*she cheats at Hungry Hippos
*broke the bottom 2 drawers in her dresser.  They had to be glued together and re-screwed.
*She ripped her curtain rod and curtains off the wall
*she ripped all of the chair railing on her walls off.  Not even kidding.  Thankfully no damage to her walls
*loves to wear sunglasses, bling and her coach bag
*loves dancing
*loves her sister
Hope you enjoyed getting to know our little 3 year old!

Birthday Questionairre

A few months ago a friend and fellow blogger asked her son a few questions on his 3rd birthday and posted his answers. I thought it was pretty cool so i thoughti would do a similar thing and do it each year on her birthday until she decides she’s too cool but i will still make her!
 I found the questions on everybody’s favorite site Pinterest
 1. What is your name? PINEY
2. How old are you? Tfree (hard to spell how she actually says it)
3. Who is your best friend? Buzz (toy story)
4. What is your favorite animal? Cow. Cow goes moooooooooo
5. What do you want to be when you are all grown up? Strawberry (shortcake. Probably because she was playing with her Strawberry Shortcake doll)
6. What is your favorite movie? Jessie (toy story)
 7. What is your favorite book? Fox (in socks)
8. What makes you happy? Milk
9. What makes you sad? No mommy no
10. What is your most favorite food to eat? Watermelon (she actually hates watermelon but for some reason one of her favorite play foods)
11. What games do you like to play? Buffalo (wooden puzzle from yellowstone), puzzles + hungy hips (hungry hippos)
I was actually worried about doing this with Finley as I am concerned about speech language development but I think she did really good and she cracked me up.
Can’t wait to do this next year!

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Halloween Party 2011

This morning several moms and lots of kids gathered at the Shawnessy Barn for our annual Halloween Party. It was so much fun!  We had Susan from Discovery Toys, a craft station and a cookie decorating station, fantastic food and then we had Miss Natalie do a Little Wonders class with us!!
Here are some photos:
Finley (Minnie Mouse) and Saydee (Angel) running around while we set up
Part of my costume.  I went as a witch.  I don’t think I have worn these boots since I lived in Saskatoon and I was surprised I still had them.  They went perfectly with my costume.  I got the tights for $3.96 at Walmart (I love love them), the dress I got for $2 at dollarama and the cape I bought at value village for $10 (it was brand new) and the hat was given to me by my friend Danielle.  The dress was a little hootchie so I wore a sweater underneath but it worked perfectly!!  I am not used to standing on my feet for nearly 4 hours – let alone wearing heels!!
Finley with her bff Cailey.  They are 1 day apart in age.
I took several photos of the 4 of them together and this is the “best” one.  I use that term rather loosely!  This photo is a true testament to how goofy they all are!
Cailey decorating cookies.  Both Finley and Penelope refused to put icing on their cookie so they ate them plain.  The one time I let them have sugar and they’d rather not.  Makes me happy inside!
Love this one of Saydee
Getting ready for Little Wonders.  Finley enjoyed it.  I felt like I was living in a real life Treehouse episode.  The kids loved it!
Very excited by the bubbles!!
Time to play under the parachute.  Finley LOVED it.  Penelope was way too little to play under it so she clapped and laughed from afar.
Finley got kicked in the face while under the parachute.  She didn’t cry and I am a million percent positive that it was an accident.  It looks really bad there and I just looked and her cheek is a quite swollen but I don’t see a bruise yet.  Hopefully nothing shows up!
Penelope’s tights after we got home.  Isn’t that gross??  They are in the wash right now – hope they come clean since we have to wear them again on Saturday and on Monday!!  Fingers crossed they do.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Party Time

Normally we head back to Saskatchewan for Thanksgiving weekend but this year we decided to stay in Calgary because we were just home a month ago.  We also decided to have a joint thanksgiving/birthday party get together since it would be easier for everybody and nobody had to make 2 trips to Calgary for the events.
I don’t have a whole lot of photos to be honest as I was busy entertaining 31 people.  Yes 31 people in my house.  Thankfully my house is fairly big that it didn’t feel like we were sardines in a can.  With exception of 6 close family friends, the rest were family. Yes Family.  We have big families who like to celebrate!!
We did the traditional Thanksgiving dinner with turkey, ham, scalloped potatoes, mashed potatoes, cream of corn, turnip, caesar salad, pasta salad, stuffing, and a vegetable stir fry of butternut squash, peppers and mushrooms.  Greg made everything but the turkey and stuffing which was done by my Aunty Leslie and a some ham which was done by Greg’s dad incase we ran out (which we didn’t), my Aunty Patsy brought buns and my Aunty Sandy brought 4 pumpkin, 1 cherry and 1 lemon mirangue pies for dessert (made from scratch), as well we had Finley’s Abby Cadabby cake which I made and was decorated by Greg.
The only downside to having so many people in your house is the guilt of not spending enough time with each and every person who made the effort to come.  Hopefully I did a decent job!
Here are some photos that I did manage to get.
I also decorated the house with signs I made that said:
Welcome to 123 Sesame Street
Today’s Party is Brought To You By The Letter F and The Number 3
Abby’s Flying Fairy School
Elmo’s World
Elmo Says Happy Birthday Finley
Today’s Word Of The Day is Birthday
Thanks to Pinterest for all their brilliant ideas!!