Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Mom's + Tot's Christmas Party

Yesterday the South Calgary Mom’s Group hosted the 2nd annual Kids Christmas Party at the Shawnessy Barn.  It was held on the weekend this time around so that daddy’s could attend and I must admit it was nice having an extra pair of hands around!
Here is Finley with her two BFF’s Saydee (in red) and Cailey.  Saydee is going to have a little sister arrive at the end of February so she has been practicing with her baby doll and on Penelope.  She is going to make a great big sister and I am sure Finley and Cailey are teaching her the ropes….hahaha
Santa arrives!!!!
Almost every kid in the room cried + screamed like they were being murdered – no exaggeration.  Finley looks terrified below but she has never ever been afraid of Santa or the Easter bunny so I think it was just a general reaction along with the other kids.  Finley usually cries when she has to leave!
We decided to distract the girls and took them over to the craft and gingerbread table.  We didn’t want Finley to see all the kids crying while sitting on Santa’s lap because we knew that would scare her off.  THey had fun doing their crafts!
Here is Finley’s stocking that she made with Daddy’s help
Here is Penelope’s – it’s pretty weak but there limited supplies of stickers left for hers
Greg helping Finley and Cailey build a gingerbread house
Saydee showing off the gingerbread house she made with her daddy
Finley eagerly waiting for Santa
Penelope waiting for Santa
This was the best photo Greg got with Santa and the girls.  There was also a professional photographer there taking the photos so hopefully he got some better ones but I am also positive neither cracked a smile but I think they were one of the more well behaved kids!!
Finley playing the her gift from Santa.  There were 4 of these given out yesterday and it was super popular – kids were lining up to try it out
Penelope was not a happy camper!!  She has 2 top teeth coming in, this party was during her nap time and she hated her shoes and dress.  She cheered up once the clothes were off!  Santa brought her another shopping cart.  Apparently he didn’t get the memo that she got this one for her birthday.  We took it back this morning to Walmart and tomorrow we are going to get her a new present. We will post it after she gets it!
Cailey and Kirsten opening their presents.  They DON’t like Santa.  Actually that is an understatement – they hated Santa and they preferred  not to get presents or cupcakes if it meant not seeing him.  I can’t wait to see their photo :)
 Penelope had a new outfit on since we were headed out to Uncle Brad’s Birthday Dinner and was all smiles on the rocker.
It was a great time and really nice to have the dad’s around!!  Thanks again for all your hardwork Michelle!!