Sunday, 18 August 2013

Dear Penelope

Dear Penelope,
Today you turn 3!  How is that possible??  I know I say it everytime, but it truly feels like it was just yesterday that your daddy and I held you in our arms for the very first time.  This has been such a great year for you – you have truly grown into a little girl right before our very eyes.
You are a super silly little girl.  You went through a phase where you always wanted your bum photographed.  You made us laugh.  You put toothpaste all over your face because you wanted to be a ghost and it wasn’t even close to being Halloween.  You put stickers all over your face because your sister did and you both wanted to be goofy.  You make us laugh each and every day.  We are blessed.
You love camping and being out doors.  If you could, you would spend all of your time out there.  Whether it’s camping, playing in the backyard, at the park or at the zoo – you love it.  You love getting wet and dirty and you don’t care one bit at all.  Your sister freaks out but you just laugh.  You love to have baths and washing your hands but you hate having your face washed.  You went fishing for the first time and really enjoyed it.  You cannot wait until you can play soccer all on your own.
You went to the stampede this year, like we do every year, but this year, you went on rides for the very first time.  You were in heaven.  You loved it.  You loved wearing your stampede clothes – especially your cowboy hat.  You were also quite happy with all of the stampede breakfasts we went too because nobody loves pancakes more then you and your sister!!
At the Mackenzie Towne Stampede breakfast you got to meet Mayor Nenshi.  He asked you how old you guys were and what your names were.  I was far more excited that you got to do this then you guys were.  One day when you are older I will explain to  you why Mayor Nenshi is as special as he is.  Perhaps by then he will be prime minister of this great country.
You love to be artistic and unfortunately your talents don’t just stay on paper or in the form of playdoh.  You tend to colour on walls, doors, floors, windows, dressers and bookcases.  I hope that you use these artistic talents to your benefit when you are older – artist, hair dresser or maybe even fashion designer.  You are pretty lucky that you are so darn cute!
You love to play dressup with your favorite being Minnie Mouse.  Lucinda the Little Witch from Sofia The First is a close second.
You got your first set of glue right after your second birthday 
And your second set of glue shortly before your third.  You were a tough cookie both times and doctors were impressed with you.  
You love playing games and puzzles.  You have moved on from the wooden puzzles where you just place the object back into the board and are now playing the large melissa and doug puzzles as well as the smaller ones with help from daddy and finley.  Your favorite game is Minnie Mouse Frustration and The Honey Tree Bee game.  
You rode on your first airplane right after Christmas when we went to visit Grandpa Don in Hawaii.  You were a rockstar on the flight down there but less so on the way back.  Or perhaps  you were more rock star-ish on the way back ;)  You loved being in Hawaii and your cute little curls made quite the appearance while there.
You quit sucking your thumb right around 2.5y old.  Thank you very much to the Thumbuster for helping us.  You managed to kick the habit in just over a week.  We are so very proud that you were able to do this.
Another major accomplishment of yours this year is that you are potty trained!!  No more diapers or pull ups.  Shockingly enough, you were night trained before you were day trained and mastered both in only a few days!!
You went for our first horse ride at your buddy’s 4th birthday party.  You had so much fun especially since you love horsies!
You got your first pair of glasses.  Your eyesight is not good, in fact that is an understatement, it is terrible.  You have high astigmatisms in both eyes and have trouble seeing far away.  It was a big adjustment to getting glasses but you seemed to have come to terms with it.  You are super cute with your new glasses on!
You love hockey and the Calgary Flames.  You love going to the Saddledome and eating nachos and ice cream and seeing Harvey the Hound.  You love watching hockey at home with daddy.  You love the roughriders and also enjoy watching football with daddy.
You love playing with your princess dolls and toys.  Your favorites are Sofia The First, Belle, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White.  You want to love Rapunzel but Finley will have none of that. You can play with your little people princess castle for hours!!
You and Finley get along for the most part.  Like most sisters you guys are both the best of friends and worst of enemies.  
You won’t nap in your bed but we do sometimes find you fast asleep in weird places. Nothing like your sister ever did but still pretty cute!
Thank you Penelope for being such a joy even when you are full of stubborness.  We love each and every little tiny aspect of your spunky personality.  
Happy 3rd Birthday Sweet Pea!
Lots of love,
Mommy, Daddy and Finley

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Birthday Questionairre

This was conducted on August 10th and 11:16am since we will be away for her actual birthday:
1. What is your name?: Penelope Danger Grier Goofy Florizone
2. How old are you? 2 turning 3
3. Who is your best friend? You (meaning me, mommy)
4. What is your favorite thing to do? uhhhh nothing 
5. What is your favorite colour? blue and yellow
6. What is your favorite food?  yellow food
7. What do you like to do with your family? watch Sofia the First
8.What is your favorite toy? A whistle (no idea, she doesn’t have a whistle that I know of)
9. What makes you happy? You (meaning me, mommy)
10.  What makes you sad? Daddy
11. What is your favorite tv show? Sofia
12. What is your favorite book?  Library books
13. What do you like to learn about?  Things
14. What is the best part of your birthday?  Getting presents
15. Where do you like to go?  The zoo
16. What do you want to be when you grow up?  Play with scissors (hair dresser maybe?)
17. What is your favorite treat? banana
18. What do you think about before you fall asleep?  Wake up
19.  What is your favorite drink? milk
20. What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch? Peanut Butter Sandwich
21. What is your favorite outfit? Hello Kitty
22. What is your favorite game? Soccer
23. What is your favorite animal? Giraffe
24. What is your favorite song?  Sofia song
25.  What do you wawnt for dinner on your birthday? popcorn
26. What do you take to bed with you? horsie, puppy, blanket and hello kitty light

Monday, 12 August 2013

Almost 3

Today Penelope got to open some of her birthday presents since we are leaving on vacation tomorrow and won’t be home until September 1st.  I didn’t want to lug the presents from us since we are already taking enough.  So she opened her presents from us, Uncle Doug, Aunty Leslie + Cameron as well as from Chris, Michelle, Easton and Ashton.  SHe loved them all – thanks guys!!  xoxox
We did save one present for her that she will get on her actual birthday so it’s not completely forgotten about!!
There will be 2 blogs posted on the 18th – one first thing in the morning and one after lunch.  One is a funny questionairre I did with her, and the other is a recap of her life as a 2 year old.  My traditional blog that has a photo of her as oon as she wakes up on her birthday may be postponed until I get back as I am not a huge fan of blogger on my ipad

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Castle Mountain Campground

We stayed at Castle Mountain Campsite this past long weekend.  Kristy drove to Calgary and then we met up with Jimmy, Nancy, Madi and Tanner.  This is one of Greg’s favorite campsites in Banff National Park.  His other favorite is Protection Mountain campsite.  Both are not as busy as Tunnel Mountain and Lake Louise.  And you get few “let’s try camping for the first time campers” who don’t follow campsite/park rules and that drives Greg mad.

Looking for clues

Playing ring toss with Aunty Kristy

Sitting around the fire, waiting for the others to come join us

Building a “campfire” of their own

A large elk who hung out by our campsite most of the weekend

Day 1 and Penelope was already filthy

And it got worse!!!!

Waiting for Aunty Kristy at the Banff Hot Springs.  It was pretty nice!

Somebody wants a lick of Tanner’s lollipop

Our summer drink for the weekend….sprite, coconut rum and grapefruit juice.

Penelope and I went to the bathroom and as we were coming back we heard a scream and some laughing and this is what we came  back to.  Apparently the tree stump she was sitting on tipped because she wasn’t sitting on it properly.  She lost her supper and the cup she was holding.  Greg and Finley (and probably Madi) are still laughing about it today!!

Then she hit her head on the tree and got tree sap in her hair.  It was not a good night for Kristy :)

The coolest camper EVER!!  It had european plates so it was brought over via boat I am assuming.  Seriously – I want this!!

Time to go home.  It was a great weekend!!  Thanks to everybody joining us – it’s fun when it’s not just the 4 of us all of the time!!

Friday, 9 August 2013

Lake Louise Gondola

On Sunday we headed from our campsite to the Lake Louise Gondola.  While I have been one the Sulphur Mountain Gondola, I have never been on this one.

Before you get onto the gondola you have to watch a short video.  It was like being back at school.

I rode up with Kristy and Madi on an openfaced gondola.  They were pretty nervous.

Finley and Tanner wanted to go on the enclosed one so Greg took them and Penelope in one to the top.

Somebody was getting married at the wildlife conservatory later that afternoon.

Finley going back down

Love this view of Lake Louise!!!

It was a great way to spend a few hours on a cloudy sunday since Jimmy was unable to hike and Tanner forgot his running shoes!