Sunday, 29 September 2013

California Adventure

Our first stop at California Adventure was Carsland as it was the newest and most popular area of the park.  The ride Radiator Springs had a line an hour long within 5 minutes of opening and it took no time at all for the fast pass line to be all gone for the day.  The biggest thing I can recommend about going to themeparks is to be there early – like before the park opens.  It’s not very busy and you can get all your rides in before the locals show up around noon and then spend your afternoon watching parades and various shows.  Or nap.  Lots go home and nap and then come back for the night shows. Whatever works I guess.
Finley and I rode Radiator Springs first.  You can see us in the back row.  It was great!!  We had a great time.  While we were on this ride, Greg took Penelope on Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree.  I think there are photos further on down this post.
Lightning McQueen!  He was leaving as Penelope and I approached the Cozy Cone Motel. Greg and Finley were riding Radiator Springs.  Penelope and I did meet Mater and the fire truck but we are saving those for another post!
Penelope and I also rode this ride while we waited for Greg and Finley.  It was quite possibly the lamest ride in the history of rides.  If it is there in a few years, I would really be surprised.
Our second day we spent mostly at Disneyland but just before dinner we came back over so that we could ride Mater again.  We also ended up having supper at the V8 Diner which was the best meal ever!!  It was all home cooking and I had roast beef with mashed potatoes and gravy.  I cannot emphasize how fantastic this was!!
This was Penelope the second time on Mater.  She came away with a love for Cars and Mater that blew me away.  We actually just watched Cars for the first time.  Well I had seen it years ago and the girls loved it and they were so excited to see so much of the movie was what we saw in Carsland.  The hotel, the restaurant, the court house.  It was great.  Disney really did a great job with this one.
Waiting to ride the catepillar with Greg while Finley and I went on the Tower of Terror.  I don’t recommend taking your child on this ride.  I don’t find it scary but she did.  She really did.  I know, mother of the year I am ;)
Bugs Land was great for the kids.  Lots of rides that they both could ride and they had a blast!  Penelope loves all rides that spin around.  Some of the rides she got to do twice – once with Greg and then again with Penelope and I.
One of my all time favorite rides!
Safety first on the hot air balloon ride
Riding the catapillar together. 
Once Greg rejoined us, we went to the Tough To Be A Bug Experience (or something like that).  It was a 3D bug story.  We lasted maybe 5 minutes.  And that’s a big maybe.  The girls freaked out,  started crying and screaming and so we left.  
After we finished a bugs land, we headed to Monster’s Inc in the Disney Studio’s area.  It was a lame ride in my opinion, but the girls really loved.
3D Cuties!
We headed over to Condor Flats so Finley and Greg could ride Soarin.  I did this ride in Florida and although it was cool, I didn’t think it was worth doing it again.  So Penelope and I walked around what I think will be their next expansion: Planes.  
An airplane that Penelope loved.  Making this into Planes Land would be great and they wouldn’t even have to do a whole lot to the area because it already is airplane themed. And in case you are wondering, Penelope got a Mater remote control car, mini Cars cars, 2 planes and mater pillow for her birthday.  
Walking to Paradise Pier
We passed Phineus and Ferb while walking to the Little Mermaid Ride.
Riding Mickey’s Gondola.
Penelope and I on the gondola
Picking out Minnie Mouse ears
The back of Finley’s hat
We went with a Minnie/Princess combination for the mouse ears
After we purchased their hats, it was off to lunch at Ariel’s Grotto where we ate lunch with the princesses
On Ariel’s Dad’s Merry-go-round
The Toy Story ride.  It was so much fun!!
Enjoying her first day at Disneyland!!
Penelope napping at Aladdin the Musical
Magic Carpet Ride
Treats before the Pixar Parade
We capped off a great day at Disneyland with the World of Colour.  No photos will ever do it justice.  If you go, you must view this.  Simply spectacular.