Saturday, 16 November 2013

Snow Much Fun

We got our first snowfall on the weekend before Halloween.  Penelope was so excited.  This really surprised us because she has hated the snow and cold up until this point.  And hated is putting it mildly.
Already to head outside
She is loving the snow and she is just on the deck…this could be a fun winter for her
She had so much fun lifting up the snow and throwing it up in the air.  It was fun to watch.  Notice all the toys in the yard.  I didn’t get around to cleaning up the toys until that day.  Next year I won’t wait until the snow falls before cleaning up!!
With their snowman they made
Very clever use of toys for her arms
Every weekend we have snowy blizzardy weather that its been hard to get to the sledding field.  We took advantage of the snow and long weekend and headed to our local hill in Bridlewood.  It was so busy!!
Penelope was pretty excited.  She was finally big enough to go down the hill by herself.  I was a little freaked out by it.
Off she went
The green one is pretty fast so if you go on it you have to ride with daddy
I don’t toboggan at all.  I broke my leg about 12 years ago tubing down a hill and have never gotten over my fear of killing or hurting myself.  Even watching the girls go down the hill I have anxiety attacks and silently freak out on the inside.  I don’t know how much more I will be able to watch.  I might just have to stay home.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Banff Getaway

Earlier this month, The Bernaths headed west to Calgary for a little trip.  We headed to the Flames/Leafs game on Oct 30th.  It was not a fun game for Zach and I but Bobby and Kristen certainly enjoyed it!!  While in Alberta, they headed to banff for a few days and we decided to join them for one of them.  The girls had so much fun!!  They love Zach!
Zach took the girls to the play area that was attached to the hotel.  They wore Zach out so you can only imagine how I feel most days!!!  This is one cool play structure
Playing with the repositional sticker books that Kristen got them.  They are by Melissa and Doug and most importantly they don;t stick to things permanently!!
Probably one of my favourite photos of Maverick ever
Maverick was not very happy so Finley pushed him around.  He quit crying.  This made her very proud.  He is also cruising around in Penelope’s old stroller.  She decided that now that she was 3 that she didn’t need it anymore and thought Maverick should have it.
Hanging out at the swimming pool
All of the pool photos were blurry – this was the best one.  But everybody had a great time!!
We went and hiked Johnston’s Canyon too.  Zach and Finley only broke a few National Park Rules….hahah
Bernath Family Photo
We had dinner at the Grizzly House followed by another trip to the watersides before heading back to Calgary.  Thanks to the B’s for inviting us to spend the day with them.  We had a great time!!  Come back soon!

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Party Time

Finley celebrated her first birthday celebration in Saskatoon during Thanksgiving weekend
We kicked off our trip with Easton’s hockey game.  He scored a goal which made Finley so excited
Then we had lunch with Kristen and Maverick at Bonanza.  
We spent Saturday afternoon with Grandma Gail and Uncle Aaron
On Sunday we took Grandma Toot for lunch since it was her birthday too
The birthday cake Aunty Kristy’s friend in Saskatoon made for her
Opening some birthday presents
We also celebrated Tanner’s birthday too.  October is a busy month for our family
Then we finally celebrated with her friends at the Kinder Room at the Southland Leisure Center
Her amazing birthday cake!!!
Then she celebrated with our Calgary Family and Framily….haha

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Time For The Tooth Fairy To Pay A Visit To Our House

On Thursday night, we discovered that Finley’s two bottom teeth were loose.  I was a bit traumatized by this.  Was this happening too soon?  I mean she JUST turned 5!!  I texted my Cousin’s wife who happens to work in the Dental industry and while she agreed it is a bit on the early side, it’s not unusual.  Her older cousin Madi also lost her first tooth early and had all her adult teeth including 12 year molars by the time she was 10.  This made me happy to hear.
On Friday night, after lots and lots of wiggling by Finley, her tooth finally fell out.  I was a little disappointed that I was not home when it happened but somewhat happy that Greg sent me a photo of the missing tooth.
Finley told Greg that I was to wake her up when I got home so she could show me.  She looks kinda high in this photo….hahah
Her tooth fairy pillow was under her pillow with her missing tooth in it waiting for the Tooth Fairy to appear.  How did I have this pillow do you ask?? Well I found them on Etsy last year on a clear out so I bought one for each of them.
The next morning Finley woke up and I asked her if the Tooth Fairy came.  She said no because i didn’t hear her.  I told her to go check her pillow.  She came up so excited that she left two pennies.  I quickly corrected her and said it was $2.  She was even more excited even though she has no idea of the value that any money pertains.  
Finley was very excited that the magic tooth fairy came to our house with her wand.  She came in through the window and she knows where everyone lives and sees all the missing teeth because she is magic like Santa Claus.  Penelope was astonished by the whole thing and she too apparently has many loose teeth