Sunday, 22 December 2013


We went to Bass Pro Shops again this year for Santa photos.  We waited in line forever when we noticed Finley had a hole in her tights.  We switched them around so the hole was in the back and then when we got to the front of the line, she had another hole.  I was so annoyed.
I enjoy getting the photos there as there is lots for the kids to do while one of the parents wait in line. The girls really like doing the crafts that they have out.
Last year we got the digital print and we just paid for it online when we went to view the proof of our photo.  This year they made us pay up front.  When I went to look at it 2 days later, it was asking me for another $10 to get the digital copy.  I called Bass Pro Shops and was transferred 3x, on hold for nearly 20 and nobody could help me.  I decided to contact BPS through their website and they had it fixed for me in less then 10 minutes!!  I was happy with this. 
I love that my girls love Santa although I do enjoy seeing all the photos of kids screaming their heads off.  And of course being thankful that is not me :)

Christmas Cookies

It’s a Christmas tradition in our house to bake Sour Cream Cookies and then frost them.  Normally Greg does all fancy icing on them but this year, it was pretty laid back.  Perhaps Greg did too much Christmas partying this year??  Haha
Finley was eager to start baking cookies but she got bored really fast
Penelope participated more this year then ever before..
But maybe that was because she liked eating the dough??  Which I might add is really gross and not tasty at all
A few nights later we frosted them.  The girls really enjoyed this

Saturday, 21 December 2013

O' Christmas Tree

We almost didn’t get the “fun” tree up this year.  Greg brought it up from the basement and we realized the feet were missing.  Greg forgot to put them last year so we put them somewhere “safe”.  We couldn’t find them at all.  I looked everywhere I thought they might be with no luck so I went to walmart and bought a new one for $50.  It’s not as nice so I hope we find the legs after Christmas somewhere and sell this one or something.
Every Christmas, the girls get to pick out a new Christmas ornament.  This year Finley picked the one above and Penelope picked the one below.  It’s interesting because 6 months ago, neither knew who Lightning McQueen or Mater was and now Penelope is obsessed all because of the Mater ride in Disneyland.  Kids are cute that way.
The girls loved decorating the tree of course and since I was still sick, they hung up my special decorations for me.  

Friday, 20 December 2013

O' Christmas Tree

A few weeks back we got ready to decorate our Christmas tree that is on our main floor. This was the latest that I have ever put up a tree since I moved out on my own but that is what happens when you are sick for nearly 3 weeks.  The girls did most of the work since they love decorating.  Here are some pictures of them doing so:
I had wanted to do a few different things with the tree but in the end, I opted to leave it mostly like it was the year before.  I had no energy or desire to do much extra.  This is also the least decorated my house has been too.  Thankfully the kids don’t notice and are quite happy with the decorations!!

Friday, 13 December 2013

Penelope's First Christmas Concert

Last Thursday was Penelope’s Christmas Concert.  Her first ever.  She was very excited and talked about it non-stop leading up to the event.  I am not sure why she got stuck in the back but she did!!  She was pretty cute although I may be biased ;)