Sunday, 16 February 2014

Mexico Eats

When planning this trip, Greg didn’t want to stay at an all inclusive.  We were not gonna be sitting around the pool all day – that’s not how Greg rolls and we have 2 kids.  And the last time, I was at an all inclusive, I lived off the pancakes they served at breakfast and watermelon (and lots of alcohol) throughout the day so I was a little skeptical.  That being sad, I also don’t really like Mexican food so even though we’d be eating at some good restaurants since we were going to Cancun which is very very touristy I found out, I was still worried. Well my friends, it turns out I worried for nothing.
We landed at the Cancun airport around 5pm.  We flew through Dallas where the girls and I had Fuddruckers and Greg had some gross smelling BBQ food.  We were exhausted and wanted something quick and edible.  Our first choice was McDonalds but it was only drive through and since we hadn’t checked into our condo, this wouldn’t do.  We ended up at Johnny Rockets because 1) we have eaten there before 2) it was cheap and fast (2 things your food should never be) and 3) because we found it.  The burgers were really lightly coloured which was odd because they were beef.  They were all right and the big hit of the night were the milkshakes they were so good.  
After we checked into the condo, we went to bed while Greg went for groceries.  Our condo had a full kitchen which would be great for breakfasts and snacks.  Lunch and supper were not gonna be eaten there as we would be out for most of it.  Interestingly enough, the cost of fruit and vegetables were at least double, if not more, the price of what we way for the same fruit here in Canada.  Also, they don’t refrigerate their milk and eggs.  Anybody know why?
Day 2:
We rented a car for our first 2 days in Cancun so we could go to some other places.  On our first full day we went to Chichen Itza in the morning.  It was close to a town called Pieste and so that is where we had lunch.  I don’t remember what it was called but it was the only restaurant we found that “looked” like it would have good food.  Looks can be deceiving we soon found out.  
First we ordered the loaded nachos.  Loaded in Mexico means gross cheese (no not me, but Greg said this), ham, shredded chicken, bean paste and I think that is it.  And not like good homemade bean paste but straight out of a can.  I had steak frites.  It had come with fries and rice but those went to the girls.  My steak had 2 different sauces on it which was unusual.  A bit limey for my taste but was edible. Greg’s was some kind of tomato chicken thing.  Again, somewhat edible.  The green sauce was some spicy hot stuff that numbed both mine and Greg’s mouths.  Greg tried it first and nearly died which is odd since he likes spicy stuff so naturally I had to try it even though i have been known to not like spicy food.  I probably should have taken his word for it.
We were really worried that our lunch was a sign that we would be eating pringles for our entire trip but thankfully, we were wrong! Our supper was AMAZING!!  We ate at La Destileria which, I am sure you guessed part of a tequila disterilly.  The service, food and atmosphere were all top notch.  I loved it.  The Mango Margarita was really tasty and went down nicely.  I am almost positive it was the first time I had tequila since my last trip to this country.  We had shrimp cerviche as an appetizer and it was perfect.  I had the surf and turf that had shrimp, chicken and beef on it and some kind of tomato sauce.  In the menu it said a special mild sauce so i was a little worried.  It was a tomato paste almost and I probably wouldn’t have ordered it had I knew that but I was glad I did.  Greg had his steak cooked in front of him and they doused it in tequila.  It was pretty cool and the girls were mesmerized by it.  Then our waiter made the girls balloon trees.  It was the first time I had ever seen a palm tree made from balloons. We topped it off with probably the best dessert of the trip.  
Day 3:
On our second and final day with the rental car Greg wanted to check out Akumel and Playa Del Carmen.  We had lunch at Luncheria Akumel which is a tiny little outdoor restaurant ran by what looks like a mother and daughter.  It was ok.  We learned that tortillas in english as it was in spanish and “tortas” was not an alternate word for it.  In fact, “tortas” was spanish for sandwich.  Needless to say, the girls were not too impressed.  Good thing we ordered some french fries too!!  I had chicken tacos and greg had pork tacos.  They were fairly decent.
We ate supper at El Pescado Ciego.  It was so good.  It was a tiny little restaurant out of the hotel zone and kinda outside of downtown.  It reminded me of the Mexican version of Bluestar Diner here in Calgary.  It was so good.  The girls and Greg had fish and shrimp tacos and I had the most amazing Grilled shrimp. Interestingly enough, they give your shrimp broth before the meal.  It’s like the shrimp version of Clam Chowder.  I did not like it at all.  I was, intact, worried that I might never eat shrimp again.  
Day 4:
We ate lunch at Mercado 28.  There are no photos because it was nothing special.  It was just a little restaurant inside the market.  Kinda like the Calgary Farmers Market except no vegetables.
For supper we went to La Habichuela Sunset.  It was a pretty high end restaurant and I was disappointed overall with their food.  Not much to say about it other than it had a nice view.
Day 5:
Today was a beach/pool day spent at our condo resort because we needed to register for the Lululemon Seawheeze at 12pm local time.  We ate lunch across the street and down the road from our place at El Galeon Del. Cariba.  It was a cute little grass hut right on the lagoon.  There was a sign that said don’t feed the alligators but we didn’t get to see any.  It was a cool little place where they specialize in pascadillas (or something similar) which is basically a deep-fried fish taco.  That is what Greg and the girls had.  I had grilled shrimp again and was certain I was going to turn into a shrimp  if I ate anymore haha!!
This was probably one of my most favourite meals in my entire life.  For me, it was right up there with Rouge (which is currently my best meal ever).  It is a french restaurant in downtown Cancun.  The staff and service were top notch.  It was a very modern cool building and the food was astonishing.  I ordered the seafood grilled salad for an appetizer and it came with scallops, shrimps, mussels and a lobster tale over some lettuce topped with a mango dressing. Everything about this place was ridiculously good.  If you ever go to Cancun, I  highly recommend Les Cespages.
Day 6:
We spent the day at Isla Mujeres and had lunch at Da Luisa which is a gorgeous roof top restaurant joined to a bed and breakfast.  I think it would be great to stay here one day.  The grass shack is where we had lunch and the views were fabulous.  My margarita was so strong I swear I was drunk by the time I finished it.  I had a grilled chicken caesar salad which was really good but interestingly enough it came with tomatoes.  i had never seen this before.  The server was pretty awesome too.
You will notice that there is no supper photo.  We were exhausted after being on the Isla all day and so we chose some restaurant and it was disgusting.  There are no words for it.  And fortunately, no photos either.
Day 7:
Today was another pool/beach day and we so we chose to eat lunch at the little beach cafe that our resort ran.  The food was fairly decent.  We had chicken nuggets, hotdogs and fries and greg had a hamburger.  I had this: It is what the bartender called a Club Coconut.  Probably the best drink I ever had in my life.  This photo is important for what you will see on day 8 for lunch.  
For supper we went to Margaritaville.  The food was decent, the drinks were amazing but I was really disappointed that the volcano didn’t go off.  Apparently here, it doesn’t go off until 8pm.  When we went to the one in Orlando Universal Studios it went off every half an hour.  It was the only reason we came to eat here because we knew the girls would love it.
Day 8:
Our last full day in Cancun!  Greg went snorkelling in Puerto Morales and I wasn’t brave enough to take both girls on the bus to go anywhere for lunch so we ate at the same place.  I again ordered a Club Coconut but because the bartender was different this is what I got instead.  It is a coconut with water in it.  And it cost $3 more then my club coconut from yesterday.  i was crushed.
Our final supper in Cancun was at this beautiful restaurant at the Oriental Hotel.  It was a nice little hotel but it had a lagoon and no beach which would kinda suck but the food was amazing.  It had great food, great wine and top notch view.  It was a great way to end our trip.
Day 9:
Airport day!!  We were fortunate enough to spend the morning at the beach before heading to the airport around lunchtime.  We ate lunch once we got through security and our options were not plenty.  And it was way more expensive then anywhere else.  We ordered the family pack from Dominoes.  It was not great.  
We had a layover in Houston so we ate at Ruby’s Diner which was pretty good considering it was airport food.
So I hope you enjoyed my post on our Mexican Food Adventures.  I highly recommend (most) of them if you ever journey that way.  Stay tuned for more blogs our adventures in Mexcio!!