Friday, 28 March 2014

Snowshoeing Lake Minnewanka

A few weeks ago we headed out to Banff with Uncle Brad to do some snowshoeing on Lake Minnewanka. As you can see it was a pretty foggy day.   You could barely see the mountains 
Poor Girls. Greg brought the wrong ski pants so they were pretty short on the girls. Finley has snowshoes but she absolutely refused to wear them. 
So she and Penelope shared the sled and decided to fight almost the whole time 
Thankfully the fog lifted and we were able to see the beautiful scenery that surrounded us. 
I love how the ice cracks up and then bunches like that. So pretty 
Waiting for me to catch up. I tend to fall behind because I am taking photos but I get to enjoy it without listening to kids complain
I was joking that Greg was trying to kill me by making me snowshoe on a lake with a crack in the ice haha
They did enjoy it for a little bit but only because Greg and brad went the wrong way and they got to slide down the hill. They loved that. But soon they were back complaining
We decided (well mostly me because it was getting late, the girls were complaining about being cold, I was getting hungry and my snowshoe kept malfunctioning and i was getting frustrated. 
I ended up taking my snowshoes half before we even got back because the one kept catching and was trying to kill me. Thank goodness Brad came with us because Greg forgot to bring his wallet and I didn’t bring my purse because I assumed Greg had his wallet. Brad had to buy our supper haha. We ate at Bruno’s Bar + Grill which is just off of Banff Ave right by Aardvark Pizza. It is so delicious. I had a beef dip on a pretzel bun. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Check it out if you ever need a place to eat in Banff.  

Friday, 21 March 2014

Sweet Potato Shepherd's Pie

I made this from scratch and it turned out great!! The girls hate potatoes of any kind but they LOVE sweet potatoes. 
Here are the ingredients: 
1 lb ground turkey 
3 medium sized sweet potatoes 
Mixed frozen veggies (I used just peas) 
1/2 cup chicken stock 
And I threw in some basil, oregano, Italian and epicure’s holiday blend 
1.  Peel and cube sweet potatoes 
2.  Steam sweet potatoes 
3.  While potatoes are steaming, brown the turkey. When almost done, add the broth and spices and mix well 
4. Spray a loaf pan 
5. Put the meat mixture evenly in the pan 
6. Mash the sweet potatoes 
7. Cover the meat mixture with the potatoes 
8. I sprinkled some cinnamon on top for an extra kick. 
9. Put it in the oven and cook. Unfortunately I can’t remember the exact temperature I cooked it at but I am thinking around 400 for about 30 mins. 
This was a big hit in my house and incredibly healthy. Greg makes our stock so there isn’t much sodium in it.  If you buy your stock I do recommend the epicure one as it is almost no sodium compared to supermarket ones 
Let me know if you try it out!! 

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Happy Birthday Greg

Yes another long lost post, I really need to pay better attention to my blog when i am actually trying to be active :)
Greg’s Transformer Cake that I had made for him.  There were a lot of happy people in our house 
I made my first successful roast in the slow cooker and turned that into beef dips with au jus.  Now that I know how easy (and delicious) it is, I will be making these more often.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Disney On Ice

***Disclaimer: I had this set as a draft and forgot to publish it.  And i even had it uploaded and ready to go the day after the event!!!
Yesterday we went to Disney On Ice down at the Corral.  The girls actually thought that Mickey and Minnie were going to be playing hockey against the Flames and were conflicted on who they should cheer for.  They were a little surprised but still enjoyed their time.
They insisted on dressing up for the event.  Finley has become one of the worst smilers these days.  She always looks depressed or sad in photos haha



Under The Sea

Penelope’s favourite part.  She is obsessed with witches these days.  She has already decided that is what she is being for Halloween.

Lilo + Stitch.  The girls had no idea who they were and it didn’t hold their interest for long.  Why are they even on the tour???  Seriously who has watched that movie with kids these days?

They arrived in London!

Peter Pan

It was a great afternoon spent as a family and we finished it off with dinner at Blue Star Diner in Bridgeland.  One of my favourite restaurants.  You must go if you have never been!!

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Cancun Part 2

Here is part 2 of our trip in photos.  Nothing too exciting, in fact, this post might be more boring then the  previous!
Getting a run in on the beach.  Could you imagine being able to run along this every day??
Surfer Girls
One day we took a ferry over to Isle Mujures – it is a cute little island about 15 minutes from Cancun
Our first stop after renting our golf cart was the Sea Turtle Farm which was hugely popular with everyone.  The farm exists because sea turtles are actually facing exintction.   There are 2 reasons for this: overeating of their eggs and mostly their eggs are squished by tourists along the shore.  The eggs are rescued and they come to life at the farm.  Most of them do end up back in the ocean.
the baby sea turtles are so cute.  
If you look closely near my finger – that is a baby sea horse – tiniest things ever!!!  so cute!
Star fish — my favourite!!
massive crab!!!
white sea turtles
searching for sea shells
They were successful!!
The southernest point of the island
A yummy ice cream treat
Hanging out at the North Shore.  We only stayed for about an hour before hitting the shops and heading back to Cancun on the ferry.  The smell of gasoline and diesel from the boats was making me ill.
Ocean are you there??
She refused to brush her teeth and fought us on it the night before.  She stayed in this spot for 2 hours.  I posted a photo on Instagram and someone suggested i download Today’s Parent Milestones App.  I did and it worked.  It had a cute app and she brushed her teeth finally and we all made it to the beach.
Silly girls!!
Successful Seashell Hunting
Greg and the girls down on the beach.  I stayed at the pool.  Why??  Because I truly, madly, deeply hate it!!!  I hate how it sticks to you, gets in everything.  So gross!!!!!  I need to find a sand less beach that isn’t a swimming pool.
Someone is pouting and not too happy about something.  Unfortunately I have no idea what it was anymore.
Two tired little girls trying to enjoy the last few hours of their vacation
On our flight from Cancun to Houston.  She slept the whole way and most of the way from Houston to Calgary.  
It was a great trip and the girls are already talking about where we will go next year and it has ramped up in recent days because it is so freaking cold here!!!