Friday, 16 May 2014

Penelope's First Hair Cut

On Wednesday I took the girls to Beaners for a hair cut.  Finley had been bugging me for awhile to get hers done and I decided to go and clean up the back of her hair because it was a hot mess!
She was very excited 
She picked the dalmation to sit on because she has a stuffed dalmation named Generation that she loves.  She was very well behaved for Stella (who by the way is awesome and she is at Southland Beaners)
Once her hair cut was over, we braided in some purple and pink into her hair
You can see Finley in the background.  She wanted hers cut to Dora The Explorer’s length.  I wouldn’t let her.  Even the hair dresser thought she was crazy.  Finley has beautiful hair she just doesn’t realize that yet.
The back of Penelope’s hair post hair cut.  This isn’t the best photo but it looks so much better.  By cutting off the stringy stuff has made her look so much thicker even though its not.  Her hair is so fine it is ridiculous.  Her hair is still not perfect thanks to her fineness and the curls underneath her bone straight hair but one day hopefully we will get there!

Monday, 12 May 2014

Mother's Day 2014

This year all I asked for Mother’s Day was a journal that each year the kids contributed to in lieu of cards. I saw it on Facebook and shared it because it was a great idea. Greg never goes on there so I had to tell him about it and he nailed it. 
The girls each colored a page and wrote what they loved about me. It made me laugh and melt my heart at the same time. I cannot wait to look back on it and read it with them and my grandchildren years from now. 
As is a tradition in our family, we headed to Johnston Canyon. It’s usually a pretty easy hike but because of the snow they got last week it was a bit treacherous. But that just added to the fun hahaha 
The water was more beautiful then usual – if that’s possible. 
Me and my two greatest blessings. The only reason I am able to celebrate this wonderful day. 
Then we headed out to Lake Louise because it is one of the most majestic places in the world and I am so happy to have this in my backyard. I had heard that they received a crap load of snow last week and they were not exaggerating. 
Me and my girls. Rarely do I get photos with them so it was a treat! 
It was a wonderful day and I was truly spoiled and I hope you were too. 
This last photo is a capture of my status on Facebook tonight.  I have shared my struggles, successes and everything inbetween on this blog and many of you have messaged me with words of encouragement or similar experiences and have turned my world around. Thank you all, near or far, for all you have done.  

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Mommy + Me Day with Finley

Yesterday Finley had her Mommy and Me Day.  She was also very excited to have me there for the day.
Penelope took our photo before we left.  You will notice that this is not what Finley wore to Mommy and Me day.  She dumped her lunch all over her so she quickly had to change.
Each day the kids come in they sit on the carpet and discuss the date, month, year, how many school days they have been (grouped in 100’s, 10’s and 1’s) as well as the weather.  They then discuss the centres that are going on that day.
Today the science project was building a flower and then drawing a line from the part of the plant that matched the word on the paper.
Then we went to the play doh centre where Finley made my launch out of it.  
Then we made necklaces and bracelets and I didn’t tie them properly so both broke before the class ended
Then we made flowers out of tissue paper and we turned it into a corsage for me.  Thanks to Tiffany for that great idea
We then had some free time after we read the same story that we did in Penelope’s class.  I love that story – i may just have to buy it.
After snack time, all the kids sang 3 songs for us.  It was wonderful
These are all the wonderful gifts that Finley made with the help of her teachers.  They are so awesome!

Friday, 9 May 2014

Mommy + Me Day with Penelope

Today Penelope’s school had their Mommy and Me Day. Penelope has been so excited for this day it was ridiculous. She told me she made me something but it was a surprise. I was impressed she kept it a secret because she told us at Christmas that she made us a candle but it was a surprise. 
Penelope and I begore we headed to school. She picked out my earrings and necklace for the day. 
Waiting for school to start. 
Before they enter the classroom they have to find their name on the door and then once she gets inside she practices writing her name. She is getting better at spelling her name. Finley could by now but keys be real here, Penelope’s name is as big as she is! 
After writing time, it was free time and so we played 
And played 
And played some more until craft time. We decorated hats with flowers and crepe paper. It was lots of fun. You could certainly tell the crafty moms from the others. They had some pretty impressive hats. 
Then Penelope and I read 2 Clifford books, a dinosaur book and Disney seek and find book. 
Then I got bored of reading so we played with the Little People Farm. Mrs L was awesome enough to take out photo. 
Then we had story time with all the moms and kids. Mrs P read “What Mom’s Can’t Do” which is a truly fabulous book. I really recommend moms to read it. 
We actually had snack time before story time but I messed up while adding the photos. 
Then all the kids in all 3 classes (Finley’s not included as it’s not preschool) put on a concert for us which was just phenomenal. 
My Mother’s Day present from Penelope. She was just so proud of it. Stuff like this always makes me cry. I am such a wuss. 
Clearly I am not one of the crafty moms Hahahaha. Penelope loved it though. 
We had a great time at mommy and me day. Their preschool always does a great job at everything. They really do. I love them so much!! I was really impressed at how well Penelope listens, cleans up and puts stuff away. She was even putting other kids toys away!!! Why can’t she be like this at home?? Mrs P overheard me asking Penelope and she said it never seems to be transferable. Haha 
What a great start to Mother’s Day weekend. Finley’s is Friday. It should also be a great afternoon. 

Monday, 5 May 2014

Penelope's First Day of Soccer

Was cancelled. 
Because it starting snowing Fridsy night and didn’t stop until Sunday afternoon. 
But the girls were excited because they got to build Olaf! 
What we woke up to. I thought Penelope would be devastated but we saw the forecast and spent most of Friday preparing her which helped. 
Trying to roll the balls to make Olaf. This turned into a snowball fight and tears 
Yelling at daddy through the window “do you wanna build a snowman…”
And he did so out daddy went.
I hope my fellow calgarians handled this weather fairly well despite being hot and 21 48 hours prior!