Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Give A Girl A Pair Of Shoes....

Give a girl a pair of shoes and she can conquer the world.
Someone told me this not too long ago and I fell in love.  It was right around the time that I had to officially retire my beloved first half marathon shoes from being used and I was devastated.  But these shoes are proof that this saying is true.  I really need to have it printed or painted on my wall in my workout area.  To serve as a reminder when I am ready to throw in the towel.
I bought these shoes in January 2014.  I had coveted them for such a long time but I refuses to pay full price for runners so I waited and waited and soon enough they were on clearance and they had my size.  They were light, minimalist and perfect for my tiny feet and short body.  I was in love with the comfort as much as their appearance.  
Their first taste of success was running in the MEC Race 1 where I ran a personal best despite the conditions on the path.  As you can see my pretty socks were a great compliment to my awesome shoes.  I wore them while travelling to Mexico later that month and got many compliments on them in the airports.
These shoes spent many many hours training.  Running on treadmills, running through Fish Creek, taking me distances I never thought I could get to.  Never once did they fail me.  
And of course the whole reason for all of my training was this.  My first ever half marathon.  I had wanted this for so long.  It was a gift to myself after spending more then a year of giving my body to my best friend and her family so they could have their sweet little boy.  It was something I could do just for me – whether it was training or racing.  And these shoes were my source of transportation so to speak.  They, along with the support of my husband and more determination that I thought I had, got me to my finish line in 2 hours 47 minutes which was 13 minutes under my goal of 3 hours.  I had done it and my pretty shoes got me there.  
But then it happened.   And I knew that it would.  But I was saddened, devastated and in pain.  Not pain from having to give the shoe up but for running in them longer then I should have.  But I was new to this and I hadn’t kept track of how much I had run with them.  I was 7K into a run far far away from my car when the pain happened and it was a long 7K back to my car.  
After retiring them as marathon shoes, I converted them into bootcamp shoes.  This lasted for a few months but soon the fabric was ripping and the rubber on the sole was coming apart.  I knew I had to eliminate them forever but it was so hard.  We had to do tons of stairs one night at bootcamp and the following day my shins hurt so bad that I forced myself to remove them from my bag and officially retire them from active use.  It was a sad day.  
These shoes will always hold a special place in my heart and have them hung on a hook in my basement workout area as a reminder of how far I have come.  From the girl who could barely run a lap in bootcamp to the girl who ran two half marathons in 2014.