Sunday, 23 August 2015

Sunset Festival

I will have to admit that I was not looking forward to the Sunset Festival this year.  I had not heard of any of the bands and thought that it wouldn’t be as good as last year.  But I was wrong.  It was really well done this year. 
I loved that this was the entrance into the festival.  It really tied together the theme of SeaWheeze 2015.
The Artisan Market was really great.  There were so many cute local businesses taking part in it
While we were waiting in line for the flavoured marshmallows, we saw these guys walk by.  I saw the yellow bird on the race route and Jenn saw them twerking while she waited in the store line up on Friday.  They added an interesting element to the whole weekend!!
The first and third were Toasted Coconut and they were so good.  The middle was raspberry lemonade and I didn’t like it.  So I only ate the first one and had a bite of the second and was done.  Had I done the coconut in a row then I would have ate more but the lemonade one really turned me off.
Last year, Lululemon partnered with Stanley Park Brewery to create a festival beer but this year they created the Curiosity Lager which you could find at liquor stores if you were lucky enough.  I don’t much like beer and I hated last years, but this one was slightly bearable.  
We missed the first band and were only able to see part of Yeasayer and some of St Lucia but both were SO good!!  When I got back to Calgary I bought all of their stuff on iTunes!  It was a really good time.  
We really lucked out when we got on the bus we did coming back to the convention center from Stanley Park.  She was this awesome lady who was blasting 80s music very loudly all the way.  It was seriously so awesome.  Seeing the Olympic Cauldron all lit up was pretty good too.  
A most perfect way to end the most perfect SeaWheeze weekend!

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Lululemon SeaWheeze Half Marathon

A week ago today we were running the Lululemon SeaWheeze.  The forecast was calling for rain and that was what we woke up to.  The night before I posted the photo below of what I was wearing.  I woke up and opened our hotel window and decided that I needed to wear more otherwise I would freeze.  Not during the race but leading up to the race.  I didn’t want to check my bag so I grabbed a long sleeved swiftly and pulled it on.  I would regret that decision around 2km in because I was hot from running and I somehow managed to move my running watch, take my headphones out, take off my running shirt, and put my watch and headphones back on and tie shirt around my waist without stopping or losing a beat.  I was quite proud of myself haha.
I chose not to wear any SeaWheeze gear because I knew everybody else would be so I went with some stuff I had boughten earlier in the summer. Except for the socks.  I did buy those at the store the morning before.  
Walking to the convention center.  It was gloomy but all the bright colors made it look tolerable.  It was fairly early in the morning so it was barely tolerable.
Everybody waiting it out inside.  We were inline for the bathrooms and it worked out nicely.  We waited in here then we walked to the starting line and the heats were starting so it wasn’t a whole lot of time doing nothing until the race starts.  This was good since I was starting in a earlier heat then Jenn and Alex.
Selfie before we took off. 
Anxiously waiting for my wave to start!!!
Post race selfie.  Well more like post race and post breakfast.  It was so cold that I so thankful that lululemon gave out the tinfoil blankets.  I wore mine all the way back to the hotel.  
I found this photo of our medal on Instagram and I forgot to note who posted it so if this is your photo or you know who it belongs to let me know so I can give them credit. It was the perfect photo so you can see all the detail of the medal.  Lots of people were confused by the carrot but the members of the SeaWheeze group I belong to came up with this:
We are the rabbits chasing the carrot
When we cross the finish line we take a bite out of the carrot marking our success
And what was once 24 “carrot” gold is now 21.1 carrot gold.  
I think it’s quite unique and I really like it.  Finley and Penelope loved it.
Once we got back to the hotel we used all of these to make us feel  better.  Except for Alex who didn’t stretch at all.  Which was what I did last year.  I have now become an obsessed stretcher and roller.
Jenn went to visit a friend from high school and so Alex and I walked all over our area in Vancouver to keep our muscles loose.  We stopped for drinks and lunch and they were delicious.  SO much so that we came back the next day for more drinks haha.  
We were soon tired from running and walking so we headed back to the hotel for a quick cat nap before we headed to the Sunset Festival which you will read all about tomorrow :)
This half marathon was by far the best that I have done.  Not just in time but in training, recovery – everything.  I have ran 5 half marathons in less then 12 months and here are the times:
August 2014 – SeaWheeze – 2:47
October 2014 – MEC Race Series – 2:40
March 2015 – Rock N Roll in San Fran – 3:02 (this time sucked but I was injured running a hilly coarse. I probably never should have ran it hahahaha)
May 2015 – Calgary Marathon – 2:49
August 2015 – SeaWheeze – 2:29
2:29 PEOPLE!!  Greg believed I could do it in 2:30 or less but really my goal was better then 2:40.  I trained consistently for this race, I tapered, I rolled and rolled and then rolled some more.  I stretched all the time.  I started using electrolytes post race and that helped with my recovery.  I started doing my Tuesday short runs really fast to get me to run faster over all.  I bathed in epsom salts and lavender oil the week before the race.  I did everything properly and it paid off.  And I didn’t feel to sore after the race or even the next day.  I have finally conditioned my body to run fast.  I just hope that this carries over to my next half in October :)

Friday, 21 August 2015

Lululemon SeaWheeze Showcase Store

A week ago today, our alarm went off at 4:15 and half asleep, we got dressed and walked down tot he convention centre.  Well Alex + I did.  Jenn stayed for a few more hours of sleep.  It was only about a 20 minute walk and it was fairly busy and the closer you got to the convention center, the more lulu clad girls you ran into. 
Here is a photo I snapped sometime between the time we got there and the time we got to go into the convention center.  There were some pretty nice views for us to look at while we waited.
Here is a look inside the convention center.  We got inside around 630 or so i think.  I actually I have no idea, I can’t remember anymore.  We got downtown around 5am and there were 600 people ahead of us.  Every year, the line up gets earlier and earlier and more ridiculous.  We got into the store around 740 so other then the green tank top, I had full selection of everything in my size.
The store was full of these!!  (Photo cred: Instagram/alice.ofwonderland)
I wasn’t planning on buying another scuba but somehow I did.  They had 2 for sale. This one and a grey one with like diseases on it.  At first I grabbed that one but soon put it back because I am never gonna wear it.  I grabbed this one for myself and for my friend Michelle back home.  The zipper pull, inside seam and logo are in pink which I love on black and the zipper is really cool almost bug like which goes with “in the lab” theme.
I loved this tank and all of 3 us ended up with one.  I am not sure if they made too much in this style or if it just wasn’t that popular as they had a TON of tanks left over much later in the day.  I only wear CRB’s and this was the only one I bought after trying on all the other colors.  Except the blue ones. I hate blue.  
I was trying to decide between 3 pairs of crops.  I really love the inspires but I am not a huge fan of pattern on my legs and those were striped across and then had bugs in the inspire arch and waist band.  These passion crops fit nicely and have just the right amount of pattern on them.  I do wish the blue zippers were another color or just not there but they will do.
The inside of my crops had bugs and that was my only bug purchase.  The bugs were a big hit at the showcase store but I don’t really like them.
I bought 2 pairs of speeds and both are because of Alex hahahaha.  The black and white pair I found originally in a 4 which fit nicely in the waist but they ride up too much when I run so I prefer to wear a 6.  I then found several in a 8 which are just too big.  Someone dropped a 6 on the table and some girl grabbed them before I could.  I was devastated.  But thankfully Alex saw a lulu ed with a  size 6 and she basically chased her down so she could get them for me.  I owe her HUGELY for them.  The pink ones were purchased after we left the store, went home, had breakfast at Carl’sJr (best biscuits ever!!!) came back to the convention center, walked around, got our race package and we were waiting around for Jen to finish her shopping in the store and get her race package when Alex suggested we go back in to see what was left.  I bought the shorts and the socks I wore the next day and she bought NOTHING.  It’s a good thing I like her hahahahahaha
I love running in the lululemon no show running padded socks.  I run on my toes and these save them.  They are expensive but similar to any other high end running store or brand.  I bought the 2 pink pairs.  
All in all, this year’s showcase store was a success although I wish they would have made more pink duffels and less grey ones.  But at least they made more bags then last year.  Shopping with Alex was much more fun then it was with Greg.  She was like buy buy buy and he was like do you really need 2 pairs of shorts.  The answer is yes.  It’s always yes. HAHA.  The only disappointing part of the Showcase Store was seeing all the things on eBay and the Facebook group Lululemon 911 within minutes of the stores opening.  People must have grabbed all the “must have” items and plopped down, taken photos and then waited for the bids to go higher then the sale price and then pay for the items.  It is disgusting.  Lululemon does have a limit that you can’t buy more then 15 items or 3 of the same item in the same color and size.  But unfortunately that doesn’t stop people from being greedy and making those still standing in line have a lesser chance of getting any items.  It’s just not fair.
Also, seriously the garbage and stolen hotel blankets and pillows left along the building after they went in was gross, disgusting and lacking in respect.  It goes against the very thing that Lululemon claims to be.  I get you are standing in line but chances are, you are there with friends.  DO GARBAGE RUNS!!!  People aren’t gonna steal your spot.  I know this because we all did it later on. There was no garbage along the line until you got to wear the all nighters were.  So disappointing.
But with that being said, I can’t wait for next year.  Will we arrive again at 5am or even earlier??  Every year, people arrive earlier and earlier so I think we might just have to….

Thursday, 20 August 2015


On Tuesday, Penelope turned 5.  I would like to say it was a fun-filled day but I had just returned from a 5 day trip and they had been on a canoe trip so it was a day filled with groceries, laundry and time outs.  Penelope seemed to spend a lot of time in her room unfortunately.  But that is real life. 
The traditional birthday morning photo.  It was too dark without the light on to get a clear photo and it was too bright with the light. Thankfully Penelope is a morning person and is rarely grouchy.
Penelope on her way for breakfast.  She wanted to go to Starbucks for some banana bread so that is where we went.
They spent a long time playing the wooden version of x’s+ o’s that I found on Granville Island.
They got to watch a movie and eat popcorn in the afternoon and then we did manicures and pedicures also at Penelope’s request.  Earlier in the day, they picked out new colors and nail sparkles at walmart.  
We let the girls choose where they get to eat on their birthday.  It can be a meal at home or out somewhere.  Penelope chose Li-Ao which is our neighbourhood sushi spot.  Her favourite is the hot california rolls – which is what she is eating here.
For dessert, she chose marble slab and went for a mix of pina colada and birthday cake with sprinkles, oreos and m+m’s as mixings.  She seemed on top of the world until….
She fell off her chair and her ice cream cone broke in half when she landed.  It was the funniest thing ever how it broke but Penelope lost her mind.  This Greg and her in line for a second time getting a new cone.
Then we headed back home where she opened her presents from us.  She was very excited to get the Sunset Shimmer Equestria Pony as she had been wanting it forever.  She got also got a stool, pillow and kitty bunny hug.  Plus Greg is re-doing her bedroom starting on Saturday as part of her birthday present and she is so excited about it!!

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Dear Penelope,

Dear Penelope,
Today you turn 5. I know I say this every year, but I really can’t believe that you are already 5. Or that you are going to be in kindergarten in a few short weeks.  
You are such a fierce, funny, feisty big hearted little girl. You are so stubborn but with parents like us, how could you not be. 
You love to play soccer. You say that you want to play forever and I hope that you do. You loved watching the Women’s FIFA World Cup this year as it was hosted here in Canada. You were in heaven when we watched the final and cheered when the American’s won. 
You spend hours playing with your my little ponies and pretend with your sister. Some of your pretend play has included such things as “tornado” which always cracks me up. You love to do puzzles and play Toy Story Yahtzee and will play with your stuffies if your sister doesn’t want to. Your latest obsession is Beanie Boos. I think you might own the entire owl collection.  
You love to read and are getting so good at reading the Dick + Jane books that you so happily took off your sister’s hands. You also love reading Pinkalicious, and the seek and find books. 
You love to ride your bike and be on the bike behind your dad. You spend hours riding back and forth in front of our house and around the campsites and you have no fear. None at all. Every day your dad and I wonder if today will be that day that we take you to the hospital with a broken bone. You so desperately want a big Nike like Finley with different gears and the fancy brakes as you call them. You are able to ride her bike but you struggle with the brakes and your feet don’t quite reach the ground. Hopefully next year will be your year. 
Your quirky personality comes into play all of the time. Whether it’s at a coffee date and you ask me how I met my husband because you just don’t know where to find one or you telling us what you are gonna be when you grow up. Last year, you were only concerned about being a human and having 10,000 kids and this year, well this was a different story. You wanted to be a “payer” as you called it at the city target in Seattle to a racecar driver in that same city to a jungle girl who lived with monkeys and ate bananas and traveled back to Calgary by giraffe to a super hero who used a blaster to make her fly to a drummer girl by day and super hero by night which is where we are now. 
You love to give hugs and kisses and when you are not fighting with Finley, you two are “best sisters forever” which you two came up with on your own. You are always sharing your things with her and help her clean her room even though she rarely does the same to you. 
We love watching you grow everyday into your own person. It’s been fun so far and we know it’s only gonna get better as you get older. 
Happy Birthday Penelope and thank you for picking us to be your family. It is truly the best and most rewarding job in the world. 

Monday, 17 August 2015

Birthday Questionairre

In honour of her fifth birthday, we asked Penelope the following questions to see what her favorites were this  year:
1.  What is your name?  Penelope Grier Florizone
2.  How old are you? 4
3.  How old are you turning? 5
4.  Who is your best friend? You (mommy), Toby, Clara and Charlie
5.  What is your favourite thing to do? Play with my dolls
6.  What is your favourite color? Pink and Purple
7.  What is your favourite food? rice and chicken
8.  What do you like to do with your family? cook with daddy and play soccer
9.  What is your favourite toy? Her disney key (i asked her these questions on that same day.  She hasn’t touched it since)
10.  What makes you happy?  Cheering for the patriots (I didn’t encourage this at all)
11. What makes you sad?  Cheering for the seahawks (this either)
12.  what is your favourite show?  Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
13.  What is your favourite book? Pinkalicious
14.  What do you love to learn about?  Cleaning (this is so not true)
15.  What do you want to be when you grow up? A drummer girl who is a secret super girl who can fly into the clouds with a blaster under my cape.   (I love this kid.)
16.  What is your favorite treat? village ice cream (you must check this place out if you haven’t yet)
17.  What is your favourite game? Hungry Hippos
18.  What is your favourite animal? Giraffe
19.  What is your favourite song? Bad Blood, Welcome To New York, Never Getting Back Together (All by Taylor Swift to nobody’s surprise)