Monday, 14 September 2015


Last Tuesday was Penelope’s first day of Kindertarten! I had meant to write this on Friday afternoon so we could have a full week’s perhapsctive of her first week of going to school every day,  however, I got busy so here we are today doing this up for her.
The night before, we were driving home from Greg’s Dad’s house when Penelope started to cry.  When we asked what was the matter, she said that she didn’t want to go to school in the morning because she would miss me too much.  Needless to say, I was crying behind my sunglasses too.  I didn’t want her to see this because I was worried it would make things worse (for both of us) so I collected myself and both Greg and I told her that she would be ok and that she was going to have so much fun at school.  She wasn’t convinced.  She was upset again when we were tucking her in but in the morning she seemed to be ok. I am not sure what brought this all on as she has been going to preschool for the last 2 years and this was never a problem.
She picked out her own outfit from her closet which I think helped out a lot.  She has to wear socks so that she can wear her indoor shoes without getting blisters.  But really, she wears socks with everything so it wasn’t much of an issue.
She was so excited to use her new backpack that she had picked out at The Children’s Place.  This backpack screams Penelope!! 
Finley and Penelope walking to school together and for the first time ever, I would be leaving them both there as I walked home by myself.  All by myself….
Finley and Penelope both line up on the same tarmac but Finley is in Row A (the first) and Penelope is in Row N (the last) so they are pretty far apart from each other.  So we say goodbye to Finley and Penelope tells her that she loves her every day and then we proceed to where Penelope lines up.  All 3 of her friends that she knew before going to school are all in the other morning K class.  This made Penelope a little sad.  She missed her best friend.  She gave me a giant hug and kiss before going into the school and then we blew each other kisses, captured them and put them on our hearts.   I then told her that if she ever got sad then she could put her hand over her heart and feel me there and she would be ok.  She walked into the building and I turned around and cried the whole way home.  And then once I got home, I had real big cry and then skipped my run, grabbed starbucks and came home which I proceeded to do for most of the week.  It was much tougher on me then I imagined.  Today (Monday) I think I am back into the swing of things and hopefully creating a new routine.  
At 11am, I walked to school to pick up Penelope and as you can see, she had the best day.  She made a friend too and she was very excited to tell us how she did it.  She said she was reading on the carpet and another little girl sat down beside her and Penelope asked if she wanted to be her friend and the girl said yes and the rest is history.  She has made plenty of new friends but knows the names of none.  That will come in due time.  They read the story “The Kissing Hand” and made a craft to give to us. It is the best story and we love it very much as it has been read to each girl on their first days of preschool each year and now kindergarten.  The craft is just the cutest and may have made teary eyed a bit again but I have been fine ever since.  She said she missed me but was ok and asked if I missed her.  
This was taken on Friday after 4 straight days of school.  She is adjusting well and happy leaving school.  She tells me in great detail how she spent her morning.  Going to school every day finally took a toll on her as she was fast asleep in bed by 545pm that night and didn’t wake up until 730 Saturday morning.
It looks like we both are going to be alright.  

Monday, 7 September 2015


On Wednesday I turned 36.  I honestly don’t mind getting older.  I figure that if I can still be as active as I am with a good recovery time, then age is really just a number.
The girls had told me the night before that they were making me breakfast in bed.  Unfortunately, I get up almost 2 hours before they do so they made me go back to bed once they got up. So I happily did that while I waited for breakfast to be served.
The girls brought me each a half a cupcake and a bowl of cereal.  We had back to school cupcakes the day before and I told the girls they could have the last 2 after school as a snack.  Instead, they cut each in half and gave me one.  They managed to get frosting in the cereal and in their hair and all over their face.  It was pretty cute and they were oh so very proud of themselves for all of this while greg was at work.  For the record, we don’t normally have cupcakes for breakfast and I did make the girls wait until after school that day to have their other half. 
After I finished breakfast, I came down to the girls unloading the dishwasher. I often make them help me but they usually just empty and I have to still put everything away but the cutlery.  This time they were using stools and putting everything away.  I am still finding random things in wrong places but I very much appreciated the gesture.  I ended up finishing it so they could eat breakfast and get ready for school.
Since Penelope doesn’t start school until tomorrow, she hung out with me.  We dropped Finley off at school and then went to bootcamp.  Shannon made us all do 36 extra burpees during warm up on top of all of the other burpees, sit-ups, running and all that fun stuff.  True story that as I type this on Saturday night, I am still SORE.  
For lunch, I met up with one of my best friends Michelle who treated me to lunch and bellini’s.  They were tasty.  She also gifted me 2 bottles of wine and the cutest card.  I think it needs to be framed and put in my bathroom or something.  
I love Jacob’s Creek Moscato and so she bought me a bottle of their moscato rose which I didn’t even know existed until that day and man is it good.  It’s like maybe the best wine I have ever had.  I enjoyed a glass (or two) after my iPhone debacle.  Don’t worry Michelle, I am saving these handsome  gift bags for your birthday in a few weeks.  
My birthday cake consisted of a layered puff wheat cake.  It is my favourite.  I was inspired by a friend who posted her daughter’s 8th birthday cake which was a puff wheat cake and was her choice.  I loved that she thought outside the box and in this 36th year of life, perhaps I will do the same.  It was so tasty and I loved that Greg and the girls made this with their bare hands and left the dishes for me to do the next morning hahaha.
I got a new Garmin Forerunner 220 for my birthday.  I had wanted a watch that could show me my pace, distance and time all on one screen.  My previous garmin couldn’t do that.  I tried it out on Friday and I love it so much!!   I am excited to train for my next half marathon with it!!
All in all, I had a great birthday.  I am so grateful for all of the social media birthday wishes, text messages and in person greetings.  It means a lot that so many people took time out of their very busy days to think of me.  
Thanks again and here’s to great things in year 36.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Grade 1

Today Finley started Grade 1 at our community catholic school.  She was so very excited to be staying for lunch and seeing her old friends and making new friends.  Despite this excitement, she wasn’t the first one out of bed and in fact, it took a while to even get her out but eventually she did.
She had picked out her outfit last week and it had been on her mannequin ever since just waiting to be worn.
One last photo before we headed off to school.  Because both girls go to the same school now we get to walk every day and this is very exciting.  I accidentally ripped Finley’s backpack yesterday morning so we had to go buy a new one yesterday.  Thankfully we spotted this pineapple one at Chinook Center because she loved it so much!  I paid the school to get her school supplies for us so we didn’t have to worry about bringing it all to school today!
And then we were off.  It was a busy morning on the sidewalks.  It seems like both parents were walking to school with their child and walking very slowly at that.
It was so chaotic at school it was ridiculous.  They had all the class lists and row line up assignments on the front of the tarmac where the kids lined up and it was crammed full of parents and kids.  You could barely move.  Finley only has 3 kids from her kindergarten class but she said she make some new friends which is great.  She also gets to see some of her old friends at recess and lunch time and that made her very happy.
Finley was quite happy when we picked her up.  She told me all about her day and her friends and what she ate.  She talked all the way home and then all the way to walmart once we got home and into the car as we had to grab something.  But she soon had 3 meltdowns so she does have some adjusting to do with going to school all day now – especially after having the summer off.  
So far, she really is enjoying grade 1 but is just missing her 2 best friends who recently moved to Newfoundland.  We hope they have a great first day at their new school next week!