Thursday, 29 October 2015


Dear Finley,
Today you turn seven.  Seven!!  I cannot believe you are seven already, but you have been ready to turn seven for such a long time.  I remember driving in the car going somewhere and you were wearing jeans, which you are only starting to like, and a pair of toms.  You started laughing and said “i feel like I am seven years old wearing these jeans and toms”.  You thought it was fantastic and it made me a little sad that my baby girl was growing up way too fast.  But don’t parents always say that about all their kids??
You are a sweet sensitive soul with fiery stubborn side.  And you can go from either or in just a few seconds.  Some people call you bossy and some think this is a bad thing but I saw a quote ages ago from Sheryl Sandberg that resonated with me regarding this:
“I want every little girl who’s told she’s bossy, to be told instead she has leadership skills.”
Your kindergarten + grade 1 teachers have both said that you are a tremendous leader and that makes me very happy.  Being a leader is a good thing.  Never change.
You are such a daddy’s girl and that is ok with me.  I see a lot of your dad in you and a little of me.  You love math and science, you love to know why things do the things they do.  Just like your dad.  You love the Seahawks, Riders, Flames and more recently – the Blue Jays – just like your dad.  You love to shop and you love shoes and clothes – just like me.  You are getting much better at putting your outfits together and accessorizing properly.  The more bling and sparkle the better.  Not sure where that comes from though.  I rarely have to send you back upstairs to change before school anymore.  In fact, I think I have only done that once since you started grade 1.
You love to ride your bike and do yoga.  The longer the bike ride, the better and you love getting village ice cream when you are done.  You love to camp and hike and canoe.  You like to hang from the monkey bars and slide down the fireman’s poll on the playground.  You have started playing soccer again and while you have only played one game so far, I have noticed a huge improvement from last year.  And you enjoyed it so much more.  So far, anyways.   You love to read.  You read to us, your sister, your dolls, to yourself.  We are always finding books in your bed, under your pillow, beside your bed, books are everywhere! You like to make spaghetti and pizza.  Admittedly, I am not good at cooking with you or  your sister, but your dad is.  He loves sharing his love of cooking with you.
You love Monster  High and Mavis from Hotel Transylvannia.  You love to listen to Taylor Swift and play on your iPad.  You love to journal and have tons of them full of your drawings and stories.  You have a wild imagination that shows through in everything that you do.  You  hate cleaning your room and putting away your laundry.  If you had your way you would keep all of your clothes in laundry baskets. You love to help with the recycling and cleaning off the table and emptying the dishwasher.  You love pineapple and watermelon and red peppers and mint ice cream.  You love chicken lettuce wraps and anything with bacon.
You have a built in best friend in your little sister but she tends to drive you crazy like all siblings do. Despite opposite personalities, you two tend to get along most of the time. Although it’s not unusual for us to hear you screaming at her to stay out of your room.
Most of all, you are a silly, happy girl. You love to laugh and make others laugh too. You are such a sincere, loyal girl and I hope these traits never change as you get older.
Enjoy your day Finley, and more importantly, enjoy being seven. Keep being your sweet sincere self and making this wonderful journey you are on a joy to watch.
I”lll love you forever,
I’ll like you for always,
As long as I’m living,
My baby you’ll be.

Birthday Questionairre

1. What is your name? Finley
2. How old are you? Almost 7
3.  Who is your best friend? Aami, Madison + Savanna
4. What is your favourite thing to do? Spend time with my family
5.  What is your favourite colour? pink, purple  + rainbow
6.  What is your favourite food? Red Lobster + Spaghetti
7.  What do you like to do with your family? Watch hockey and football with my family
8..What is your favourite toy? My large monster high dolls
9.  What makes you happy? Making people laugh
10.  What makes you sad?  When people laugh when I get hurt (I asked her to elaborate on this and she was referring to Penelope)
11.  What is your favourite show? Monster  High on Netflix
12.  What is your favourite book? The Princess In Black + The Perfect Princess Party
13.  What do you love to learn about? New things
14.  What is the best part of your birthday? Cupcakes
15.  What do you want to be when you grow up? Astronaut (first time her career has repeated since we started doing this)
16.  What is your favourite treat? Rice Krispy Squares
17.  What is your favourite game? Candyland
18.  What is your favourite animal? Unicorn + Camel
19.  What is your favourite song? Anything by Taylor Swift and the songs Taylor likes ( When they complain that we are not listening to Taylor I say but she likes this song.  Sometimes this is true, most of the time it is not.)