Monday, 26 January 2015


That is how warm we got today. Breaking a record from 2007 when we hit 13 degrees. Fun fact: we haven’t been below zero since January 13th. I suspect that this is not gonna last and we are going to be punished for this. 
Finley + Penelope played on the trampoline for hours this morning while i painted + then we went outside to play together.  
It was so warm i just had to do this again. I did it yesterday too. It was so nice to be able to wear something other than uggs + hunters. 
Drawing her campfire. Someone is eagerly anticipating camping season. 
Penelope was having so much fun. Her rain boots are too small so she wore her uggs. I am hoping finley’s are too small so I can pass those down to Penelope + just buy Finley a pair instead of buying 2 new pairs. 
Then the bikes came out. Finley is seriously in her element on her bike. She could ride all day if we let her. 
I think she momentarily forgot how to ride a bike. She glided with it until Greg came home and worked with her.  Soon all 3 were headed off for a bike ride while I went back inside to finish up the paint, clean up + start laundry. 
It was shocking how dirty they both got from being outside.  As soon as supper was done they had a bath and were out as soon as their head hit the pillow. 
What a truly fabulous weekend in Calgary. I hope y’all got to head outside and take it all in.  I still can’t believe it’s January 25th!! 

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