Tuesday, 11 May 2010

24 Weeks: Then + Now

Earlier on in pregnancy #2, I was traumatized because I was SO MUCH bigger with this baby then I was with Finley – and I thought I was huge as it was the first time round! Everybody told me that it would even out and of course I refused to believe them but thankfully, I have! As you will see below, the first photo is me with Finley and the second photo is me with baby #2 or as we call her QuiniferBrae (if you watch Glee, you will understand….NO this is not going to be her real name….). 
 Me with Finley at 24 weeks
 Me with QuiniferBrae* at 24 weeks 

This pregnancy is going much better then the first one. Only heartburn and the baby squishing my bladder and making me have to pee every 7 minutes are my complaints. With Finley, I had a 12 page list. I think it’s because QuiniferBrae* is carrying much lower so not as much strain on the rest of my body. Greg thinks it’s because it is the second time round and we know more what to expect. Maybe we are both right? Haha Another obstacle I have encountered recently is my ability to bend over – it’s almost impossible! I never noticed this with Finley but I think that’s because I never really had to – except to feed the cats and iggy. With Finley, I am always bending over picking her up or her toys or something. I am not sure how it’s gonna be as this pregnancy progresses! 

As for the nursery, the paint is done, the floors are done and we just need to go purchase new baseboards and have them painted and installed! Am happy that this is almost done but sad because when it is, it means Finley’s crib will become QuiniferBrae’s* crib and she will be in her “big girl” bed! 

I will do Now & Then photos at about 28 weeks to see if we are still even paced as far as belly goes….

*Names are not as they appear in this blog…..

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