Monday, 7 September 2015


On Wednesday I turned 36.  I honestly don’t mind getting older.  I figure that if I can still be as active as I am with a good recovery time, then age is really just a number.
The girls had told me the night before that they were making me breakfast in bed.  Unfortunately, I get up almost 2 hours before they do so they made me go back to bed once they got up. So I happily did that while I waited for breakfast to be served.
The girls brought me each a half a cupcake and a bowl of cereal.  We had back to school cupcakes the day before and I told the girls they could have the last 2 after school as a snack.  Instead, they cut each in half and gave me one.  They managed to get frosting in the cereal and in their hair and all over their face.  It was pretty cute and they were oh so very proud of themselves for all of this while greg was at work.  For the record, we don’t normally have cupcakes for breakfast and I did make the girls wait until after school that day to have their other half. 
After I finished breakfast, I came down to the girls unloading the dishwasher. I often make them help me but they usually just empty and I have to still put everything away but the cutlery.  This time they were using stools and putting everything away.  I am still finding random things in wrong places but I very much appreciated the gesture.  I ended up finishing it so they could eat breakfast and get ready for school.
Since Penelope doesn’t start school until tomorrow, she hung out with me.  We dropped Finley off at school and then went to bootcamp.  Shannon made us all do 36 extra burpees during warm up on top of all of the other burpees, sit-ups, running and all that fun stuff.  True story that as I type this on Saturday night, I am still SORE.  
For lunch, I met up with one of my best friends Michelle who treated me to lunch and bellini’s.  They were tasty.  She also gifted me 2 bottles of wine and the cutest card.  I think it needs to be framed and put in my bathroom or something.  
I love Jacob’s Creek Moscato and so she bought me a bottle of their moscato rose which I didn’t even know existed until that day and man is it good.  It’s like maybe the best wine I have ever had.  I enjoyed a glass (or two) after my iPhone debacle.  Don’t worry Michelle, I am saving these handsome  gift bags for your birthday in a few weeks.  
My birthday cake consisted of a layered puff wheat cake.  It is my favourite.  I was inspired by a friend who posted her daughter’s 8th birthday cake which was a puff wheat cake and was her choice.  I loved that she thought outside the box and in this 36th year of life, perhaps I will do the same.  It was so tasty and I loved that Greg and the girls made this with their bare hands and left the dishes for me to do the next morning hahaha.
I got a new Garmin Forerunner 220 for my birthday.  I had wanted a watch that could show me my pace, distance and time all on one screen.  My previous garmin couldn’t do that.  I tried it out on Friday and I love it so much!!   I am excited to train for my next half marathon with it!!
All in all, I had a great birthday.  I am so grateful for all of the social media birthday wishes, text messages and in person greetings.  It means a lot that so many people took time out of their very busy days to think of me.  
Thanks again and here’s to great things in year 36.

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