Sunday, 8 August 2010

37 Weeks: Then + Now

Today marks week 37 of pregnancy #2. I am still surviving, although I’d be lying if I didn’t say I wanted this pregnancy to be over like yesterday. 

My pre-natal appointment went really well on Wednesday. I told Dr. N about my fall and since there was no blood, water breaking and baby was still active (so active it took forever for Dr.N to get a heart rate, which was great) there was no need to worry, so we were quite happy with that. This was also the first visit in which Finley was with me. She seemed to be quite enamoured with hearing the baby’s heartbeat although I am pretty positive she had no idea what it was she was listening to. I also had some swab test done that you have to get to see if you have some kind of infection or something. Normally this is only a concern if you have a vaginal birth. I only had the test done just in case I go into labor before my scheduled c-section date.

I have been feeling pretty good lately, although I am sure not working plays a huge role in that. Finley and I have just hung out and played everyday with me knocking off something on my “to-do” list that I have to accomplish before baby comes. My only major complaint is that the baby seems to moved within me and is now kicking my ribs like crazy. Last night they were so sore, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to sleep. I managed to get some sleep but they are still sore this morning. It even hurts me to breath. This also leads me to believe that this baby is smaller then Finley was. By this time, Finley rarely moved as there was no room for her left. 
Here I am 37 weeks with Baby #2. I took this photo myself because as you can see in the background that my house looks like a disaster. Greg is grouting our new tile on our fireplace this morning and I didn’t want to interrupt him & at the same time wanted to get this blog done with. The photo may not be great but I am desperately wanting my main floor back! We now have a name for her and have made it “official” with purchasing the letters to hang on her wall once she arrives. We had liked it for a while and confirmed that it would be this and then we had a change of heart (I’ll explain after she comes why) and then decided about 2 weeks ago that no it was this. Greg absolutely loves it and well I liked it until we chose it for our baby’s name but I am hoping it will grow on me.
This was me at 37 weeks with Finley. This was also the last belly photo taken of me with her. I went into the hospital the next day and she was born 3 days later. I am thinking this is not going to happen again. Can you believe how awful my hair was? Even for being very sick and pregnant, that is really no excuse. And look how clean my house looks. I don’t think I could get those tables that clean ever again – Finley has certainly made her mark on our furniture. 

When I compared the 2 above photos side by side, I was quite excited because I look much smaller with #2 then with Finley. Greg said I can’t compare the two because they are different angles, poses etc. Whatever. He said my back is arched so that I am sticking my belly out more – or trying to balance myself so I don’t fall over. Isn’t he funny. When I was reorganizing our basement on Friday morning, I found my pregnancy journal from Finley and I weigh the exact same amount as now. I was excited by this prospect because I for sure thought that I was way bigger because that is how it started out. I panicked early on for nothing because in the end, it all balanced out!

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