Thursday, 30 October 2014


Every morning on their  birthday it is a tradition for me to go wake them up in their room and take their first photos.  This year, however, Finley woke up first and so this had to for her birthday morning photo.  It’s the morning of the entire year she voluntarily gets up before anybody else.
The night before I decorated the table in Monster High and got up early to make pancakes for breakfast before we headed to school.
Her outfit for the day
Playing What time is it Mr. Shark?  on her way home from school.  They had a lot of fun being silly.
Being goofy with chopsticks at lunch time
Finley got to pick wherever she wanted for lunch and her reply to me was: “I want to go for noodles mom.  At the fancy place, you know the one with the fish.  Not the one by Target” and so that is where we went!
After lunch we headed to target to buy some stuff to complete their halloween costumes and then Finley had her 6 year check up at the doctor.  We came home and the girls did some painting before our guests arrived.
Pizza birthday dinner
The birthday cake that I spent 8 hours making.  It is Monster High themed in case you were wondering.  I tried to do the logo.  It isn’t great but it isn’t terrible either.
Blowing out her candles
Opening her presents.
Finley had a superb day and was so excited to be turning 6.  When we were tucking her into bed, we asked her what the best part of her birthday was and her answer was the cake.  That made me so happy and made all of the frustration, anger and time spent on that cake worth it.  Every last second of it.

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