Wednesday, 3 December 2014

A Pink Christmas

Last week at Target, Penelope and I came across these pretty little trees in a variety of colours for only $8.  So we bought 2 pink ones – one for her and one for Finley and a variety of decorations for the tree which were priced as follows: the star $1, the round balls $1 per package and the fancy little stars $3.  I went back and bought 2 more packs of balls for another $3.  These trees resulted in so much fun for the girls.
Penelope could barely contain herself when we got home.  I had never seen her get upstis
I didn’t get many good photos of Finley doing hers because Penelope told her all about it as we walked home from school and by the time I had my shoes and jacket off she was upstairs decorating away.
I honestly thought these would be destroyed within 24 hours -especially Penelope’s.  She is a very destructive little girl and has a habit of wrecking everything I put in her room but they have proven me wrong.  Their Christmas trees sit right by their beds and are not touched or broken or anything!  I am hoping this is a sign of things to come for the girls!

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