Monday, 11 April 2011

Aggie Days

Yesterday afternoon we all headed down to Aggie Days at the Stampede grounds.  We had never been before and weren’t sure what to expect.  
Finley checking out the chickens.
They had pigeons on display.  I am still trying to remember the name of Burt’s pigeon from Sesame Street.  I think it’s Gloria but not too sure.  We watched SS this morning but they made no mention of her during Burt + Ernie’s Adventure.  Anybody know?
Penelope at Aggie Days.  She had no interest in anything and voiced her displeasure numerous times.
Finley checking out the cows.  Did you know that black cows are where angus beef comes from?  I did not that until Uncle Warren told me last month after I expressed an interest in owning only all black cows and horses.  Why you ask?  Because they are the prettiest.
These are baby cows.  They are named Bert + Ernie.  I am not even joking.  They are going to be milking cows soon.  Cows produce a lot of milk.  I always thought if it would be cheaper if I owned a cow for the amount of milk we go through, it turns out I would just waste a lot more because of how much they go through.   They had a station where you could make butter but the line was too long and Finley wouldn’t really care anyway as she doesn’t even know what butter is.
Watching the bunny rabbit do their obstacle course.
You thought I was joking didn’t you.  Nope, they actually had obstacle challenges for the bunnies.  This was a practice run.
Finley touching the horse.  She seemed to quite enjoy being able to pet all of the animals.
We had a real good time at Aggie Days but it definitely isn’t designed for Finley’s age as a lot of the displays and booth and interacting places were for older kids but she loved the animals and being able to pet them.  Kids 12 and under are free and adults are $5 but you can get coupons out of the Calgary Herald if you are inclined to do so next year.  I don’t recommend strollers but I figure if Penelope is anything like Finley, we won’t even have our stroller next year at this time!!

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