Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Aggie Days

A few weekends ago on a blizzardy Saturday, we headed down to Aggie Days at the Stampede Grounds.  Aggie Days is designed to teach children about farm life in rural Alberta.  It was no surprise that the girls had a great time but there was one disappointment.  I will save that until the end though…
Watching the Bunny races.  There is actually a club in Calgary where you can take your pet bunny and do obstacle courses and things with them.  Who knew?
Checking out the geese
Loved the pattern on this pig.  How could you possibly want to eat this??  As soon as Finley saw this she was like Pork Chops!  I keep waiting for the day everything kinda clicks together in her head and we become vegans.  Greg won’t be laughing then!
You can’t really tell but Penelope had the biggest smile ever on her face hugging this cow
Looking at the dairy cow.  I sometimes wonder if it be cheaper to buy our own dairy cow to milk instead of buying our 12-16L of milk that we do per week.
The Black Angus Cows are my most favorite!  I would like to own a farm so i can have lots of them but not eat them.  Just for pets.  Greg thinks I am completely crazy but I love how sleek they look!
Checking out the horses
Penelope wasn’t too sure of this sheep when it licked her hands
All ready for Stampede!
Learning about different kinds of grain and how it gets from seed to our home.  I especially liked the big Auger they had on display.  If you watch The Office, it will make more sense.  
This is how much poop a draft horse poops in one day.  Penelope loved it.  She even went and touched it.  It was pretty gross.
Penelope learning how to rope
She quite enjoyed this!
So the girls had a great time and it wasn’t too bad considering how crazy busy Aggie Days is but the one disappointment: No camels.  Finley is obsessed with camels and was upset there were none.

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