Monday, 24 June 2013

Alberta Flood 2013

That is what Greg has been calling Flood 2013 the last few days.  Unless you live in a cave, you are most likely aware of the flooding that has hit us and our surrounding communities very, very hard.  Actually very, very hard is grossly misunderstated but really no other words exist.
Greg and I were safe from the floods as we live pretty far south and are not near any rivers or creeks of that nature.  The closest we came to experiencing any of it was when I drove down the 22x and I saw what used to be the Golf Academy and McKenzie Meadows and the Blue Devil golf course.  I was absolutely shocked at what I saw.  No photo comes close to seeing it first hand.  Greg went for a bike ride on Friday night and when he went into Fish Creek Park at the Marshall Field’s entrance he saw a lot of water.  Some of it he was able to get to, but eventually he had to turn back because it was eroding and water was flowing quite fast.  It would be very easy to get swept up in that if you got too close!
The only real effects we felt/are feeling from the flood was Finley’s last day ever at Pace Kids being cancelled as well as her final soccer game of the season and despite working 5 minutes from our house, Greg was sent home Friday morning at 10am.  They were worried that as more roads closed, people wouldn’t be able to get home.
We actually headed to Glacier National Park on Saturday morning because there was NOTHING to do in the city.  Water and power usage is limited city wide, libraries, leisure centers and malls were closed, the zoo was closed as was most everything else.  We felt we’d be doing the city of Calgary a favor by leaving for a few days.  High River was devastated by these floods and the highway leading to the National Park goes right by.  Both Greg and I were left speechless at what we saw.  And we only saw a glimpse.  My heart goes out to all those affected.  I don’t know how it will recover.
We had several friends and family affected by the floods who were evacuated and/or lost power.  Thankfully they are doing well and have not sustained much damage to their houses.  I am eternally grateful to hear this.
I am so very proud to be living in Calgary and to  be able to raise my children here.  The resiliance of Calgarian’s is beyond impressive.  Beyond.  From the first response workers, to the workers of Enmax and the City of Calgary, from those who lost it all and for those who, like me, lost nothing and most importantly to our Mayor Nenshi.  It is amazing how we all pulled together to help our fellow friends in need.
Today, the girls and I went to Walmart and loaded up on toiletries and cleaning supplies that were needed by various evacuation centers.  We went through our house and filled bags with clothes, sheets and blankets.  We are fortunate to be in a position that we are able to help out those who so desperately need a helping hand.  Finley and Penelope may not remember this, but you can be certain I will remind them what they did and how our community rallied together.  They may not understand this now, but they will one day.
Be strong Calgary, we love you

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