Monday, 12 August 2013

Almost 3

Today Penelope got to open some of her birthday presents since we are leaving on vacation tomorrow and won’t be home until September 1st.  I didn’t want to lug the presents from us since we are already taking enough.  So she opened her presents from us, Uncle Doug, Aunty Leslie + Cameron as well as from Chris, Michelle, Easton and Ashton.  SHe loved them all – thanks guys!!  xoxox
We did save one present for her that she will get on her actual birthday so it’s not completely forgotten about!!
There will be 2 blogs posted on the 18th – one first thing in the morning and one after lunch.  One is a funny questionairre I did with her, and the other is a recap of her life as a 2 year old.  My traditional blog that has a photo of her as oon as she wakes up on her birthday may be postponed until I get back as I am not a huge fan of blogger on my ipad

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