Saturday, 16 March 2013

Almost Bike Season...

Last weekend we went and bought a strider bike for the girls.  We probably should have bought it for Finley last season but we thought she could learn to ride her bike without using one first.  But at the end of the summer, she couldn’t ride her bike which had steering wheels, she could barely control her scooter and had the worst sense of direction on her trike.  Something had to change.  Everybody who has had or still has a strider say that it is what got their child to the next level.  We shall see.
Finley getting her helmet strapped on for the first time this season
The seat is as high as it can go and she looks kinda funny on it.  She doesn’t quite understand how to push on her feet and then pull them up.  
On Sunday afternoon we headed back out again to give it a try
Penelope likes to be on the trike but she doesn’t get the whole pedalling thing
Finley is really enjoying herself and there were times where she almost got it but lost her balance and quit.  If we keep working on it and the snow and cold stay away I think we can be successful….but only time will tell…

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