Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Another Trip To The Hospital

On Saturday as we were waiting for the bus to come take us home, Penelope some fell and hit her head on some rocks which resulted in her head being split open.  We think this is what happened as neither Greg nor I saw it.
She didn’t cry too hard until she saw the blood on her hands and on the ground that dripped from her head.  We cleaned it up the best we could as the bus just happened to arrive at that very instant.  We decided we should take her to the hospital in Banff as it was quite deep and we didn’t want her to have a nasty scar on her forehead.

Conked out on the bus ride down.  We did a fairly good job cleaning it out and bandaging it up.

We got admitted into a hospital right away as the waiting room was empty except for one other person who happened to break her fingers when she fell….at Lake O’Hara!!  What are the odds?!?

Finley reading her sister a Mickey Mouse book

The paramedic/nurse came in and took off her bandaid and cleaned it up.  And then we waited.

And waited.  Greg and Finley went to McDonalds in Banff to get us some supper since we were pretty hungry.

And we waited some more.

Finley was getting tired and grouchy so her and Greg went for a walk.  He came back with a chocolate milkshake from Shakes – my favorite!

The doctor finally came in.  Right after Penelope was admitted, a girl came in from Lake Louise and was critically injured and they needed to stabilize her so that the Stars Air Ambulance could take her to Calgary.  Finley loved seeing the helicopter land right outside of Penelope’s window.  The doctor wanted to freeze it so the glue wouldn’t hurt her. So we had to wait some more for a nurse to come do this and then once she did we had to wait even more for the freezing to kick in.

After 4 hours at the hospital, Penelope was all glued up and a happy kiddo with a blue popsicle.  Yes it was 10pm but it had been a long day and she was a trooper!!  It happened to be the same doctor who treated Finley for her ear infection a few weeks back.  We have been spending far too much time at this hospital that’s for sure :)
As I type this, the wound on her forehead is just a tiny little mark and is almost gone!!

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