Friday, 27 September 2013

Ariel's Grotto

On our first day in Disneyland, we hit up California Adventure.  We (after much convincing on my part) booked lunch at Ariel’s Grotto.  Here we got to meet princesses while eating what turned out to be the most expensive meal of our entire trip.  Thankfully the food was fairly decent and not a complete waste!
Waiting to get called to our table for lunch!
Meeting our first princess of the trip – Ariel!!
Then we got to meet Cinderella.  She was by far the best princess and not just because she is my favorite!!
Cinderella fixing Penelope’s glasses
Penelope completely awestruck about the whole thing
Neither look impressed with Snow White but she is one of Penelope’s favorite.  Actually Penelope loves almost all princesses and her favorite changes by the minute – no exaggeration
Yes this was an expensive meal but would I do it all again?  Yes.  Would Greg?? Probably not :)!  Although when we go back, I think I will try to have breakfast with Minnie Mouse instead.  I wasn’t able to convince Greg to do both….hahaha

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