Thursday, 13 November 2014

Autumn Pumpkin Festival

This year we got season passes to the Calgary Corn Maze and I am so glad we did.  We ventured out about 5x which more then paid for our passes.  And amazingly enough, we never once did the maze.  To be fair, the corn maze wasn’t very successful this year due to the hot summer and snow we got in September but the great thing about the Calgary Corn Maze is that there is just still so much to do to keep you busy for a solid few hours.
We ventured out for the final time of the season to the Autumn Pumpkin Festival on Thanksgiving Monday.  This festival runs the last few weekends of September and until they close in October.  They have a pumpkin patch, a mini pumpkin patch where you get to pick a mini pumpkin to take home and they have a decorating station at the maze if you wish.  It was CRAZY busy and the line up was the worst I have ever seen it.  Thankfully a bonus to season passes is not having to wait in the line ups!!  Woo hoo!!
The first place the girls wanted to go was the mini golf.  The girls and I had done this a few times, but we never seemed to get to it with Greg.  He was trying to teach them the correct way to hold a golf club.
As you can see, it didn’t really bother the girls that they were holding the clubs incorrectly.
Another part of the Autumn Fall Festival is the Pumpkin Explosion.  So the first thing is that they shoot off a pumpkin and watch it explode.  I don’t quite get the fascination with this but it is definitely a crowd pleaser.
Then they shoot another pumpkin full of candy for all of the kids to go crazy getting. Here is the girls waiting for it to go off.  Finley is clearly in her candy zone.
And then it is complete pandemonium as your kids go running searching for candy and you go into complete panic mode because you can’t see them and you fear they are being trampled by the much too old children stealing candies from the littles.  Thankfully you spot them in a mere few moments.
This large slide with the potato sacks is a huge hit with the girls.  Probably their most favourite activity other then the pig races.  They could spend hours here if we would let them, which we don’t 
The poor, tiny corn maze that wasn’t.  It had no hope after our crazy hot summer and Snowtember.  But at least some people were venturing through it.  The kids corn maze never even developed at little bit.
This is another new activity.  The girls really liked this one.
Greg challenged them to stand up in it and make it roll but it proved to be quite challenging.
Happy Turkey Day!
Picking their pumpkin out very carefully.  The decorating station was crazy busy so we grabbed a few items and they decorated them at home the next day.
We really love the Calgary Corn Maze and love all the ideas, energy and love that they owners put into it making it an awesome place for us to spend the day.  And of course, it helps that it is so close to us!! We held Penelope’s party here too and everybody had a great time.  There are pig races, more slides, playgrounds, petting zoos, turkeys, donkeys – so much fun.  You must check it out if you haven’t before!!!

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