Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Baby Beach

After lunch, we headed to Baby Beach for some fun in the sun.  It is a 5 minute drive from the condo and not to deep and has no waves so it was perfect to get the girls acquainted with the ocean waters.
All ready to hit the water
Finley and Grandpa Don setting up all of the gear
Greg’s Dad borrowed a boogie board that had a window in it so the girls could see the fish with out using snorkling gear.  Finley was terrified of it but Penelope loved it.  Finley eventually went on it a few times with Greg.
Laying out her towel in case she needed to nap she said.  
They spent hours building sand castles.  That was by far a greater priority over going into the ocean.  They loved the sand.  I think Penelope still has sand in her butt!!
Grandpa Don helping the girls build a castle or ten….
Greg and Brad checking out the water
Toes in the water….the water wasn’t even very cold.  It was beautiful
The girls finally gave up sand castle building for a moment to hit the water with daddy
Greg pulling Penelope on the boogie board.  She could have stayed out forever
Finley finally giving it a try
The girls took turns pulling each other.
It was a great first day in Lahaina that is for sure.  Greg tried snorkling for the first time and the girls had a blast in the water and sand.   The beach was shallow for a long time so it was great for the girls.  They were able to play along the shore without worry of waves or drop offs which is great.  I enjoyed laying on the beach…
After the beach, we stopped at Foodland for some groceries.  Holy moly are things expensive in Hawaii.  The sales are definitely designed to help the locals and not the tourists.  You only got deals if you bought 3 boxes of cereal and stuff like that which you don’t need for just a vacation.  We also discovered that fresh fish is almost non existant in maui.  Most fisherman sell just to the restaurants.  We found salmon from Canada in the meat department.  Bananas were twice as expensive as home and were from equador.  Mango wasn’t in season so it wasn’t local but the pineapple and I think Greg and the girls averaged a pineapple  or two a day!!

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