Monday, 26 October 2009

Back To Reality - Update

My first week back to work was an eventful one to say the least and was barely survivable.

It wasn’t unsurvivable because I was back at work and away from Finley but due to a major medical emergency that occured. I only managed to work 2 full days this week so really this week will be the real test for me.

I went to the hospital Tuesday afternoon and had emergency surgery at 330am on Wednesday. Everything is ok and I am doing much better. Thanks to all my friends and family for your concern, love & support!!

Friday I had off because a bunch of family arrived for the weekend as we gathered to celebrate Finley’s first birthday. I will have a post regarding her birthday either tonight or tomorrow night! She very much enjoyed her cake!!

I will check in this weekend to let you know how this week went. So far, so good!

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