Friday, 15 November 2013

Banff Getaway

Earlier this month, The Bernaths headed west to Calgary for a little trip.  We headed to the Flames/Leafs game on Oct 30th.  It was not a fun game for Zach and I but Bobby and Kristen certainly enjoyed it!!  While in Alberta, they headed to banff for a few days and we decided to join them for one of them.  The girls had so much fun!!  They love Zach!
Zach took the girls to the play area that was attached to the hotel.  They wore Zach out so you can only imagine how I feel most days!!!  This is one cool play structure
Playing with the repositional sticker books that Kristen got them.  They are by Melissa and Doug and most importantly they don;t stick to things permanently!!
Probably one of my favourite photos of Maverick ever
Maverick was not very happy so Finley pushed him around.  He quit crying.  This made her very proud.  He is also cruising around in Penelope’s old stroller.  She decided that now that she was 3 that she didn’t need it anymore and thought Maverick should have it.
Hanging out at the swimming pool
All of the pool photos were blurry – this was the best one.  But everybody had a great time!!
We went and hiked Johnston’s Canyon too.  Zach and Finley only broke a few National Park Rules….hahah
Bernath Family Photo
We had dinner at the Grizzly House followed by another trip to the watersides before heading back to Calgary.  Thanks to the B’s for inviting us to spend the day with them.  We had a great time!!  Come back soon!

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