Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Be My Valentine

In better late then never news, Happy Valentine’s Day!!  Finley loved decorating for Valentine’s day and even decorated her room.  I had no idea what I was in for when I went upstairs but she had taken her hair ties and decorated her door handles, ipod player thingy and her closet door knobs.  She cracks me up,

This was also a big hit in the house this year.  Only Finley actually got to count down to Valentine’s day since Penelope ate all of these before Feb 3 rolled around.

Before Finley’s first Valentine’s party at school.  Since we go to two preschools, we had 37 valentine’s to address.  It was painful and frustrating but we survived – barely.

Finley picked out her outfit.  A pink skirt with heart leggings and I an I love you Strawberry shortcake shirt.  She felt quite trendy she told me.

Penelope also participated with an I Love You Too shirt.

Her hull after day 1

School Party #2.  Both decked out in Valentine’s Tunics

Valentine’s Day Morning – Penelope was thrilled with her new Sofia The First Doll

Finley thought only Penelope got one, so there some tears shed before I got upstairs with hers

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!!

At the Disney Store after breakfast.  We had a 25% off coupon and I promised Finley we would use it on a Doc McStuffins Stuffy.  She insisted we go that day. Penelope wanted another Belle doll despite already having one so she settled for a Tinkerbell one instead.
Finley and Cailey doing crafts

Penelope and Kirsten doing crafts

We finished off Valentine’s Day with Daddy taking us out for Sushi.  It was delicious.
Greg and I celebrated Valentine’s the weekend before.  I had won a free night in a luxury suite at Hotel Arts thanks to the Race for Pace so we decided to use it and had my aunty leslie watch the girls overnight.  We checked out a bunch of art galleries downtown and then had dinner at Rouge.  It was super fantastic and think everybody should eat there at least once in their lives!  Worth every penny!!!

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