Sunday, 13 June 2010

Big Girl Bed

Last night was Finley’s first night in her “big girl” bed. Greg had put it together earlier in the week but we wanted to wait until the weekend to put her in it – just in case it didn’t work out so well!
 Here is Finley sitting on her bed, getting a field for everything….
 Picking out a book to read before bed…
This was the mess that occurred from when we put her to bed until she finally fell asleep. She cried at first when we shut the door but it didn’t last too long. We could hear her playing and talking for awhile and we were convinced that she was just gonna end up falling asleep on the floor somewhere
But we were wrong, she eventually made her way to her bed, book in hand, and fell asleep.

She ended up sleeping pretty well in her bed. I heard her cry in the middle of the night for like 2 minutes and then she fell back asleep. This wasn’t unusual for her to do this as it sometimes happened while she was in her crib. She slept until about 730am and was happily playing with her teddy bears and books when Greg went in and got her. We were happy that she slept so well in her big girl bed but did wonder how nap time was gonna pan out…..
Needless to say, napping never actually happened this afternoon. Instead she absolutely destroyed what little was actually in her room
The white laundry basket had Finley’s dirty clothes in it. The upside down blue basket had all her clean clothes that I had folded and left in her room last night because I was too tired to put them away. They were now scattered all over her floor.
More destruction. I am just happy that we just replaced the flooring in her room so her dresser, shoes, some toys, hair stuff and other stuff that is normally in her room was still in the soon to be baby#2’s room. Also very happy that Greg remembered to close her closet doors and that she hasn’t figured out how to open them yet. I can’t imagine what her room would’ve looked like then! ***UPDATE*** Greg just told me she did figure out how to open her closet and that is where he found on of her massive teddy bears. Keep your fingers crossed she doesn’t start taking her clothes off her hangers – that will not be good!
This is the book shelf that contained 2 pink baskets and all her hard books – you know those books that cannot be ripped or destroyed easily. We kept those in the new baby’s room so that they escaped the wrath that can be Finley!
This is Finley laying in bed on her 2nd night in the bed. She handled this much better then last night and fell asleep rather quickly. She looks SO tiny in that bed. Hopefully nap time tomorrow will go much better!

We have done some changes and some renovations to her room. Everything is done with exception of moving back in her dresser, hanging her shelves and putting stuff out of reach. Once we finish all of that, I will post some photos of the transformation of her room. It’s gone from empty room to nursery to toddler room. It’s been interesting to say the least!

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