Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Big Girl Bed

The day after we returned from SK at Christmas time, we moved Penelope into her own bed.  As you will note, it is the same bed that Finley has.  Oh and we and have this bed in brown-black in a queen.  We apparently love our Malm’s!
She had been hating her crib for some time and refused to wear a grobag and continuously got her leg stuck in the crib slats and went ballistic.  I was at the point of rocking her to almost sleep when putting her to bed. 
Having second thoughts about this whole bed thing
What…I can escape so much easier than i could in the crib :)
Ok, ok, I will go to bed.
I cannot believe how successful she was in the transition.  She was a million times better than Finley.  No sleeping in closets or dresser drawers, no emptying her book shelf or her drawers.  Ok she did that once but that was because I put her down for a nap before she was ready because I was ready!  
She has slept an extra hour each morning on average since we made the switch.  There have been no fall outs, no traumas, no nothing.  It was awesome!!

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