Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Bike Calgary

Over the May long weekend, Greg and I were trying to think of something fun to do on the Holiday Monday.  We had joked around about biking downtown but the morning of, it became reality.  We initially were going to start from our house but went to the Banister Road entrance of Fish Creek Park  so that we would be close to a train station just in case. 
A view of downtown.  It was amazing how many fabulous views of the downtown area we saw.  
18.59K into our bike ride, we stopped for lunch at Carbon Park.  I had never been here before and it is such a nice green space and water area.  I can’t wait to come back over summer vacation and spend so much time exploring the area.  We even saw baby owls in the tree.  It was up high but still pretty cool.
Just like most of the parks in Calgary, there is still so many reminders of the flood of 2013.  Here there are picnic tables in the water, stairs leading no where and broken docks.  
The original path was washed away but there has been a go around created by those who use the trails – just like in Fish Creek.
Another stunning view of our city.
This path kinda sucked.  It said it was open – no  barriers or signs or anything so we continued on but it was rough and finley was going to fast in the gravel and totally wiped out.  It was so funny to watch because it was in total slow motion and was the funniest thing ever.  Well I thought so at least, she didn’t too much.  
Despite saying the trail was open when we got to the end of the trail and needed to get on the bridge – it was gated and padlocked off.  Thankfully Greg is super strong and was able to lift all of our bikes over and he helped others in the same situation as us.  The City of Calgary really needs to look into the open/closed paths because most signs whether there or not are incorrect.
Another view of downtown – so much closer! It was crazy how close we were to my aunt and uncle’s house at this point.
This path took us to the Inglewood Golf Course and the Bird Sanctuary and very close to Grandma Jen’s house.  The girls loved this.  This was a new addition post flood – and it is really nice.
We were not sure how things would go being downtown and off the great bike trails but we were pretty close to Village Ice Cream which was our destination.  Bribery goes a long ways when making your girls ride for an excessive amount of time and distance.
We all thoroughly enjoyed our ice cream treat after a 35K bike ride.  We were all tired except Penelope who got to ride behind Greg for the whole thing.  We all wanted to sleep and she just kept biking when we got home. 
After Village Ice Cream, we rode our bikes to Stampede Station and hoped on and took the train to Fish Creek Station where Greg got off with his and Penelope’s bike and rode back to our car. We stayed on until Bridlewood Station and got the bikes out and waited for Greg to come get us.  It was so windy so taking the train back was a smart idea.  It was really windy when we started out and it sucked and to have to endure that the whole way home was more then we could take.  Plus Finley was tired.  The girls loved the train and we never ever ride it so it was a fun end to a really good day.  
I loved every minute of this bike ride and loved all the great parks, paths and sights we came across.  It’s such a great way to see your city while getting exercise and spending time with your family.  We are already plotting our next long distance bike ride in the city and I can’t wait!!

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