Sunday, 24 August 2014

Biking Fish Creek

Last weekend we went for a bike ride in Fish Creek.  We spend a lot of time in Fish Creek it seems – biking, riding, running, swimming, walking – it’s such a great park to have in the south!  There are lots of creeks within Fish Creek and so after getting on our bikes at Glennfield, we rode to a bridge, parked our bikes and went in the water.  Well I didn’t get in, but the girls and Greg did.
It was a little chilly but that didn’t hold Penelope back for too long.
Having fun in the creek water.
Looking at minnows.  Seriously am I the only one who is not bothered at the idea of fish around you as you swim unless you are in Mexico or Hawaii or somewhere tropical??
Just a little relaxation
You will notice that everybody has their clothes back on except for Penelope.  When it was time to get dressed and continue on our bike ride she dunked her clothes in the water and wouldn’t wear them because they were wet.
We ended up biking for 14K that afternoon – the kids are total rockstars on their bikes.  Such a big journey for them!!

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