Friday, 21 June 2013

Biking in Banff

After soccer this past Saturday, we gathered up our bikes and accessories and headed to Banff to do some biking.  The plan was to park at the Cave and Basin Parking lot and then bike to Sundance Canyon, walk around the canyon and bike back.  Unfortunately, it did not go this way….
One cool kid

Oh the life of luxury….

Getting ready to go

Riding towards the mountains

Loading the bikes back up.  As you can see there are no photos of the canyon.  That’s because I couldn’t make it there.  The bike ride there and back is about 6.4K not counting the hike around the canyon.  I gave it all I had but couldn’t finish it and we had to turn around.  Greg said we were only 400m from the canyon but I was done.  So done.  The next day I could hardly move from all the exercise.  The portion of my stomach where my abs used to be hurt like hell, in fact they still do a few days later as I type this.  This is probably because I haven’t done any ab work in like a year!!!  I am still pretty proud of how far I did make it all things considering.  Gonna give it another try on the long weekend!  Wish me luck

Heading to tour the Cave and Basin.  It just opened after a multi million dollar renovation.  All I can see different is the visitor’s center in the front and they filled in the pool with brick.  They also made some improvements to the to the museum part too. I think Parks Canada could have made better use of this money elsewhere but that’s just me.

The Cave and Basin….

I am surprised that the girls went into the cave.  I think maybe because it has lights, it helped them not be terrified like they are of the one at Johnston’s Canyon.

The outdoor basin

Walking around Bow Falls

Bike Fest in Banff
We finished off the day with supper at Touloulou’s just off of Banff Ave.  It’s a cajun New Orlean’s style of restaurant and it is fantastic!  We can’t wait to eat there again!

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