Tuesday, 9 June 2009

BirthPlace Forest

BirthPlace Forest

On Sunday, Greg and I took Finley to the BP Birth Place Forest in Fish Creek Park. The BP BirthPlace Forest is a program that enables parents to honour their children while recognizing the growth of our urban forest and increasing concern for the environment. It was launched in December 2000 and it remains the first of its kind in Canada. It is the only free program of its kind and is the largest ‘green’ initiative in Calgary’s history. Each year approximatley 6000 trees are planted in honor of children born in Calgary. You are able to register your baby either online or through a form that you get when you leave the hospital that you mail to the city.  

A new BP BirthPlace Forest opened up on Sunday in Fish Creek Park. Finley’s tree is planted here which is great since it is so close to our house. Perhaps when we have family visit we can take them to the park and show them her Tree. We picked a tree close to a large pine tree so that we would remember which one is hers. I am excited to see how much it grows! It was a windy day and she did not really enjoy herself, but it was a cool experience and am very happy we were able to be part of such a great program!

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