Thursday, 22 January 2015

Bow Glacier Falls

The day after Goat Creek we were supposed to do Wilcox Pass.  This has been on Greg’s to hike list for years and this year he thought for sure it was his year.  However, when we woke up on Friday morning, we were both sore from the biking plus I ran 8K the morning before and then did 90 mins of hiking waiting for them the day before so I was so done.  So Greg looked into some easier hikes for us to do and decided that Bow Glacier Falls would be a great hike for us to do.
Bow Lake is so stunning.  We canoed here last summer but it was windy and gloomy and not nearly (or at all) as magical as it was on this beautiful clear morning.  The large white section on the right is Bow Glacier and is the beginning of our water source – Bow River. This hike is really busy at the shoreline but it was perfect on the way out to the glacier. 
Hiking away.  For the most part, it was nice and flat.
Such a beautiful  hike with so much scenery.  There is little I love more then a background of mountains with a glistening mountain lake in front of it.  
Another great photo.  I could have posted a 100 of these.  I just love it.  Something so relaxing about this.  I get why people travel from all around the world to my backyard.  
Getting to the beginnings of the river.  Finley and Penelope have been obsessed with rivers since our flood 2 years ago.  Their knowledge regarding everything is quite extraordinary.
Probably the worst part of the hike.  All the stairs.  There were big gapes between them and you really had to extend to get up them.  Going down was even worse.
It’s hard to tell in this photo but this is a ledge we had to walk along to get to where we were going.  Greg is terrified of heights and the girls are seemingly inheriting it.  I have no fear of heights and this stresses Greg out to the max. 
The beginning of Bow River
Time for lunch.  The lunch was great but the mosquitos were so bad.  It was a quick lunch needless to say.
You can see Bow Glacier Falls in the distance where we were going to walk but we decided to stop here instead where we had lunch.  This photo shows the glacier, the falls and the beginnings of the river.  The hike was a bit more treacherous leading to the falls which isn’t always ideal with the girls.
This is probably one of my most favourite photos – possibly ever.  I think I need to print this out and find a place to hang it.  Something so incredibly peaceful about it.  It was a great, family friendly hike  and I hope to do it again – this time without getting stung by a bee which is still hampering me more then 2 weeks later!!!

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